Monday, September 30, 2013

Detective Comics #24 Preview

Based on last month, I was starting to believe that we wouldn't get this preview at all, because there were a number of issues every week during Villains Month that just wouldn't get previews, for whatever reason.

(Source: DC Comics Facebook)

Batwing #24 Preview

Hey guys, remember Batwing? Lucius Fox's son? High tech suit? Wanted to impress Batman? All that sort of stuff? I've said it before, but it's going to be interesting to see how the lower selling books deal with that month gap thanks to September.

(Source: CBR)

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Stack Rundown, 09/28/2013

It was one of those weeks where I had a shit ton to read, mostly because every now and then, Image likes to put out a good chunk of the books I'm reading from them on one day. This was of course also supplemented by the fact two new series launched this week, one of which being Sex Criminals, which feels like I've been waiting for it forever, but it came out, and it felt good... mmhmm.

Hey man, I could have made a way more uncomfortable remark right there, so deal with it.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Panels of the Week, 09/26/2013

Got all your standards this week, along with some Li'l Gotham and Batman Beyond, so say hooray for padding out more content!

Looking Forward: October 2nd, 2013

Holy crap! Regular books! Remember those? I'm actually going to be interested to see how books like Batwing do in sales next month, given I can't imaging a one month lay off helping them at all.
  • Detective Comics #24: Batman vs. The Wrath, the final showdown between good vs evil! ...this week, at least.
  • Batwing #24: Where did this book leave off last? ...SEE! That's what I'm talking about. Now I have to look at solicits... Oh yeah, Lady Vic!
Got a panels of the week with some Batman: Li'l Gotham and Batman Beyond 2.0 coming up, along with quite a large Stack Rundown post, because Image keeps on releasing lots of good books on the same day.

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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

SPOILERS: Batman #23.4

Bane is the kind of guy Planet Fitness tries to keep out of their gyms, because he's the kind of guy whose workout is pretty much him saying "Come at me bro!" and trying to get others to kill him, only to kill them instead. While doing so, the last guy he's about to kill, well his daughter shows up, Bane thinks it's an attempt to get him to show mercy, but the daughter wants Bane to kill her father, because he's a pretty bad dude, so a-back-snappin' Bane goes. The little girl continues, praising Bane for being the hero of Santa Prisca, but makes a bad mistake in touching Bane's hand, the same hand Bane uses to shove her face out of the way, telling her he'll kill her if she ever touches him again.

SPOILERS: Batman and Robin #23.4

It's a rainy night in Gotham, and some of the GCPD's finest are being lead by three particularly crooked cops, through the sewers, in search of something. But little do they know, while they think they may be on the hunt, Killer Croc happens to be hunting them in the shadows.

SPOILERS: Detective Comics #23.4

Kirk Langstrom is in a park, waiting for his wife, or the woman who pretended to be his wife in order to steal the Man-Bat formula. But where normal men may expect their wives to just walk up to them, Kirk is expecting his to show up as She-Bat, hunting prey. Sure enough, she does, and right after Francine snatches up someone, Kirk doses himself with Man-Bat serum and gives chase, eventually catching up to, and defeating his wife, who reverts back to herself. Francine realizes that Kirk must have mixed their two formulas together to beat her, and laughs at him, for not understanding what he's done to himself. Before Kirk can do anything, the police show up, and arrest Francine.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

IT'S HAPPENING! ...I think!



The illuminati can't keep me down, I see things, and after my first two posts of this nature, which you can read here and here, I'm still seeing things! And no, it's not because I haven't slept since the last post and have become totally fucking delusional... Nah, man... naaaah.

Today Bleeding Cool is reporting that someone said that Tim Seeley said he'd have two books to announce at NYCC. One would be a horror book and one would be a superhero book. HMM.


I think my job is done here. Tune in next time for my stunning expose on why Dan Didio is the secret love child of Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster. know how disappointed I'm going to be if this doesn't turn out to be true?

(Source: Bleeding Cool)

Monday, September 23, 2013

Batman #23.4 Preview

God, for the life of me, I tried to come up with a dumb weight lifting/workout pun to go along with this preview, but nothing doing. I have failed!

