Wednesday, July 10, 2013

SPOILERS: Nightwing #22

While Dick's new roommate Michael, is being contracted by someone int he police department to edit together some footage of Nightwing and the Prankster working together, Dick is visiting Chicago's Mayor in his office as Nightwing (doing a pretty good Spider-Man). Dick's meeting subject: The longer the Mayor keeps hiding Tony Zucco (or Billy Lester), the longer Nightwing stays in Chicago, and the more he starts to look into the Mayor's life. Before Dick leaves, he manages to place a bug in the Mayor's office, believing he'll eventually reach out to Zucco at some point.

During the day, many people are up to many different things. Dick meets with Joey, who knows a thing or two about tech, and asks her if she has any ideas on how to prevent his suit (or "phone") getting hacked. Michael is getting praise from his bosses at the paper on his miraculous footage of Nightwing and Prankster, and is asked if he can get more. Prankster is gathering up a bunch of lowlifes for... something. Tony Zucco, meanwhile, is on vacation with his family when he sees the footage of Nightwing and Prankster, which causes him to call the Mayor.

Dick has been listening in on the bug he left in the Mayor's office for hours when Zucco finally makes his call. Unfortunately, Prankster makes his move at the same time, hacking all the screens in Chicago, revealing that not only has the Mayor been harboring a murderer like Tony Zucco but has also stollen many millions of dollars (how many millions? 52! Har!) from the people of Chicago... So what's the Prankster going to do about it? Wreak absolute havoc on the city, with bombs, thugs, etc, until the Mayor pays back what he's stolen.

Dick instantly feels responsible for this, having not paid more attention to the Prankster, and handing the criminal over to the police himself... the train full of dead people doesn't help either. So with Chicago starting to fall victim to the Prankster, Dick tries to interrogate one of his thugs to find out where he is, but no one knows... All we do know is that he's in a room with a bunch of hostage cops, tied up, with strings leading from them to triggers of a bunch of guns pointed at them. Not a great spot for all involved.


The Good: 

This issue really ramped up the Prankster's game, making him an actual credible threat, rather than a guy who just singles out dirty cops or politicians. He's basically like Jigsaw from Saw on a massive level, and I'm sure there's an older, more original reference, but that's the first that came to mind. 

Higgins also continues to really nail Dick's character voice in these Chicago issues. Dick is humorous, a bit dry witted, sarcastic, and just generally enjoyable to read. Perhaps its the lack of everything around him dying, but Dick has been noticeably more enjoyable to read during this arc.

Will Conrad stepped in as the new series artist and did quite a good job. I wouldn't say he matched the fluidity of Brett Booth's issues, but that's something Booth excels rather well with. Overall, I'm happy to have Will Conrad on board, and Andrew Dalhouse's colors helped a lot to create a visual continuity between this issue and the last three.

The Bad:

Some things that have been teased and mentioned through out these Chicago issues just don't seem to be amounting to much. Yet again, the subject of what happened to the "Masks" in Chicago is brought up, but that's where it ends. We got a bit of history about that last issue, but nothing here. You'd like to hope that mystery means something to the story, but with it hardly being expanded upon, you have to wonder. Who knows, maybe it has something to do with after this Prankster stuff? ...but given current rumors, Dick might have his hands full.

The Bottom Line:

This Chicago arc continues to be a lot of fun, and we just reached the tipping point, where all hell is sure to break loose in the coming issues. This issue continued to give us a fun and entertaining Dick Grayson to read, but also reminded him that there's always going to be consequences to his actions, mainly those he took against the Prankster. The only thing I was left wanting more of is some insight to the backstory that has been teased these past few issues, but when the A plot is as fun as it currently is, I'm willing to let that one slide a bit.


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  1. This issue totally sold me on the Chicago setting, I would be happy with Dick just staying there and not returning to Gotham, besides crossovers and stuff like that