Saturday, August 31, 2013

Stack Rundown, 08/31/2013

Oh hey, look at that, spoilers... whoops! But, you are on a site with the word "spoilers" in the title, so my sympathy is little! I will spoil whatever I like, and you'll just have to take it! What are you going to do about it, HUH!?

That's what I thought! Anyways... comics!

Justice League #23

Trinity War is over, and oh my god, it's the Crime Syndicate! Who saw that coming?! Oh yeah… everybody. God, how great would it have been if that didn't leak, or if DC didn't announce it weeks ahead of time? Anyways, great issue, pretty crazy. We find out what's with Superman, who the traitor is, what Pandora's box is, and that Geoff Johns has a great sense of humor. So the Crime Syndicate version of Aquaman, Sea King, yeah, he dies instantly. Now what does that say? In the New 52, where Aquaman is a total bad ass and is finally taken seriously, his evil counterpart is a total joke redshirt, who dies instantly. That's pretty fucking great. My only issue was that this ended kind of abruptly, not really giving any context as to the setup of Forever Evil, or why the Justice League is considered "dead." But, I guess that goes down in a few days with Forever Evil #1. Also wish we learned a bit more about The Question, who really took a back seat, unfortunately. 

Red Lanterns #23

I watch the A Comic Show videos that Bleeding Cool posts each week, and the store owner/host has described this book as one of the most improved of the New 52, and I've got to agree, I'm loving the hell out of this series so far. Shit just got real, Atrocitus now hosts The Butcher, like Sienstro hosts Parallax, and Guy's cover may have already been blown. I'm all on board with the Lights Out crossover, and honestly can't wait until October for it. What's been teased to come out of that, mainly the Red Lanterns taking over patrol of 2814, is nuts. The Green Lantern franchise is definitely kicking all sorts of ass lately, and I've got to say, this is right up there with the new Green Lantern team, in terms of my enjoyment of the series as a whole. And side note, Jim Calafiore of Secret Six fame filled in for like half the issue, and I've got to say, if the book needs anymore fill in, get him to do it, he fits perfectly.

The Flash #23

I don't remember? Did I say the only person left who could be the Reverse Flash is Danny West? Because that's who it is. I probably said "I don't see how that makes sense" and I still don't, but I'm sure that's what the Villains Month issue is for. So yeah, that was the reveal… and due to the process of elimination, I'm pretty sure it wasn't all that surprising, granted, I thought it was going to be Elias, but once he was ruled out, it's not like there were many others in the book to choose from, unless you wanted to get completely random about it. It was a fun issue, went by quickly due to the use of double page spreads, but when they're drawn by Francis Manapul, that's like complaining about winning the lottery. The last page definitely leaves Flash and Reverse Flash in an interesting spot, and I feel like some relationships here and there are going to get shaken up (mainly, Barry, Patty and Iris) as a lot of attention has been paid towards Iris lately...

Aquaman #23

THE BEARD IS BACK! People were making all sorts of jokes at the expense of the New 52 for having a "pants rule" but in reality, they had a "no facial hair rule." Green Arrow? Get that shit off your chin! Aquaman, don't you think about it! But now Aquaman has his beard back, and that's all that matters… of course, this comes at the expense of Aquaman being in a coma for six months, which I find completely ridiculous, because people like him now, wouldn't someone be like "Yo, where's Aquaman at?" plus… there's plenty going on above the surface. Anyways. Cool issue, the highlight was Aquaman definitely summoning his kraken he's BFFs with. Going to be interesting what they come up with to fill in the six months Aquaman has been out… I get the feeling his relationship with Mera is going to be dismantled, which is gonna suuuuuck… but anyways, let's get Batman a mustache!

American Vampire Anthology #1

So despite the return of the regular series probably being solicited in a little over a week, damn did this anthology make me miss AmVamp even more. This was basically Scott Snyder and Rafael Albuquerque going "Hey, look at all our talented friends!" Cus you got guys like Jeff Lemire, Greg Rucka, Beckly Cloonan, Francesco Francavilla, and god knows how many more, all having fun in the universe Snyder and Albuquerque created. It was a pretty great, meaty issue, well worth the price of admission. Some stories were better than others, for instance there were a few stories that seemed like they could have just been regular old vampire stories with no connections to the set mythology, but those were still good. My favorites were the ones that actually made me sit back and sort of figure a few things out, how two of those stories may have been about both Pearl and Travis Kidd's ancestors. Overall, great issue… and Becky Cloonan needs to draw the next mini series, if there ever is one.