(Source: CBR)

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Easily the Best Artistic Issue of Li'l Gotham

Another new issue of Batman: Li'l Gotham came out today, and this week we've got a story about how Poison Ivy isn't a fan of autumn. Of course, all your usual Li'l Gotham goodness occurs, but holy crap, the first few pages of this issue depicting Ivy through out the seasons are absolutely stunning. There's the usual Li'l Gotham style, but then there's Dustin Nguyen just showing off like this.

Seriously, go buy Chapter #19, it's gorgeous.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

SPOILERS: Batman Beyond 2.0 #3 - 4

It may be the future of Gotham City, but one thing remains constant, there are going to be mass breakouts at Arkham Asylum Institute. With Dick taking the place of Bruce in his ear, Terry deals with the situation the best he can, and manages to recapture a number of the inmates, but some made it to boats, and onto the mainland of Gotham, which means Terry has quite the night ahead of him.

Stack Rundown, 09/21/2013

Hey, guess what! Villains Month is still going on. It's been okay, like Zero Month, there are some hits and there are some misses, and then there are some that I'm completely indifferent about. Personally, I'm ready to be over, and wonder if this annual interruption to regular stories is really such a good idea going forward. But hey, only one more week of it, so I can finally start talking about the stories I've been enjoying again. So yeah, more Villains Month, some X titles, and hey! Image put out a few issues that I read this week, unlike last.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Damian: Son of Batman #1 Variant Pencils

Tony Daniel recently rejoined twitter, and has ben posting lots of Superman/Wonder Woman pencils, but he also posted this gem, the pencils for his Damian: Son of Batman #1 variant.

(Source: Tony Daniel's Twitter)

Detective Comics #23.4 Preview

Was She-Bat always wearing pants? Serious question. The New 52 pants rule my have struck again! ALERT THE PRESS!

EDIT: I JUST CHECKED! She always had pants! Crisis averted!

(Source: Crave Online)

Batman and Robin #23.4 Preview

The layout is a little more rectangular, but anyone getting a Guillem March vibe from this art? I think Tomeu Morey's colors really helps, but those two people's faces on that first page also really remind me of his art.

(Source: Comic Vine)

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Panels of the Week, 09/19/2013

Panels, panels, panels, its one of those weeks where I don't really have to say anything before the jump.

Looking Forward: September 25th, 2013

Final week of Villains Month... September went by pretty god damn fast...
  • Batman #23.4: Peter Tomasi picks up where Talon left Bane and sets up Arkham War from the Blackgate perspective this time.
  • Batman and Robin #23.4: Killer Croc! Hmm... I wonder if we'll be seeing more Tim Seeley anytime soon?
  • Detective Comics #23.4: Man-Bat! John Layman's been toying around with him lately, lets see what Frank Tieri does.
No Batman: The Dark Knight #23.4, because you know my feelings on the writer, and Batman/Superman #3.1 seems to be way more heavily balanced towards Superman, so I'll pass covering it.

Panels of the week and Stack Rundown at their scheduled times, and please support Gotham Spoilers by buying any trades or issues you need to pick up through my affiliate links. You win, I win, everyone wins!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

SPOILERS: Detective Comics #23.3

The Crime Syndicate has taken over, and Forever Evil is in full effect, and Scarecrow has some business around Gotham, which has been divided into districts by some of the larger villains on the block. With fear now being the norm, the "hunt" is over so to speak for Scarecrow, and he's grown bored, and through is boredom, bigger aspirations arise. First, Scarecrow takes his ex Arkham guard lackey to visit Mr. Freeze first, eventually finding Victor in his frozen district. Scarecrow warns Freeze about some rumors he's heard of the Blackgate residents attempting to rise up, which may turn out to be a problem for them. Along with some meddling around with some "residents" of the Freeze district, the two seem to come to an alliance, if a need for it arises from Blackgate.

SPOILERS: Batman - The Dark Knight #23.3

Clayface has been hired to be the muscle on a score, and just the muscle. He's a smart guy, but maybe not the smartest, and doesn't take kindly too being called an idiot, something that goes all the way back to his acting days, with his anger eventually causing him to become Clayface. So when the goons he's working with tell him to shut up and do his job when he suggests they rob a small jewelry store, Clayface sort of flips out on them, killing them all. Realizing he just sort of massacred a handful of guys, Clayface decides to lay low, and emerges form the sewers disguised as one of the men, only to find riots in the streets of Gotham, caused by the apparent deaths of the Justice League.

