Wednesday, July 17, 2013

SPOILERS: Birds of Prey #22

The Birds are still trying to find Strix, who they believe to still be fighting Calvin Rose, and eventually track her back to the Court of Owls' lab, perfectly fine. Black Canary decides to blow the place up so the Court can't come back, but when she and the rest of the Birds try to figure out where to go regroup, she says they can't use her old dojo or any of the money she has because Starling knows about it, so now Black Canary is homeless and broke... Completely self-imposed...

So Condor, everyone's new favorite character, suggests they hide out at his workshop, and the woman who just decided to be homeless and broke says it's too much to ask... okay, but whatever, they hang out there anyways. Meanwhile, Barbara gets a call, which is going to lead to the James Jr. situation... never mind the fact that we saw this scene happen in her own book, where she was by herself and not involved with the Birds at the time in anyway. So Batgirl bails.

Somewhere else in the world, Regulus, the leader of Basilisk is all "I'm evil! Lets get Black Canary, I want to break her!" and sends out his new team of dumb looking agents.

Back in Gotham, days later Batgirl still hasn't shown up, so naturally Canary and Condor get melodramatic and make out a bit again, followed by a clich├ęd "I need time!" So Condor goes to settle some financial matters, and has a passing interaction with that old woman Canary talked to a few issues back.

Batgirl shows up, finally, and confides in Canary, meanwhile one of Regulus' agents attacks Condor, who used to be on their team, while the other three attack his base. Condor show up ,they fight, and the Hot Topic looking girl knocks them all out.


The Good: 


The Bad: 

Pretty much everything. This just isn't a good book, by any means. There's nothing enjoyable about the plot or characters, and the current story hinges on some of the worst of those two aspects. I feel like a broken record in pointing out I was never given a reason to give a shit about Condor. He showed up one day, and kept showing up with no reason to continue, but you know, whatever, why not? Same thing with Basilisk. I'm pretty sure I've read every issue they've been featured in, and I still don't know what the hell their deal is. Do they hate metahumans? Do they want to be the best metahumans? I don't know! I don't care! Because while whoever is writing them would like me to believe they're a credible threat, they've never done anything to prove it, and there's plenty of other evil societies in the DCU that've done far more, in far less time. With all that said, this issue is all about those two! No wonder I hate it!

The Bottom Line:

This book is a pale comparison of what it once was. It keeps trying to hammer home plot points and characters that are impossible to care about, and comes out an awful mess of a boring, lifeless book. The worst part has to be the fact that the most interesting elements of this book have been stripped from it. No more Poison Ivy, no more Katana, no more Starling... Just a dull Black Canary, a little-more-than-a-background-character Batgirl, a mute Cassandra Cain knock off and a character no one cares about. I'm not going to lie and say this book wasn't struggling a bit before Marx took over, but I've given her a fair shot, and have to say it's been downhill from the word "go." This issue was the final straw for me, and unless there's a big change for this title, this will be the final issue I review of it.



  1. I don't think Strix the character is technically a bad idea, but I think she would be better in Talon where she and Calvin Rose can team up together. Hey, Tynion could be the right writer to save that character.

    1. Sure, that'd work better. It would make sense. She's just here now because an editor probably said so.

  2. Let's look at the facts:
    The Huntress mini-series focused on Helena Bertinelli, and it was supposed to tie into the Birds of Prey book. DC changed their mind.
    Batgirl was brought into the series as a guest star (she didn't even want to be on the team at first) but DC didn't have faith in the original four characters, so they made her a regular character.
    She has been guest starring in every issue and they can't do anything with her character because Gail Simone and the solo Batgirl series can only do that apparently.
    Jim Zub had a great plan to keep the series fresh and exciting, but then he got fired and was replaced by Christy Marx, whose other book at DC was already cancelled because it couldn't bring in many readers.
    The artwork is good, but too animated for this specific series, the art should be more edgy like in the first few issues.
    Three of the original four are gone. The original wrtier and artist are gone.
    I don't care about Strix at all, and I agree she should be staring in Talon and maybe guest-starring in Batgirl.
    Condor was the best part of this issue, which says something about the whole series.
    DC knows exactly how to fix this series, but they simply don't care for it. They purposely took out amazing characters and brough in ones that nobody cares about. They brought on a weak writer who can't write strong female characters.
    DC has actively and intentionally made this series into what it has unfortunetly become today.