Wednesday, August 14, 2013

SPOILERS: Nightwing #23

In the days since Prankster leaked all his information about the Mayor of Chicago, the city has taken a pretty rough turn, resembling a war zone in some parts. Nightwing is on the Prankster's trail, and apparently has found a thug who knows where he is, just turns out he needs to rescue a pretty red head first, then he can go find out the Prankster is hiding out somewhere on 25th street.

Elsewhere, Dick's roommate Joey is watching the news, with Zucco's face plastered everywhere, and being that this involves Dick's life story, she's concerned he hasn't shown up for a while, and calls Michael to ask if he'd seem him. Michael hasn't and is a bit busy, having tagged long with the detective who is trying to get him to get footage on Nightwing to paint him as something other than a hero. Turns out they're in the location Dick was tipped off to, and it's booby trapped with an explosion. Next thing you know, Michael finds himself being dragged off by some of the Prankster's men, and taken to a boat. Dick shows up, too late to save Michael, but finds the detective in the rubble, who says he heard Prankster say something about a boat.

Elsewhere, back in Gotham, Sonia arrives at her bank to find many reporters waiting for her, having somehow figured out her real last name is Zucco, and speaking of Zucco, his wife ain't too pleased. While on vacation, Zucco's wife saw him on the news, and despite him having some work done, recognized her husband. She wants to go back to Chicago to try and put a stop to all of this, something Zucco isn't very fond of. Leaving with or without her husband, Zucco's wife comments on the irony, after he had just spent a weekend telling their son the importance of taking responsibility.

While the Prankster's men are putting a bunch of people (including Michael) on a yacht, and setting a ring of fire around it, the Mayor is in his office getting chewed out by some of his advisors to put an end to it all. Dick manages to find the boat and save everyone on it, meanwhile there's no saving the Mayor's advisors, as they get shot, and the Prankster shows up.

As Dick is getting out of the water, a voice offers him help, telling him that there's more to the Prankster than he knows. Dick instantly recognizes the voice, and finds Zucco behind him, saying they need to work together to put an end to the madness.


The Good:

This arc has been full of great action, and wise cracking Nightwing, with this issue being no exception. With that in mind, it should be no surprise that I continued to enjoy this arc with another entertaining issue. It takes some interesting twists, especially with Zucco and the tease that there's something more to the Prankster, which really makes me want to read the conclusion sooner rather than later.

The Bad:

While I really like Conrad's art, his backgrounds look pretty photoshopped/traced. Not a huge sin, but with all the skyscrapers, especially early on in this issue, I couldn't help but notice it.

Also, if there's something more to the Prankster, I feel like it could have maybe been teased earlier? Who knows, maybe I missed something.

The Bottom Line:

Yet another fun issue in this Chicago arc, which took some turns I really didn't expect. The issue did it's job of making me interested to read the finale of this arc, which is saying something since the next issue doesn't come out until October. But when that Wednesday in October comes, Nightwing is going to be near the top of my metaphorical pile (I read digitally) because I really want to see how Dick and Zucco work together, and what the bigger mystery behind Prankster is.


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