SPOILERS: Batman and Robin #23.3

The year is 1285, and the Crusades are totally in right now, and with rumors of a demon in the east, the Pope sends one of his knights to investigate the claims and possibly do away with this so called demon... Of course, this "demon" is Ra's al Ghul, who has been expecting the Catholic Knight, does away with his men quickly, and lets this terrifying encounter be the first public record of him in the civilized world, thus starting the legend and myth of the Demon's Head.

SPOILERS: Batman #23.3

Have you met the Penguin? Perhaps you've heard of him, owner of the Iceberg Casino, Gotham crime lord, all around dickhead? Well there are some slight of hand magicians cheating at his casino, who have heard of him, but have also heard he's gone soft (following Emperor Penguin). So when Penguin and his men take the magicians aside to demand the winnings back, they get nothing but laughs in return... So, Penguin escorts the three men outside, and makes quick work of them himself.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

SPOILERS: Alfred gets disappointed in Injustice

Look, I don't cover Injustice here, because it's not really in line with the books I do cover, but I've read every chapter of it digitally, and have to say that it has been one of the most surprising reads from the word "go." Tom Taylor managed to take a tie in comic, which based on previous series of a similar nature, doesn't really have any business being truly great, and managed to do just that. This book is fucking great, and today was the last chapter of it until next year... but Taylor saved the best for last, and I just had to post about it here. So, following the end of last week's Knightfall-esque chapter, after the jump, I give you a taste of what comes next.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Batman and Robin #23.3 Preview

Final preview of the week. HEY! That Ra's al Ghul is naked and in a tub! Controversy! Controversy! CONTROVERSY! 

If I yell "controversy" enough, it'll eventually happen, right?

(Source: Nerdist)

Batman: The Dark Knight #23.3 Preview

I've said it before, but you know what I love about John Layman's Batman books? He just picks and chooses with random continuity and characters to have fun with. White Rabbit? Dollhouse? Sure! Why not?

I also wonder why they just didn't make this one part of Detective Comics... not like it matters which series it's under, but Layman is already writing Tec soooo, seems pretty obvious.

(Source: USA Today)

Detective Comics #23.3 Preview

Remember when I bet that this was going to start to set up Arkham War? Well, imagine that! I was right! Talk about making a tough call!

(Source: IGN)

Forever Evil Batman = Regular Ass Batman

With the release of the second cover for Forever Evil, the big question has been "who is Batman?" After all, the Justice League is "dead," so it has to be someone else, right? I've seen some truly out there theories ranging from it's Nightwing all the way to it being Lincoln March, and for some reason Owlman from Earth 3 wants to turn Dick into a Talon... Yeah, I don't fucking know. But you know what?

Occam's razor, bitches!

Batman is Batman, and I'm going to tell you why.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Stack Rundown, 09/14/2013

To be honest, this is a pretty short post. Not a whole lot of books that I read this week, hell there wasn't a single Image issue on my pull this week, that and I just flat out don't have a lot to say about some of these. Next week seems to be getting back to normal though... and by normal, I mean 10+ books.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Forever Evil: Arkham War Art Preview

I'm looking forward to seeing how Forever Evil all plays out, but I'm really looking forward to how the Arkham War mini series goes, because it's right up my alley. All of Batman's rogues beating the shit out of each other? Yes please! Today DC gave us the first look at Scot Eaton's work, with everyone from Bane to Ragdoll... Secret Six. I just had to mention that.

(Source: DC Comics)

Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Plot Thickens! ...MAYBE?! I don't know!

Come one, come all to the Gotham Spoilers Twitter Stalking Conspiracy Club! Grab your tin foil hats, boys and girls, and let's get weird!

Last night's theory saw me coming down from the ledge and having hope for Catwoman yet! Does any of that mean anything? I don't know. Maybe, maybe not. But today, things did get more interesting, with this tweet from Detective Comics writer John Layman.

Now, because DC has made a certain kind of stank lately, I initially took that to mean something it doesn't, and I'm sure you can guess what, but I digress! Why is this something?

Well, it means that Layman was at the DC offices in New York, like Seeley was. Layman also wrote the Catwoman Zero Year issue, but has made note that he's pretty content with writing only two books (the other being Chew, which is fucking fantastic). So one could assume that Layman was talking Detective. Now, based on past tweets from guys like Scott Snyder, Mike Marts, etc. every now and then there seems to be meetings between editorial offices that handle a group of books (like Batman) and creators. HMM... See where I'm going?

