Wednesday, July 24, 2013

SPOILERS: Red Hood and the Outlaws #22

The Outlaws are broken up. Roy readies his arsenal for an attack on the League of Assassins with the help of the Untitled, Jason is trying to figure out why Bronze Tiger wants him to lead the League, and Kori is busy laying the smack down to Essence until she spills on whats really going on. When Essence learns of the Untitled helping Roy, she finally decides to tell Kori the truth.

Before we find out what's going on here, let's take a walk through the League's ancient city shall we. This serves as an introduction of sorts to all of the League members we have seen recently. December Greystone who is a blood mage, Rictus who is sort of techno-magic, Cheshire who is still pretty interested in seeing Roy again, and Shiva, who is ruthless.

Back to Kori! Essence tells Kori that many centuries ago, Ra's al Ghul talked his way into being trailed by the All-Caste and Ducra, eventually leading to a pact of sorts between the League and All-Caste, which meant the League had a pact with the Untitled through the All-Caste. The connection between all of this is that the lazarus pits are sort of off shoots of the well of sins, which gave the Untitled their power. Ra's built his city over the well of sins, as sort of a middle ground between the All-Caste and Untitled, but now that the Untitled have broken the pact, they're all too eager to get back to the well, and pretty much doom the world.

Back in the League's city, Jason is still trying to be convinced to work with the League who is all "The Untitled is bad!" and won't exactly tell him why Talia believed him to be their savior of sorts in this battle... which is starting right now, because Roy shows up with enough weaponry strapped to his back, that even 90s Rob Liefeld would look twice at.


The Good:

I have to say, Ray McCarthy's inks over Julius Gopez's pencils make everything look much better. Lines are well defined, and overall, everything looks a lot cleaner. Hopefully, McCarthy sticks around and inks full issues from here on out.

I also really enjoyed the connection between the League, All Caste and Untitled, the latter two of which were left completely ambiguous after that initial arc, so a lot had to be filled in, and Tynion did it pretty satisfyingly.

Kori doesn't have foreheadbrows anymore!

The Bad:

Like I said, I really hope McCarthy inks full issues in the future, because Gopez's solo pages just look scratchy and messy in comparison.

This issue also was a lot of talk, little action. I appreciate the developments it made with the League, but it wasn't the most exciting issue when all was said and done.

The Bottom Line:

This issue makes some clever ties between old DC lore and new, along with establishing a baseline of this New 52 league of assassins. While the connections made are all well and good, in doing so, the issue lacks any serious action or excitement that would propel it above being an okay issue.



  1. I enjoyed the back story quite much... It could have used more action, but for the first time since this new arc started I'm actually interested in what's going to happen next.

  2. I liked that his Shiva was Shiva, and that he left all the particular assassins who Batman, Incorporated captured to rot in jail while a sort of skeleton crew of the baddest ass assassins gets stuck with this mystic dilemma. It was a fairly elegant use of characters.

  3. I think Tynion has done a stunning job making the story Lobdell left in the dust more than interesting. Very satsified and excited for what's in store. Essence and Starfire vs, Jason and The League vs. Roy and the Untiltled. Haha.

  4. I wonder if this'll ever explain how Jason being groomed to lead the League of Assassins factors into Talia and Ra's wanting Bruce and Damian to lead for years.

  5. I appreciate this slower issue after so much action