Friday, September 13, 2013

Forever Evil: Arkham War Art Preview

I'm looking forward to seeing how Forever Evil all plays out, but I'm really looking forward to how the Arkham War mini series goes, because it's right up my alley. All of Batman's rogues beating the shit out of each other? Yes please! Today DC gave us the first look at Scot Eaton's work, with everyone from Bane to Ragdoll... Secret Six. I just had to mention that.

(Source: DC Comics)


  1. Looks great! Bane vs. Scarecrow for control of Gotham sounds good to me. I will definitely pick this up.

    I really miss Simone's Secret Six. I don't understand why it had to go away. It's not like anyone is using Catman, Ragdoll, Scandal, or Jeannette in the New 52.

    1. I never read Secret Six (except for that one Action Comics tie-in), but what of I've heard it was mostly had to do with sales. I guess you could have argued that DC could relaunched during the new 52, and try a new direction to attract new readers, yet I digress.

    2. You should definitely check out Simone's Secret Six. It's critically acclaimed and ridiculously entertaining. IGN ranked it a Top 4 best comics run of the last decade.

      It's sales were always around 20,000 per month. DC has a few books they would never cancel that do worse than that. I figured they wanted Deadshot on "Suicide Squad" in the New 52 and Simone didn't have time to take on a 3rd monthly book. The Catman-Deadshot friendship drove the Secret Six book and it wouldn't be the same without it.

  2. Interesting to see emperor blackgate still in the mix.