I mean... if I'm right in thinking Seeley was at DC to discuss a possible project, with knowledge that at least one other Batman group writer was there, I'd make a bet Gotham is on the table. Perhaps some discussion of what happens in Catwoman #25 potentially having an effect on the book going forward?

Look... I realize I'm about this close to grabbing some weed, cool ranch doritos, and telling you all about how Abe Lincoln was an alien that's being kept in Area 51, but I might actually be on to something here... and If I'm right, you can bet your ass I'm going to flaunt this. I'm basically making this for public record.

I'm having too much fun with this, to be honest. If anyone involved see's this and tells me I'm way off base, I'm going to be really bummed. It'll be like telling a four year old Santa isn't real.

(Source: John Layman's Twitter)

Batman #23.3 Preview

As I said earlier today, there has been no shortage of Penguin in the New 52, so I'm left wondering if that was Vicki Vale on the front page... and I don't care about her at all!

(Source: MTV Geek)

First Look at Brett Booth's Batman/Superman #5 Art

What's new in the New 52? Well, news that was brought to us over a month ago! But that's the usual way that feature goes nowadays, so whatever. Today we get a look at some of Brett Booth's pencilled (and horizontal) pages for November's Batman/Superman #5, and they're looking pretty good.

(Source: DC Comics)

Panels of the Week, 09/12/2013

Got a little extra this week, including a big spoiler from Injustice #35. So... I warned you.

Looking Forward: September 18th, 2013

Villains Month rolls on with another handful of familiar faces.
  • Batman #23.3: There has been no shortage of Penguin appearances in the New 52, hopefully this one stands out.
  • Batman and Robin #23.3: Ra's al Ghul has taken a back seat, but recent events in both Red Hood and Batman Inc seem to have changed that.
  • Batman - The Dark Knight #23.3: Clayface has shown up in three of the four Batman books nearly back to to back, so I'm not quite sure what to expect in this issue.
  • Detective Comics #23.3: And Scarecrow has definitely had his fair share of appearances too, but he seems to be a major player in Arkham War, so I bet this ties into that.
Panels of the week coming up, and a shorter than normal Stack Rundown post this weekend. Surprisingly didn't read a whole lot this week, especially compared to last.

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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Well, this is getting my hopes up

Full disclosure, I'm making a lot of fucking assumptions with this post, but whatever man, I'm desperate at this point. So get your tin foil hats out and get ready for conspiracy theories!

Above, you see writer/artist Tim Seeley of Hack/Slash, Revival and a bunch of other good comics, posing next to a Batman statute. He just posted this picture and it got me thinking... But first, let's back up a minute.

If you know me and my website, you know that I think Catwoman has been a pretty bad book for the past year, and given his strength at writing great female leads like Cassie Hack and Sara Pezzini, Seeley has always been on my mental wish list of people I'd like to see possibly take over that book. I've been on this for months, months, and Seeley has said on twitter and in response to that possibility being brought up in a Newsarama interview (which my post I just linked to above), that he'd be open to it.

Caught up? Good. Because that photo above is really getting my hopes up. Why? Well, ask yourself where a giant Batman statue next to a bunch of phone booths would be located? If you follow me on Twitter, you might know where I'm going with this, but I'll just cut to the chase: The DC Comics offices in New York. Not the California offices where the digital first stuff comes out of, the New York offices where New 52 shit comes from.

Now, I couldn't be sure, but I swear in my elephant like memory, I've seen pictures of the New York offices and that picture above looked very similar... Then I did some searching and came across this:

...Community reference coming in hot!


I can't handle this. I just can't.

This could be absolutely nothing. It could be something. I don't fucking know anymore! Like I said, I'm speculating, desperate for a change, and could be connecting dots that aren't there... but it's something!

(Source: Tim Seeley's Twitter)

SPOILERS: Batman #23.2

Four years ago, during probably one of the Riddler's earliest trips to Arkham, an unseen guard is quite the dick to him, roughly manhandling him after they discover playing cards in Riddler's cell. Fast forward a couple of years, and Riddler has started a flash mob of protestors outside of Wayne Enterprises, angry about some scandal involving SEC filings. Riddler, without his mask, cane or hat, uses the chaos to make his way into the building, with help of a forged access card that gives him access to many of the computer systems within the Wayne Enterprises building.

