Wednesday, July 24, 2013

SPOILERS: Talon #10

The young Sarah Washington is being brain washed by the Court of Owls, having already spilled a few secrets she had been told, all while her mother watches. Felix Harmon taunts Casey as she watches her daughter's indoctrination, and promises that whatever the outcome of Calvin Rose's suicide mission, he'll enjoy killing her when it's done.

On Santa Prisca, while Bane readies his forces to invade Gotham, despite a Talon being sent for him and Sebastian, Calvin is having a rough time with one of the Venom freaks, Wolf-Spider, who essentially just beats the shit out of him. Calvin being a true Talon now, gets right back up after the beating, ready for more.

Back in Gotham, Harmon checks in on Casey who has already made her escape, into the library above. He alerts his masters to this and they send some more discrete looking Talons after her. Meanwhile, on Santa Prisca, Calvin's fight is interrupted by a group of men who surround him with some heavy looking firepower, but they're quickly taken care of Anya and the remaining allies from Casey's former hide out. They let Calvin know Casey is all right, but they still need to rescue her daughter.

Inside the library, two Talons dressed as security guards approach Casey. Across the hall, Casey spots a real police officer speaking with a woman at the desk. Thinking quickly, Casey grabs one of the Talons' gun, and fires it into the air, gaining the attention of the real police officer. The two Talons try to tell the cop they have it under control, but the cop calls them rent-a-cops and arrests Casey himself, taking her away.

Casey uses the transmitter in her tooth to relay her freedom (of sorts) to Anya and the others, but they've got their own problems, as Bane and his lieutenants show up to break up the party.


The Good: 

As always, real solid character work and Casey sort of steals the show again. There's a scene where Joey tells Calvin to just accept Casey is smarter than him, and it's true. The bit with the cop and the gun was really clever, and that's Casey demonstrating how smart she is.

The Bad:

Some fill in art was present, and as someone who prefers consistency, I just have to make note of it. Although, it was Szymon Kudranski, who I like, so there's that. If Sepulveda is leaving to do whatever at Valiant, I wouldn't mind Kudranski stepping in until whoever is drawing issue #12 takes over (I forgot).

Also, this book just hasn't reached the level of crazy that the finale of the first arc did. Flipping everything upside down, killing Calvin, and having the Court take control of him was nuts, but the recent issues, including this one, haven't reached that level again. 

The Bottom Line: 

Despite the cover, Bane is a tad bit under utilized in this issue, and that's a bummer... But despite the lack of solid Bane action, this issue continues to deliver on fun action and well defined characters, one of whom is probably the strongest characterized woman of color in the DCU at the moment, though entirely taken for granted. 


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