Saturday, July 13, 2013

Stack Rundown, 07/13/2013

Holy crap! I got this done on Thursday afternoon. What am I going to do on Friday? I have no comics to read and nothing to write! Go outside, maybe? Ehhh...

Anyways, comics! Trinity War started this week, and I guess it's a big deal? Something like that... Yeah, spoilers on that one, just so you know.

Justice League #22

Trinity War finally kicked off, and did it with a bang. Full disclosure, I'm going to spoil the big notable event of the issue right here… So Superman killed Dr. Light. He was controlled, somehow, The Outsider and the Society have something to do with it, I don't know, but that's essentially what sparked it, meanwhile the Society is trying to blow Xanadu up. Remember when they brought back Dr. Light a few months ago? I was on Twitter saying how fucking dumb it would be to try and redeem that character, because continuity reset or not, we all read/watch him bend over Sue Dibny and rape her. You just can't flip a switch and make him a good guy. It's almost funny what happens to him in a morbid sort of way, because there's a scene with him looking at Firestorm and being like "I can't hurt kids!" the exact opposite of his previous incarnation... Then heat-vision, and he dead. His wife's name is Kim though… so, figure that one out for yourself. Anyways, I really enjoyed this start to Trinity War, because for awhile, the biggest problem I had with Justice League was that it didn't feel like it was building up to something the way say Green Lantern did under Johns' pen. Yeah, the pieces were there, but until we actually saw something happen, it just didn't feel that way… Well, everyone's punching each other and this leads into Forever Evil, which will probably have some Crime Syndicate ties and I'm loving it all. Good, high action, super heroy stuff!

Superman Unchained #2

Remember how last week I said that given this book, Batman/Superman, and the upcoming team on Action Comics, that I was beginning to feel that the actual book Superman was a tad redundant? Yeah, this issue just helped reinforce that thought. It's really good. Snyder is doing something a little different than he has in Batman, juggling multiple plot lines at once, which you have to figure will all eventually cross into each other at some point. But it's pretty fun, you've got Superman going up against Wraith, meanwhile Ascension, the tech terrorist group is doing their thing in the background, and Lois is pretty much starring in that plot line, and fucking Batman shows up, because why not? All in all, it's just a really fun Superman book to read. It's almost funny, the opening scene is pretty much the EXACT opposite of what a lot of people didn't like about the fights in Man of Steel, I know Snyder didn't see the movie early or something, but it definitely seems like he could have and just wrote that scene in response. One thing I thought was a little weird was the back up, again, it was only two pages, which I thought was normal last issue given that Lee did like 28 pages or something. Lee did 23 here (which is surprising) and it's still two pages from Nguyen… kind of wish there were more, but hey… more than 20 Lee pages isn't bad.

Suicide Squad #22

Of course Ales Kot announces he's leaving the book the same week my favorite issue from him comes out. I think this has been the only book from DC that has made me laugh every issue. What happens in these 20 pages… Harley Quinn literally hits someone with a monkey, there's some great awkward silences between Harley and Deadshot, and King Shark introduces himself as Trixie, who likes to party, and his caption reiterates the point. Seriously, Kot has made this book fucking hilarious. But of course, he's friggen gone after the next issue. Yes, I've read everything that has been said on the issue, and I don't believe certain aspects of it, but quite honestly, I don't want to continue talking about the revolving door at DC. All I'm going to say is Ales Kot leaving this book sucks, and Matt Kindt better bring the wit, humor and fun when he jumps on board.

Demon Knights #22

It's always weird when a book is ending, for me this sense of apathy sort of takes over, and even if I enjoy the title, it's just sort of "whatever" for me. The Demon Knights got the grail, Vandal Savage is pissed, and Horsewoman got the use of her legs back from the grail… Then it ends next issue, and that'll be that. Will anything be done with the characters outside of Etrigan, Vandal Savage and Xanadu? Probably not! So it's just sort of hard to be that invested with that in mind. I don't know.

Chew #35

I read this issue directly after Justice League #22 just because I wanted some personal juxtapositional dumbness, and you can't get anymore opposite than those two books. So, surprise everyone, I love this god damn book. It's so funny and weird, and has had this great building story through out every single issue. It's just a joy every month this comes out to read through a page, then before going to the next one, reading all the dumb little notes and labels Rob Guillory puts in every page. For instance, just empty bottle of alcohol that says "sad juice :(" or blue prints to a giant pumpkin house that just says "1 giant pumpkin: wtf?" God this book is great. Get all the trades, the next one should come out soon as this was the conclusion of an arc, and then start reading this monthly, you will not regret it.

The Darkness #114

I have no idea what's going on with the Darkness franchise at the moment. The series is ending in two issues, and Jackie Estacado is supposed to die in a mini series called Darkness Falls, and Sara Pezzini is supposed to have a part in that, which apparently is followed up on by Ron Marz coming back to Witchblade… Yet no one has said ANYTHING about that Darkness Falls mini since it has been announced, and Marz's first issue back on Witchblade was solicited this week. No idea what's going on. As for the actual issue itself, the series definitely seems intent on ending itself with neither Jackie nor his evil Darkness clone being in charge of the Darkness anymore. So yeah… I don't really quite know what's going on over at Top Cow with this, so I guess I'll have to wait and see.

Hawkeye #12

There was no way this issue was ever going to live up to #11… You can't top Pizza Dog, and I'm generally worried the series has peaked because of that issue. That said, this issue wasn't exactly what I was expecting, but at least Francesco Francavilla drew it! What I thought we were going to get was some story fill in of what happened during last issue with the funeral, and whatever made Kate leave New York, but instead, we get some completely different fill in from last issue, and find out the hobo the Tracksuit Mafia was beating up was actually Clint's brother, and then we get some of their back story, and I guess he's hanging out with Clint now? Meanwhile I'm left wondering what's up with the Clown guy, why'd Kate leave, and all sorts of other stuff. It was a good issue, just not what I expected.

Uncanny X-Men #8

This was an okay issue, not the most exciting. Fabio, aka "Goldballs" wanted to go home, so he did, Cyclops and Magneto had a tense talk, and then they recruited that new mutant seen two issues ago who apparently controls cars? …I hope it's something more than controlling cars, like just machinery in general, because if it's just cars, then man that's useless. Dazzler made a move, so I guess we should expect stuff from her in the next few issues? Yeah, I mean… other than that, not much to say about this particular issue.


  1. Since this is a Batman website, I feel I can air this grievance here: it annoys the bajeezus out of me that Batman never does anything in Johns' Justice League. At best he acts the most professional, but beyond that he contributes almost nothing. And "He's only human!" isn't really an excuse when Johns is fine having other human characters do crazy crap and contribute a lot. He's okay with calling Catwoman "unstoppable" and making her the focal point of JLA, but Batman barely does anything at all in JL. I hope that'll change, but I doubt it will since it's been two years now and Batman's still barely justified(no pun intended) his presence among the "World's Greatest Superheroes".

    1. I agree with you to an extent, but I have to point out he went to Apokolips solo, and rescued Superman in the first arc.

    2. Well yeah, but even in that instance he didn't do much. Cyborg was the one who actually brought them back to Earth and it was also either Cyborg or some random malfunction that warded off Desaad and the other New God who were there. I'm not saying Batman should be awesome at the expense of the rest of the heroes, but I think the best Justice League stuff(Morrison/Waid/Kelly's run, Len Wein and Steve Englehart's old stuff, the Bruce Timm cartoons) let Batman get some moments in the sun among the other stuff.