SPOILERS: Detective Comics #23.2

Harley, fully clothed and not in a bath tub, is at the Secret Society's meeting with the Crime Syndicate, and is none too impressed. Order, meetings, these things aren't for Harley, Gotham is for Harley, and right now it's exposed, and she wants to have some fun.

SPOILERS: Batman and Robin #23.2

The Court of Owls! Perhaps you've heard of them! They're a shadowy organization that has worked behind the scenes of Gotham for quite some time. Even the crazy 1970s! When everyone was listening to disco and snorting cocaine, or whatever people did in the 70s, the Court of Owls were merking fools left and right! Even teaching their victim's children their signature rhyme, to announce their revival. Elite level trolling!

SPOILERS: Batman - The Dark Knight #23.2

Mr. Freeze stands in the middle of a frozen over living room, recalling early portions of his life. Prior to the events of Batman Annual #1, his father left he and his mother, then a short time later, the events surrounding Victor's mother and an icy lake that we also saw in the annual happen. Freeze seems to be telling this story to an audience, as he covers Batman, and how Nora wasn't really his wife.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Palmiotti on the Harley Quinn "Controversy"

So if you've been on the internet for the past week, you've probably seen the "controversy" surrounding  the talent search page for Harley Quinn #0. I've made my feelings on the "controversy" pretty clear, actually, twice now, so I'm not going to reiterate how fucking dumb and overblown I think this all has been, but after a travesty (seriously) like this, I guess Jimmy Palmiotti did have to say something about it, in a longer form than twitter.

On Palmiotti's Facebook, he states:
"That the tryout Harley Quinn page went out without an overall description of tone and dialogue is all my fault. I should have put it clearly in the description that it was supposed to be a dream sequence with Amanda and I talking to Harley and giving her a hard time. I should have also mentioned we were thinking a Mad magazine /Looney Tunes approach was what we were looking for. We thought it was obvious with the whale and chicken suit, and so on, but learned it was not. I am sorry for those who took offense, our intentions were always to make this a fun and silly book that broke the 4th wall, and head into issue 1 with a ongoing story/adventure that is a lot like the past Powergirl series we did. I hope all the people thinking the worst of us can now understand that insulting or making fun of any kind was never our intention. I also hope that they can all stop blaming DC Comics for this since It was my screw up. The idea for the page to find new talent is an amazing one and we hope that can be the positive that comes forward from today on...that we get some new talent working in our field because of this unique opportunity."
So there you have it, an apology for not being clear, from a writer who doesn't need to apologize for anything. Perhaps, maybe perhaps, if a vast majority of outraged read more than a headline that says "DC wants you to draw Harley Quinn committing naked suicide" along with that single panel description, without the rest of the script, maybe it wouldn't have gotten out of hand. Better yet, maybe if people reporting on the story took some responsibility to get their shit straight and not jump to conclusions with a page view attracting headline, none of this would have happened.

This entire situation is one of the most unfunny jokes of the year, and is truly pathetic. Great job, all involved, great job.

(Source: Jimmy Palmiotti's Facebook)

Guillem March's Batman #24 Variant

Above is Guillem March's variant cover for Batman #24, a big issue for Zero Year, where Bruce actually becomes Batman. Pretty good looking, but what does it mean?


I'm funny.

(Source: CBR)

Monday, September 9, 2013

Batman Group December 2013 Solicitations

It's that time of the month again! ...solicit time!

Creative changes to make note of:
  • Aaron Lopresti will be drawing Detective Comics
  • JH Williams and Haden Blacman are writing Batwoman... wait, what? Oh DC, get your shit together.
UPDATE: And shit has been gotten together! Seems like DC slapped together a new solicit quickly. 

Hit the jump for full solicitations!

My hope is DEAD, thanks to Catwoman #26

Greetings Gotham Spoilers readers. Today is the 9th of September, 2013, and we gather here for some pretty terrible news. But first, I'd like you to press play on the song below, just to set the mood.

Ah, that's better... now, onto the news.

As you all may know, I really like the character of Catwoman, but I really don't like the writer she's been given. For the past year, we've gotten some pretty flat out horrible issues, and one of my biggest hopes was that she'd eventually be given a better writer, who I'd say would have been anyone at this point. The solicitations of November's Zero Year issue came in with John Layman at the helm, and while he confirmed it was only a one issue thing, I had high hopes that perhaps December could see a new writer jump on board.

