Wednesday, July 24, 2013

SPOILERS: Batman/Superman #2

Last issue we saw where Superman of our Earth landed, and this time we see Batman land, in what he thinks is his usual Batcave. When Bruce calls for Alfred, he's met by Catwoman, but this one is different, and the wedding photo between him and Selina starts to prove something weird is going on.

Back to Clark and Earth 2 Batman, Clark is shocked to see his parents alive, who are quite honestly scared of him. Clark begins to think it's a trick, and demands answers from Batman, but before Batman can say anything, he's teleported away with a boom tube and Earth 2's Superman shows up.

Earth 2 Batman seems to have figured out that someone is playing with them like chess pieces, and moving pieces from different worlds. When he see's our Bruce's flying device outside the cave, he can only hope that his counter part isn't as rash as the Superman he just met... nope. He enters the cave to find Bruce standing in front of a tied up Catwoman... you know, Earth 2 Batman's wife. The two begin to fight, as Selina easily frees herself, telling her husband she had the situation under control. The two Batmen are evenly matched, and in a pause, Earth 2 Bats asks his counter part what the story they asked their father to read every night was. When regular Bruce gives the correct answer, both let their guard down, and try to figure out whats going on.

Back in Smallville, regular Clark is pretty much no match for his Earth 2 counterpart. Martha ends up getting both of them to stop fighting, as she approaches her son's counterpart, saying she does recognize him. Earth 2 Clark tells her that he was never that angry, but Martha knows why, and asks our Clark if he grew up without Jonathan and herself. Clark can barely answer and immediately hugs his Earth 2 mother.

Both sets of duplicates then attend to their wounds and patch themselves up, later departing from their respective homes. While both pairs are traveling through Earth 2, the regular Earth counter parts can't help but take notice how much better everything looks on this Earth, and it does, especially in Gotham, who had cryo-prisons approved, so all the nutcases are basically on ice.

In Metropolis, both Supermen find Lois Lane waiting for them on top of a skyscraper. Lois cites the fact that her husband can't really keep secrets, the "husband" part sort of supring regular Earth Clark. But before the three of them can talk too much, Wonder Woman shows up on a pegasus, and jams a spear right into Lois, pinning her to the ground. Turns out Trickster was possessing Lois, uh oh!


The Good:

It's just cool to see all these duplicates working together, especially seeing other characters outside of Batman and Superman like Selina and the Kents. This issue just makes things that much more crazier, and starting this book off with "crazy" was a pretty smart idea, because it's paying off greatly so far. 

Jae Lee's art is also incredible. Simplistic, yet highly detailed, all while creating a very distinct mood and tone, all his own.

The Bad:

Did Earth 2 Wonder Woman just kill Lois? Uuuuh??

Aside from that WTF moment, I thought some of the scenes were a little sparse. I think the scene between Clark and Clark meeting could have been a bit longer, and dialogue was a bit think in some spots, but that very well could have been for Lee to just portray things visually.

This issue also proves DC doesn't care about their old practice at offering 20 page books for $2.99 anymore. I was hoping this would have a few extra pages like the $3.99 Trinity War issues, but nope. Just 20... Unless you count black and white versions of the variant for this issue and the next (what are they going to do, print the same b/w variant for #3 too?) which doesn't justify an extra dollar. This isn't at fault of the issue, I just felt like I should make note of that. DC obviously wants more of the dollar share.

The Bottom Line:

This issue continues the really fun and interesting start the first issue set the bar with. Getting glimpses of characters from pre Earth 2 (the book) Earth 2 was a welcome surprise, as it offered up that much more to enjoy outside the core characters of Batman and Superman. The only thing I was left wanting, was a little more information on who the Trickster is, and why she's playing her game. Perhaps I'm just impatient, but I'd just like the blanks to have at least started to be filled in. Besides that point, this issue was a very good follow up to the fantastic first issue.


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  1. Wonderful, wonderful comic. That panel when Martha went up to Earth 1 Clark and he hugged her was fantastic. I don't normally read Superman, but I like Greg Pak's take on Superman a lot (both of them). I took a look at Pak's bibliography but I didn't see anything else from DC on there. Hope he writes some more DC besides Batman/Superman in the near future!