Monday, September 16, 2013

Forever Evil Batman = Regular Ass Batman

With the release of the second cover for Forever Evil, the big question has been "who is Batman?" After all, the Justice League is "dead," so it has to be someone else, right? I've seen some truly out there theories ranging from it's Nightwing all the way to it being Lincoln March, and for some reason Owlman from Earth 3 wants to turn Dick into a Talon... Yeah, I don't fucking know. But you know what?

Occam's razor, bitches!

Batman is Batman, and I'm going to tell you why.

First off, let's take a look at some art from the soon to be released Justice League of America #8.

The Justice League defeated! or "dead" as the Crime Syndicate would like us to think. Wonder Woman, Superman, Aquaman, Martian Manhunter, all heavy hitters down for the count... Wait a minute, I don't see no Batman? Hmm. That brings us to my next point.

Aquaman's trident, the Lasso of Truth, Superman's cape. All objects used by the Crime Syndicate to prove that the Justice League is "dead." But notice, none of the Batman villains are given anything to celebrate about. No broken cowl in a massive wink and nod to The Dark Knight Rises, no cape, no utility belt. Nothing. Batman is pretty big shit, and you'd think that if they had the proof, the Crime Syndicate would want to show it.

Yeah, I'm not done.

You know who has also been described as having a large part in this story?

Catwoman. Where was she when the Crime Syndicate invaded? With the Justice Leagues? That means someone clearly had to been able to escape being "killed." Wait... who was the last person we see Catwoman with?

Batman? You don't say! And we know Constantine escaped, so if that cockroach can escape, you know Batman can too.


Speaking of cockroaches, let's move on to a quote from a Newsarama interview:
Nrama: The issue also has Batman on the cover, which is a character you know well. But wait... this being a "no heroes"-slash-villains story, is that Batman? 
Finch: Yeah, that's Batman. And yeah, I have a little history with Batman as well. And you know, I think Batman's like a cockroach. You can't kill him. So no matter what happened to the heroes, Batman's going to still be around.
I don't see how you could get any simpler than that. "Yeah, that's Batman." He's a "cockroach" you "can't kill him" and he's "going to still be around" not phrases you would use for someone who just puts on the costume. I've seen people try to just complicate this beyond belief by saying stuff like "Well he didn't say Bruce Wayne." Yeah, fuck off.  Do you specify Batman as Bruce Wayne every time you talk about him? I really bet not.

And finally...


"But if Batman is just Batman why isn't he saving everybody? Why isn't he in Gotham?" Because Batman is fucking Batman, that's why. He ain't no dummy! He escaped the Crime Syndicate, he's proof that the Justice League wasn't killed, you don't think his showing his face to everyone would put him in the sights of every villain in the world? Batman isn't stupid. So obviously, when he sees Luthor creating some sort of resistance (which will probably go as the Injustice League), Batman does what he needs to do and makes a deal with the devil to save the world.

So yeah, I'm pretty sure I'm right on this one.


  1. I tend to agree, though one wonders why Johns would do it given how little he seems to like regular Batman. Hopefully he'll have more reason for being in this story than Luthor kicking his ass to show he's the rightful leader of the Injustice Gang, as the latest solicits tease.

    1. The "Johns doesn't like Batman" argument is the biggest crock of shit. If he didn't like Batman, why is he writing the Earth One novels?

    2. It's not as though the Earth One Batman is all that similar to the regular one, that's why the Earth One GNs exist. I don't think he totally hates Batman or anything, but I don't think he's got much appreciation for the character. It seems undeniable to me that, so far at least, Batman has had very little to do in Johns' New 52 work, so even if he doesn't actually dislike the character I do wonder why he'd choose to include him in this.

    3. A lot of characters have had very little to do in Justice League. There's a lot spread out through the main cast, and the past year has been spent setting up this story.

    4. I suppose that's true, though I think of the main seven Batman's still had the least to do. I love a Justice League with the main six/seven original ones, so I hope that in Forever Evil and the following return of the Justice League, things gel better in that way.

    5. I'd argue that Cyborg is the League's walking talking boom tube, and just looks up whatever Batman has him look up.

    6. We may not see him slugging it out much, but we don't see Batman doing that either. Cyborg keeps the League connected, gets them wherever they need to be, and is typically the one figuring out what's going on because of his being plugged into everything. He's pretty much taken on a large chunk of Batman's role in previous incarnations, plus J'onn's role as far as keeping everyone in communication with each other.

  2. One more piece of evidence: Geoff Johns loves to write stories in which heroes team up with villains, leaving the hero with a begrudging respect for the villain (who leaves the story with this ambiguous wink/nod toward whether they're really friends or just reluctant allies). Damn, if I had a nickel for every time Johns has done that.