A writer who actually understands Catwoman.

A writer who knows what Catwoman should sound like.

A writer who can come up with halfway decent dialogue.

A writer who doesn't nonsensically emphasize random meaningless events on the page.

A write who is generally coherent from page 1 to 20.

The list goes on. But unfortunately, with the release of Catwoman #26's solicitation... this happened:

Written by ANN NOCENTI
On sale DECEMBER 31 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T+
Catwoman’s adventure in the Gotham Underground comes to a deadly end as she tries to pull off a heist by pitting Doctor Phosphorus, Warhog and The Joker’s Daughter against each other!

I'm convinced DC is just going to let this book flop around like a fish out of water, and ultimately die a slow and painful death. Meanwhile, they completely screw with perfectly good books (replace the C with a B). At this point, if they would get someone to eventually replace... her, the title would probably be too far gone to have any serious chance of turning it around. So, goodbye Catwoman. It was nice knowing you. Hopefully someone treats you better in a different life.

...although, that solicit does seem like the end of an arc, where a new writer could--NO! NO HOPE! HOPE IS DEAD! Just ask the Blue Lanterns.

Batman #23.2 Preview

You know what? I really loved what Jeremy Haun did in a couple of the Batbooks a few years back. Really glad he's starting to do more DC stuff now that The Darkness is over.

(Source: USA Today)

Detective Comics #23.2 Preview

Matt Kindt's first pre-Suicide Squad issue with Justice League of America #7.1: Deadshot, was really good, and it seems like he's off to a good start with Harley.

(Source: CBR)

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Li'l Gotham, Going Where No Comic Has Before

This series is ridiculous, but consistently great. You know why? It can feature just about anyone it wants in any given issue. Today's issue, #18, has to be the only issue to feature characters like The Carpenter and Darkseid on the same page. No other book can do that.

How is this possible, you ask? Well, it's the Labor Day issue, and Gotham's finest (worstest?) along with some others have all requested Jenna to do some labor, but she's taking the day off... and ridiculous things happen, as always.

Issue #18 available now!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Mark Andreyko taking over Batwoman?

Well, who really thought this story was over?

Remember when JH Williams and Haden Blackman abruptly left Batwoman due to constant and last minute editorial interference? Good times! The plan was for both writers to leave after issue #26, probably the conclusion of their current arc... but seems like DC had plans of their own.

According to Comicsbeat writer Heidi MacDonald, Dan Didio announced at Baltimore Comic-Con that Mard Andreyko will be taking over Batwoman at issue #25, which would be in the middle of the current arc, and it would quote: "be better than ever." Because why not throw a little salt on the wound while we're at it?

Now, I've read enough live reports from panels to know that people get things wrong every now and then, either someone giving out the info has their numbers messed up, or those reporting it simply get the wrong number while trying to hastily report on something. It happens a lot, so who knows if #25 is when Andreyko actually takes over. Not questioning the source in any way, but I've watched enough of The Newsroom (screw you, that's a good show!) to know I should get double confirmation.

That said, if this is completely accurate, that's messed up, especially if Williams and Blackman had every intention of completing their scripts up to issue #26. I have nothing against Marc Andreyko, I think he's a good writer, but like Birds of Prey, if he takes over those issues that Williams and Blackman were supposed to write, you know that it's not going to be purely him, and it'll be taken in the direction DC editorial wanted it to go.

I said it on twitter, but I'll say it here too: I don't envy the writer who has to take over this book. Andreyko is probably going to get a lot of shit, and I'll tell you right now, he doesn't deserve it. A job is a job, and if he's willing to do it, then fine. I'll give it a shot, but unfortunately for him, there's always going to be a Barry Bonds like asterisk next to his run in the back of my mind, which isn't fair to him, but thanks to the circumstances DC created, that's the situation.

UPDATE: Oh wow... Wow. They're straight up throwing out the current arc of Batwoman. Andreyko is indeed taking over, and #25 is a Zero Year issue. I guess DC didn't like Batwoman being so isolated. Participation in these crossovers have always been apparently "voluntary" bit it's quite clear DC prefers people to "volunteer."

UPDATE #2: JH Williams III confirmed on Twitter that their arc is being cut, and October's #24 will be their last issue, if published. Apparently it ends with a big cliffhanger. Yep...

(Source: Heidi MacDonald's Twitter & Bleeding Cool)