Friday, August 30, 2013

Detective Comics #23.1 Preview

Real similar art to what Birds of Prey once had... because Pina did some issues, but nevertheless, makes me miss Jesus Saiz, Poison Ivy, and a few other things on that book. Oh well!

(Source: Newsarama)


  1. I miss Jesus Saiz and Poison Ivy too. Along with Starling and Kitana, these were all the best things the Birds of Prey book had to offer.
    I feel like Poison Ivy could carry a story all on her own though.
    She's the ONLY character who got better after the New 52 reboot.

    1. lol Aquaman LOOKED better at the start of the New 52 Justice League series. But he's still in Superman and Batman's shadow isn't he?

    2. No, Aquaman is more relevant than he has been in god knows how long. Way more popular than Poison Ivy.

    3. I don't think it's a popularity contest. The most unpopular character can speak profoundly to one reader out there, and that's why these characters matter so much.
      How is Aquaman more relevant now?

    4. How is that a question? He's not a complete joke anymore. People take him seriously. He's popular. If you really don't see what the New 52 did for him, you're friggen blind. Poison Ivy's benefit of the reboot is a fraction of Aquaman's.

    5. I'm asking because I'm not sure where you're coming from. I've known the New 52 Aquaman through the Justice League series. I haven't read the solo series so I'm asking you.
      He still seems like he's a secondary character compared to the rest of the league.
      Both Poison Ivy and Aquaman may have improved after the reboot as individual characters. But are they being used affectively in comics right now?

    6. Judging by the fact that Aquaman has his own very popular book,yes, he's being used way more effectively than Poison Ivy. Ivy had a stint in BoP, then a few issues of Tec, and that's it.

    7. I think Aquaman got his own series though through association with the Justice League whereas Poison Ivy has made the transition from villain to antihero.
      What you're saying is true, but it reflects how male characters are more likely to get their own solo books and to also get more attention than female characters.
      Male characters also tend to get better writers.

    8. What I'm saying is Aquaman went from being a complete joke, a walking punch line, to an A list hero. It's practically a scientific fact that he benefited most from the reboot. Ivy has always been a morally gray character. She's never been evil just to be evil, she's been doing things outside the law to benefit a good cause. That's nothing new. This has nothing to do with gender, you said Ivy was THE ONE AND ONLY who benefited from the New 52, and I corrected you.