Saturday, July 27, 2013

Stack Rundown, 07/27/2013

SPOILER ALERT! More Trinity War! But other stuff totally happened this week in comics too, I promise! Most importantly (to me, at least) Hack/Slash returned! ...sort of!

Justice League Dark #22

It's going to be weird not having a Justice League book for the next two weeks. Yeah, we'll have the tie-ins with Pandora and Phantom Stranger, but it's not the same… do have to admit DC timed this all out pretty well. Nine straight weeks of issues that have "Trinity War" on the cover. ANYWAYS! Things are getting a bit nuts, the different leagues have all mixed and taken sides with either Batman, Superman or Wonder Woman. It seems these first three issues were there to set that dynamic up, and these next three will feature each makeshift league going after whatever they think caused Superman to go all zap happy, and ultimately failing, The Outsider wins, the Crime Syndicate comes, and the Justice League gets locked out on Earth 3 or something. The Outsider reveals he has an insider on the League, and I'm going to just say it's probably Catwoman, given her position in Forever Evil.

Constantine #5

This was a Trinity War tie-in of sorts… but not really. It's billed as an "interlude" which is fitting, because not much happens that actually has to do with Trinity War. In JLD #22, Constantine convinces Billy to head some place with him, and that's what this issue was. I'm not sure what the point of Constantine taking Billy's powers temporarily was, unless he knew the Cold-Flame guy was there, which I'm not sure he did? Going back I guess he just wanted to get the power out of Billy's hands or something? That's noble? I don't know, if you're gonna put "Trinity War" (or any crossover) on the cover, I'd like it to be a little more attached than this one was.

Aquaman #22

It seems like hitting people with boats is the new cool thing to do… because Aquaman straight up hits a dude with a tanker, and it was quite the effective use of a double page spread. So, this issue sees Aquaman square off with The Dead King, and it seems like there's quite a bit of mystery behind king zombie, who would have thought?! Turns out that the Dead King isn't a blood relative to Aquaman, instead, Aquaman's ancestors ended up killing him, and taking over the throne. To say this guy has a grudge, is putting it lighting. It seems like the people in Xebel were his original followers, or something, so maybe he's Mera's ancestor instead? I'd bet on that. Cool issue, that's for sure. No idea what Scavenger is doing… if Atlantean law requires them to bow to just anyone who sits on the thrown, that's pretty fucking dumb, but hopefully that's not the case.

The Flash #22

Hmm… So the guy pretty much everyone, myself included, thought would be the new Reverse Flash totally isn't. I'm at a loss now, as there really isn't any previous character in the series who isn't accounted for, other than Barry's old friend who could duplicate himself, but those two powers don't fit. So… completely new character? If so, that's kind of lame, because why keep it a mystery when no one is going to go "OH IT WAS THAT GUY!" at the end? If it's just a new guy its… well, just a new guy, really. Hopefully I'm wrong… Iris's brother? I don't know, I'm just guessing at this point now that the obvious one is out of the picture.

Army of Darkness vs. Hack/Slash #1

I'll admit that I'm not a huge Army of Darkness fan. I can appreciate it for what it's worth, but it just never caught on with me. That said, I love me some Hack/Slash, and since the series ended, and this continues directly after it, hell yes I was going to pick this up. The concept of this crossover is super simple... Cassie and Ash team up to kill stuff. The end! And that's all you really need, because the results of the team up is pure, bloody fun. Towards the end of Image's Hack/Slash series, it was a lot of personal drama, which is fine, but I do love the dumb fun hacking and slashing that comes with the franchise, and this was right up that alley. It's bloody, violent, people get punched, limbs cut off, and plenty of wise cracking! So yeah, this was great, and I really hope Hack/Slash continues in some form after the mini series is over.

Witchblade #168

Man, a lot of stuff is happening in this final arc, almost too much. I'm pretty sure every threat of Seeley's run is coming together to go up against Sara here, and it's a bit overload. I really can't see how everything is going to be wrapped up in the final issue of this run next month, especially since this book is only 18 pages to begin with. That's what really just bothered me with this issue, there's too much going on for me to keep track of, and it's unfortunate because I've enjoyed Seeley's run on the title. Don't know if this was always how he'd planned it out to end, or if it sort of got fast tracked by Ron Marz's impending return, but we're getting this conclusion, so hopefully the next issue pulls it all together nicely.

Lazarus #2

I've said it before that with Image titles, since they're all new properties and I don't have the luxury of knowing about the universe like I do with a cooperate book, that it can take a while for me to get sold on the book… yeah, this issue sold me on the series. I'm a sucker for weird, fucked up drama… What kind of fucked up drama, you ask? Well, remember how in olden times, royal families were riddled with incest? Turns out that shit happens in dystopian futures too! a "brother" and "sister" of Forever are totally doing it, and I'm all "eeeewww, weird!" but that's the kind of weirdness that hooks me… it also helps that Forever is a total badass, and enjoyable to read. But outside of the weirdness, this issue definitely teases some greater mystery behind who Forever actually is, and I'm looking forward to finding out! Great book so far.

The Bounce #3

Slowly but surely the details surrounding Jasper and his powers are being unraveled. I have a feeling that after the first arc/trade or whatever, this book is going to take off, given it'd be done with the base introductions. I don't know, I don't have a lot to say on this issue, given how I said it's just taking its time to lay everything out. I'm enjoying it, it's entertaining enough and the mystery behind everything has piqued my interest, but I'm just waiting for that point where everything just clicks into place.

Uncanny Avengers #10

So, after last issue's reveal, the four horsemen of death start making their attack, and I have to be honest, I only know the deal/grudge for like one and half of these dudes. I read Remender's X-Force, so I know all about Daken getting killed, and yeah, getting drowned by your father in a shallow puddle is pretty shitty. Then I obviously know about Reaper getting killed by Rogue in the fifth issue of this book. So the rest of it, I'm just sort of going along with it. Since each horsemen waged a separate attack on any number of Unity Squad members, that pretty much took up the bulk of the issue, and from what I could tell, there wasn't a whole lot of greater plot advancement. Was it my favorite issue? Not really, but I'm sure the next one will be pretty good now that the horsemen have made themselves known.

Hawkeye Annual #1

Turns out what I thought the last issue of Hawkeye was going to be, turned out to be featured in this issue, and that is why Kate left (with Pizza Dog). She basically leaves New York because Clint is a depressing mess of a human being, so what else is new? This also picked up on a plot from earlier in the series between Kate and Madame Masque. I thought it was fun, but personally, I enjoy reading about Clint's crappy life a bit more, I don't know, maybe I'm just sadistic? It seems going forward that this title is going to be split in two, sort of. Some issues will be Kate and presumably Masque squaring off in LA, while the others will be Clint's life sucking in New York. Conceptually, it's pretty cool, I just hope it isn't too jumpy, and creates a lack of momentum between the Hawkeyes.

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  1. I guess Zatanna but you're probably right about Catwoman. I enjoyed it because it managed to explain its involvement through Shazam. Also, I think you dropped Superman too soon, this new issue is a high note.

    1. Going into another Lobdell crossover, the fact that there's no Kenneth Rocafort, and the presence of Superman Unchained, Batman/Superman and Pak/Kuder's upcoming Action run, I feel safe in dropping Lobdell's Superman, which I had a fair share of issues with, regardless of anything else.

    2. That's true, but if it was an issue of quality, because I actually didn't like last month's issue, this month's issue improved greatly.