Sex #6

Honestly, I don't have a lot to say about this issue in particular, that I haven't said before. The side characters are way more interesting than the main character, who just sits around doing dick, and the pacing is still very, very methodical. I don't want to sit around saying "I'm still waiting for something to happen" because I can recognize this book's style for what it is, but at the same time… it can drag in places. I'm really hoping this picks up past what would be the first trade, because things need to start developing, rather than characters talking about possible developments… though, some dude did get pounded by a gimp in this issue, so that's something…

Lazarus #3

This book just keeps getting better by the issue. Where it ended last issue with Forever meeting another family's Lazarus, I thought going into this issue "Oh boy, big Laz on Laz fight!" but nope! Total Romeo and Juliet type situation going on, turns out they're really into each other. Really, this is a total soap opera, but with WAY more action and dismemberment, which I'm completely fine with. I mean,  you have Forever, and her cutting off people's hands, meanwhile you got Cersei and Jamie, or whatever their names are, banging each other and scheming behind their family's back. It's some juicy shit! I wasn't quite sure what to expect from this book and thought the first issue was okay, but man, I'm completely hooked now. This is definitely another book to get in on early, if you're looking for something new to read.

Uncanny X-Men #11

OH NO! It's Variant Cover Man! So remember a while ago when Bendis posted some Finch cover? asking "whatever happened to that guy?" And people thought it meant that David Finch was going back to Marvel? Well no, just some random ass guy on a variant cover, who never showed up, UNTIL NOW! And he's sending Sentinels after the X-Men… and that's about all I got to say on that, which is pretty much just all that happened. I just feel like this book was in a holding pattern for next week's crossover… instead they probably could have set up the crossover in a more meaningful way, rather than just jumping head first into it.

Thor: God of Thunder #12

I really had absolutely no idea what to expect coming into this issue, the first arc with the awesome set up was over, this seemed to be a one and done sort of issue, and I wasn't even sure whether or not I was sticking around past the triple Thor team up… This issue got me to stay, for the time being. While I found the style and set up of Jason Aaron's first arc really entertaining, it didn't do much for me to care about Thor on a personal level. I'm a new reader, so outside of the God Butcher arc, I didn't really know a thing about Thor. This issue took its time to slow down, and show Thor's other side, when he's not punching or hitting things with his hammer, and by doing so, actually got me to care and become invested in Thor's character.

Deadpool #15

So, things are getting serious for Deadpool, and I love it. This first issue of the new arc really struck a fantastic balance between the goofiness of Deadpool's usual antics, and having a serious story to tell. Basically, imagine if Mr. Freeze had a hand in creating Deadpool, and he was hunting Wade to try and help cure his wife? That's pretty much what's going on, but Wade isn't much of a fan, and attempts to get fellow Weapon X'er Wolverine and super soldier Captain America on board. Great start to the issue, and Declan Shalvey (who I feel is drawing everything recently, for some reason, maybe its because this, the American Vampire Anthology and Batman Incorporated Special all came out on the same day) on art certainly ties everything together very well. I was a bit iffy on the title after the US Presidents arc, but now I'm back on board, completely. Favorite gag? When Deadpool left Wolverine's room, saying goodbye to Storm, who you never saw under the covers. "…bye, Wade."

Uncanny Avengers #11

Despite Marvel having endless events, what I find funny is that Uncanny Avengers is pretty much it's own event, continuously, and I'm willing to bet it spins into probably the next event after Inhumanity, or maybe the one after that, because you know that's coming too. The level of shit going on in the eleventh issue of a normal ongoing series. The mutant rapture! The Apocalypse twins just appear to the entire friggen world, tell mutants that humanity is old news, so fuck those guys, let's go rapture. That's crazy! This book is fucking crazy. Only issue is, it references a bit more than I'm familiar with, like Sunfire, in general, not familiar with his backstory at all, but oh well, I'm getting through it. Seriously though, this book is a treat, every month.


  1. Sunfire was a Horseman of Apocalypse at one point. Issue 5 actually mentioned that.

    1. Yeah I got that, but the details between whatever happened between him and rogue, I'm shaky on.

  2. I'm sure DC found out they let slip the Crime Syndicate's involvement in the November solicits, and Dan Didio said "Let's spoil the ending to Trinity War so that we can at least say we spoiled on our own terms."

    1. Yeah, but Bleeding Cool spoiled it months beforehand.

    2. Well that's usual business for big events. But I'm half-jokingly saying they did the press release because they realized that they accidentally put the Crime Syndicate into the November solicits.