Wednesday, August 14, 2013

SPOILERS: Batgirl #23

James Gordon is still out for Batgirl, believing she murdered his son, and is interviewing anyone he can who has had connections to Batgirl in some way, and today's interview is with Charise Carnes, who some to believe is Knightfall, but it's never been proven. Gordon asks for security footage and what not, anything he can get on Batgirl, to which Carnes agrees to, saying she'll cooperate fully in order to get Batgirl behind bars. Though, once Gordon leaves, Carnes believes that Gordon may be working with Batgirl, and this is just an elaborate set up to finally nail her.

Elsewhere, Babs is shopping with Alysia, some guys start to cat call, then follow them. Alysia tries to ignore it, but it clearly bothers her, so eventually Babs snaps, grabs a plate, smashes it, and sticks the pointy end at their face, telling them to leave. This creates a scene, and Babs instantly regrets losing her cool, due to all the stress, and is taken home by Alysia.

Later that night, next on Gordon's list is Ricky, and as he rolls up on his apartment, Detective McKenna tries to talk to him again, asking if maybe it was possible Batgirl had to kill James Jr. to stop him? Gordon is all "Grumble grumble, I saw it happen, I know what's what, grumble grumble" and disregards McKenna in order to knock on Ricky's door. BAD TIME FOR RICKY THOUGH, as the random gang who he and Babs encountered a few issues back during a date (maybe it was last issue? I don't remember) has his brother and are threatening to kill him unless he comes down. So Ricky tells his mom to go to her sister's, and calls Babs to basically say goodbye, to her shock. Then, WHOOP WHOOP, THAT'S THE SOUND OF DA POLICE! There's a knock at Ricky's door, he heads out the fire escape, knocks McKenna out, and is on the run. Inside his apartment, Gordon finds a picture of Ricky and Babs, then continues to grumble.

Flash forward a bit, Ricky gets cornered by some cops outside the school his brother is being held, but Babs dressed in generic vigilante garb, comes to his aid, fights the cops, and allows him to head inside where a bunch of gangbangers are waiting for him. Knowing he'd be pretty screwed, Babs jumps into save Ricky again. Meanwhile, this is apparently a gang Knightfall has given "amnesty" to, and she gets word that the police are headed to their hideout, so her suspicions of Gordon strengthen and she declares he has to die.

Babs continues fighting, Ricky gets a gun to the guy who was threatening his family's head, and Babs can tell he's going to do it. Then all in a blink of an eye, Babs goes to try and stop Ricky, the police burst in, some gun shots are fired, and down goes Ricky.


The Good:

Despite some horse-faces (aka, they're pretty long at some points) I like the art. I also like how Gail Simone is tying this back to an earlier arc with Knightfall.

The Bad:

That ending was entirely predictable. I've said "Ricky is going to get shot" at least twice, hell, even on the post for this issue's preview, that's all I said. And you know what? I don't care. Same thing with Natalya from The Dark Knight. Random love interest that I don't have a whole lot of a connection to dying? Oh well. Also, this begs the question, if I did care about Ricky? Could I be mad that he basically got fridged? Introduced and (presumably) killed to further motivate the female protagonist? Is that okay? There was certainly nothing tongue in cheek about it. Just saying.

Gordon is just annoying me too. He's just being a headstrong dick, really. "I saw what happened" yeah, okay, if you did, you saw your son with a razor blade to your ex-wife's throat, and Batgirl stopped him. But nooooo, you... well... nooooo! It's unexplainable! I have to point out the quote form a few issues back where Bullock asks Gordon if he should interview his wife, and Gordon just says "No, she didn't see anything" WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT!? She was the god damn crux of that entire situation! And that annoying stubbornness has just carried the character in this series ever since.

I've also been over Babs' refusal to "wear the Bat" since page one. It's just ridiculous, especially given the fact she's more than willing to dress up in something else. In the end, I think it would be much more dramatic, given the situation, if Batgirl was at the scene where Ricky got shot.

The Bottom Line:

Well, I certainly had a lot to say in the "bad" section, but I didn't hate the issue. It's competently told, has pleasant enough art, and does some interesting things here and there. The problem is, I'm just not buying it. This all hinges on James Gordon Jr. being dead, but the dramatic irony is, he's not dead, he's over in Suicide Squad. So I find this issue (and plot line, in general) asking me to care about all the drama that has ensued because of this event that hasn't happened, a hard sell. Maybe I'm just being too smart for my own good, but I'm left either not caring or believing all the drama is forced and phony. I can understand how others may like this, but it's just not clicking with me in the way it's intended to.


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