Wednesday, August 28, 2013

SPOILERS: Batman/Superman #3

With Trickster exposed, she attempts to escape from Wonder Woman, while Clark (of Earth 2) attends to Lois' wounds, while our Clark is still pretty damn confused. Wonder Woman manages to catch Trickster in her lasso, and thats where everyone first learns of Darkseid, who speaks of his soon to come arrival. Wonder Woman demands to know what Trickster is doing on their world, but she speaks of something else, telling them that the Batman of Earth 2 is hiding a great weapon, what looks to be a giant piece of kryptonite. Trickster manages to escape, followed by Clark of Earth 2 leaving to investigate, while Wonder Woman and our Clark follow behind.

Flash back to Earth 2 Clark and Bruce's childhood, and conveniently enough, a young Clark comes across a broken down luxury car, with both Alfred and Bruce inside. As Alfred attempts to fix the car, Clark asks Bruce if he wants to play baseball, but it turns out mini-Batman isn't that great at it, but he is good at martial arts, which he shows off to Clark. Jonathan Kent comes up to Alfred asking if he needs any help, but Alfred says he's fine, and the two men watch their boys play together, and ultimately the start of their friendship.

Both Superman and Wonder Woman find the crystal that Earth 2 Batman used on our Clark, and it turns out that it's not kryptonite after all, but a crystal that magnifies the radiation of a smaller piece of K, and now that Earth 2 Superman knows what to look for, he can use his vision to see that the NSA has a much larger crystal that they're guarding, so that's the next stop.

Back to the flashback, Bruce and Clark continue to play, and the Kents offer them dinner for the night. After they eat, Bruce and Clark go off again, while Alfred admits to Jonathan that he could have had the car fixed by now, but wanted to let Bruce be a normal kid for once, something Jonathan can sympathize with. Even back then, Bruce was very astute, and noticed that Clark was holding back his strength, and the two bond over the fact that they feel very different from everyone else.

As Clark, Clark and Diana head towards the giant crystal, Bruce and Bruce (god, this gets to be a pain in the ass to type out) intercept with a Kryptonite missile, which leads to Diana and our Clark turning on the Batplane. Our Batman and Superman start fighting, but Earth 2 Superman gets them to stop, telling them the grownups are talking. Turns out that while Bruce was told by Clark to prepare for the possibility of him losing control, Bruce didn't know about the big crystal, which could actually kill Superman, until recently, thus the missile to stop Clark from arriving to it.

Turns out that Trickster has been hitching a ride on Wonder Woman all along, and shows up, once again speaking of Darkseid's coming arrival, telling them that the weapon they aim to destroy is their only salvation. She transports the four to the weapon, and asks which of them will save their world and which of them will die.


The Good:

The contrast between the two duos of Batman and Superman is just so fun to read. The well established friends vs. the two who don't trust each other is honestly pretty funny, especially when we get the "Quiet, grown ups are talking" line. The flash backs also offered up a great comparison as to how the Batman/Superman relationship could have been different if they had met each other earlier in their lives. All in all, while a bitch and a half to type out, trying to keep each one distinct form one another, the multiple Bat and Supermen have been the most compelling part of this series, so far.

The Bad:

I'm a little confused as to what the crystal has to do with Darkseid? Hopefully it'll get explained next issue (but I'm willing to bet Earth 2 Bat/Sup will be all "You guys take it, we're good, you two are a mess").

The way Bruce stops Clark seems to be a little much too, with how good friends they are, you'd think maybe Bruce could just be like "Hey, stop for a second, let's talk" instead of getting to the "let's talk" stage after he files a missile, followed by Wonder Woman tearing him out of the sky.

While I enjoyed Cinar's art, and it worked well in being that it was confined to flashbacks, it's just such a jarring change, which isn't his fault, but going from Lee to him and back is just so noticeable. 

The Bottom Line:

While I feel a few things could be a bit clearer, especially given we only have one more issue for this arc, ultimately the relationship between the two Batman and Supermen is what makes this book. These two are part of the possibly biggest bromance in superhero books, so it's immensely interesting to see the different incarnations of their friendship matched up against one another. I also just enjoy the fact that these Earth 2 incarnations of Superman and Batman get more of an expanded back story, as they sort of came and went (died) when we first saw them. While this issue may have left me a bit confused as to the bigger picture (Darkseid) I'm sure we'll get a satisfying conclusion to this arc next issue.



  1. The reference/expanding upon of that old Superman/Batman story was definitely a highlight of the issue to me. So far I feel this book is far too much on the Superman side of things instead of striking a balance, though. As a Batman fan first and foremost that's my main issue with it so far.

    1. Well, it's technically falls under the Superman editors' jurisdiction, I believe. But the solicits for Brett Booth's arc make it seem like that'll be more Batman focused.

    2. Hopefully that'll be the case, though even those solicits mention Superman needing to save Batman. I just feel like both Pak and Johns could take some lessons from the nineties-00s Justice League comics and cartoons in making Batman a vital part of the superhero community even without powers.

    3. To be fair, we're talking about a character who has like 37 books he stars in.

    4. Definitely a good point, but no book besides Justice League International way back when covered him in this context, as a member of a team of Gods. That's all I mean. I agree that in general they've oversaturated the market with Batman, though, and they could stand to get rid of The Dark Knight at the very least, at this point.

  2. I have no idea what's going on but I loved those scenes of young Bruce and Clark. And Alfred and Johnathan Kent sharing a beer talking about raising their sons was great too. That flashback was wonderful storytelling.

  3. Could Trickster be Darkseid's daughter?

    1. If Darkseid was presumably coming to regular Earth and Earth 2 to look for his daughter, then no.