Wednesday, August 7, 2013

SPOILERS: Batwing #23

Batman and Batwing wage an all-out attack on the Marabunta, who've stationed themselves in Gotham, and abducted Lucius Fox. The pair splits up, and while Batman takes care of the the remaining Marabunta, Luke goes to rescue his father, who is surprised to see the suit he designed in action. Nevertheless, Luke gets his father to safety, as both he and Batman finish the job at hand.

The next morning, Luke finds police around his father's house, and find out that it had been looted after the Marabunta abducted Lucius. His family is none too pleased, being that David was asked to stay at the house but ignored them, and turn a cold shoulder to him as they begin to meet with the police.

Elsewhere in Dubai, Lady Vic is conducting a hit, while a man she refers to as Charlie hires her for a job after the failure of the Marabunta, and that's to send a message to Wayne Enterprises. Vic is also offered one million for every "Bat" she kills, two for Batman himself. As Vic leaves the scene of her hit, she's approached by a bunch of thugs in a back alley, swiftly deals with them, and agrees to the job.

Back in Gotham, Luke is on a date with his sorta-kinda-not-really girlfriend, Zena, who admits to him that she's met someone else. Luke isn't mad at her, just mad at himself, but defends himself when Zena implies he needs to grow up. But no time for girl problems, as a bomb is set off on Wayne Tower (you know, the one that just got blown up by Leviathan? Seriously, don't go there).

Vic tries to make her escape, but is confronted by Luke, who disappoints Vic in the fact he's not Batman. The two begin to fight, and it becomes clear that Luke is outmatched, especially when Vic exploits his reliance on technology, initiating a viral attack that shuts down many of his suit's systems. Next thing he knows, Luke is being kicked off a building, with Vic asking him if he can fly.


The Good:

As with all the previous issues under Palmiotti, Gray and Pansica, we get yet another issue of fun, entertaining action. I have to admit I was also pleased with the introduction of Lady Vic. When she was announced, I was pretty in different, but she's definitely portrayed as a total badass and formidable foe to Luke. The most he does is put a bug on her, and that's it. Yep, Vic kicked his ass good, and thus, was pretty fun to read.

The Bad:

Wasn't really a fan of the split between the Marabunta and Vic. The Marabunta just seemed like an after thought of sorts, as they were dealt with very quickly, but we don't really know what actually happens to them, as Batman and Batwing just leave. So, an underwhelming enemy, with an underwhelming conclusion, eh, wasn't too great.

Also, not a big deal, but the lack of continuity of Wayne Tower's current state between this and the final issue of Batman Incorporated bugged me a bit, but perhaps I should just assume this takes place way after.

The Bottom Line:

As stated above, this is another fun issue from the new Batwing team in both entertaining story, and great, consistent art. I only wish that perhaps the Marabunta story should have been wrapped up by the end of the last issue, and Lady Vic, the stronger element of this issue, had this one all to herself. At the end of the day, oh well, timing of when foes come and go aside, it was still another good issue, in a line of many for this creative team.



  1. I wonder of the "1 Million for every Bat" is basically saying any writer out there who wants to bring in Vic for a story following the current arc in Batwing, can use Vic, thanks to te set-up here, and that when she is used that there will be a reference to Batwing. Here's hoping she shows up in Nightwing, and then maybe Batgirl.