Saturday, August 3, 2013

Stack Rundown, 08/03/2013

I'm going to be honest, I wrote a lot of this while on vacation, distracted by a TV, so if this post just sucks, well that's why. Hopefully it's not as shitty as I think it is!

Animal Man Annual #2

I enjoyed this issue for a few reasons, first Travel Foreman's art. When Foreman left this book, it definitely lost something special. He and Lemire just fit together, so it was great to see him back in the picture. Next, we never really saw Buddy do a whole lot of regular super heroics in this volume, and we got a bit of that. Finally, the family aspect of this title started off strong, then Rotworld happened, and then it just turned into a total bummer. While set after Cliff's death, most of this took place the day Maxine was born, thus Cliff was alive and everything was happy. Granted the only other dad in DCU that I can think of was Batman, and he ended up the same as Buddy, it was refreshing to see some happy family content, rather than "OH GOD, MY SON IS DEEEEEEEAD."

The Flash Annual #2

Not a whole lot to say about this one, it was fun, but I just don't have much to say. It was comprised of two stories, one from Brian Buccellato that had Barry Allen and Hal Jordan's first team up. It was entertaining enough, and had plenty of banter, but it was just this one off nice little story, without a huge consequences. The next was written by Nicole Dubuc, who I guess was on Even Stevens or something? (Turns out that's not accurate, so I have NO IDEA where I got that in my head). Anyways, it was a "regular guy threatens other after hero doesn't save someone he loves." I feel like I've read that story quite a few times. I will say I thought the little bits on how the Flash influenced the future of regular civilians was pretty nice, though... but I also think I've read that before.

Red Lanterns #22

Man… Soule is on a roll. I'm loving this book so far under the new creative team. Guy Gardner brings a humorous tone to the book, which varies it up from "grr I'm angry!" like it was when I first read this book. In terms of the story, of course Guy is going native, and of course Atrocitus isn't really dead, who actually believed that? All you have to do is look at the cover of the next issue. Anyways, I think one of my favorite parts about this creative team is actually the art. I mean this in the nicest way possible, but Vitti's stuff looks fucking rough, and that's a good thing. It's rough, scratchy and kind of ugly, all which lends itself well to the whole concept of the Red Lanterns. I mean, this is a lantern corps that spits up hate vomit… HATE VOMIT. Of course it has to look rough. Anyways, if you're a fan of the Green Lantern franchise, but hadn't been reading this book (I wasn't), I really suggest picking this up from last issue on. It's been pretty fun so far.

Trinity of Sin: Pandora #2

So… this was okay. I don't know, this series certainly hasn't kicked off with a bang, like I hoped it would. So in Trinity War, Pandora tried to get the purest of heart (Superman) to open the box, that didn't go well, so here she tried to get the darkest, and that's Vandal Savage. It didn't go well either, and I'm not sure where it'll go past that? In the B-plot, turns out SHADE and ARGUS are both after her. Okay. I don't know, I'm not sure how this is going to play out long term, because I don't think the Seven Deadly Sins are all that interesting, and that seems to be the plot past Trinity War. I was expecting this to be big on the DC Universe, and so far, it hasn't really lived up to that.

The Wake #3

Another issue of Scott Snyder going all sorts of sci-fi crazy along with some gorgeous art from Sean Murphy and Matt Hollingsworth. Shit hits the fan in this issue and people die, in a pretty crazy way. Usually characters that can shape shift just sort of sneak around, and that's that until they reveal themselves, the end. This crazy mermaid guy shape shifts, convinces people he's someone else, rips their arm off, then eats it. So like I said, shit hit the fan in a big way. I did miss some of the other stuff the series has teased like the scenes that took place in pre-history, or whatever the heck is going on in the post apocalypse. This book has a lot of gaps to fill in, but it's been enjoyable every single issue, that's for sure. Sucks there won't be an issue in August. 

Sex #5

So, my basic thought on this title is that the characters outside the main character, Simon, are way more interesting. While this issue had some humors aspects, mainly a blow job gone wrong, the side characters continue to shine. This time it was Keenan, who exhibited some heroic qualities of his own in past issues, well turns out he may have had some attachments to Simon in his crime fighting days, as he seeks out his help, only to find Simon being dragged into his apartment, totally shitfaced. So I'm obviously thinking Keenan was a sidekick of sorts? Ally? Yeah, probably sidekick. Then of course you have not-Catwoman seeing Simon creeping around with his Castro outfit in her brothel, so she'll probably get back into the story soon. Soooo, yeah, the supporting cast being the most interesting part of this book continues to remain true.

X-Men #3

I loved, loved, loved the first two issues of this series, but I cooled off a bit with this issue, mainly because it just sort of ended rather quickly. I just don't think it was that satisfying of a conclusion, cut to black and everything is done! What happened to John? I don't know! There was the that and the fact that at I'm not really clear one what's next. It was just a very abrupt, and final ending. But quick ending aside, I still thought it was a good issue, entertaining enough with the two conflicts, and the art was still fantastic. David Lopez has big shoes to fill, but I hope Coipel comes back at some point, maybe after Doddson. 

Uncanny X-Force #9

So ends the Psylocke/Fantomex/Cluster/Weapon XIII plot, for now, and well… I don't know. I think it's partially because of my dislike for the art, but aside from the weirdness that comes from the messed up relationship, I don't feel like it went anywhere in the end. I guess eventually there will be a story abut the three parts of Fantomex getting back into one person (I bet it will be in Cluster's body)? But I don't know… blah. The art really was the low point of this issue, especially during the fight. It didn't portray action and motion well, and the backgrounds eventually just turned into bland fire… Then all the sudden, it cuts back to Puck, Storm and Bishop, after a full arc of nothing. That completely cold-turkey transition was a pretty weird way to end this issue. Their plot definitely should have been simmering in the background, instead of completely ignored for four (five?) issues.

Uncanny X-Men #9

So this issue was a big Dazzler issue, and ended up in a verbal confrontation with Cyclops where he calls her the Uncle of Tom mutants… Then Mystique transitions from All-New into this book to kick Dazzler while she's down. It's all fine, and I enjoy the series enough, but the whole concept behind this title was Cyclops gathering his team of mutants that stuck with him, and new ones, all for a mutant revolution of sorts… okay, solid concept. But I have to ask, where's the revolution? There hasn't been any. It's been a couple of issues of Cyclops getting new mutants, then they went to hell (or something close to it) and now it's back to not being a revolution. I just sort of want Cyclops to actually do something. There's a lot of talk, but not a whole lot of action.


  1. I thought the annual captured the Flash's voice well and his friendship with Hal.
    With Red Lanterns, I'm surprised they even said he Atrocitus was dead.
    I thought the ARGUS/SHADE stuff was the best part of the comic book.
    And they did have a flashback in The Wake to something crashing into the surface of Mars and causing a cataclysmic explosion. I didnt mind not having a flashforward to the future at the end, either, because the cliffhanger they did give us was fantastic.

  2. man, Travel foreman doesn't dissapoint! AM annual #2 kicked ass