Wednesday, July 31, 2013

SPOILERS: Batman, Incorporated #13

Picking up where the first issue started, James Gordon arrests Bruce Wayne in the front of two graves on his property. Having known Bruce for so long, Gordon takes it upon himself to conduct the interview, as he sits down with Bruce, who looks like he's been through complete hell. Gordon asks Bruce to level with him… what the hell happened?

After some of his usual playboy lies, Bruce eventually opens up to Gordon, telling him this was all due to himself, a femme fatale and their doomed relationship. Flashing back to the final confrontation, Talia walks into the Batcave, dressed up, mocking the standard tropes pageantry found Batman's rogues. After exchanging some verbal jabs, Talia dares Bruce to prove to her there's still a man under the mask, and kiss her… which turns out to be a failed attempt to poison Bruce, given he saw that coming. So Talia eventually cuts to the chase, she's given Leviathan orders, if she fails to return, they are to give up their strangle hold on Gotham, so with that, it's a battle to the death between her and her detective.

The two enter a dual to the death, as Bruce continues to recount the events to Gordon… sort of (he leaves out some specfic details and keeps things very vague). Bruce and Talia's sword fight eventually leads to their swords shattering, sending shrapnel through the air, cutting both of them. Talia reveals to Bruce that she coated the blade with a new type of poison, he has no antidote for, and it doesn't take long for him to fall victim to it. Talia tells Bruce to beg her for the antidote, and wonders if anyone will save him.

Just then, Jason appears, begging Talia not to kill Bruce. Seems Jason has been working with Talia the whole time, and gives her the Uroboros trigger in exchange for Bruce getting the antidote, much to Bruce's shock. Talia goes to hit the trigger, which will blow up seven cities across the globe, creating a new source of global energy, which Leviathan will control from the ashes… buuuuut turns out that the Batman Inc agents disabled the bomb five minutes ago, and Jason double crossed Talia. With Bruce regaining his strength, and pointing out Wayne Enterprises created a more stable form of the energy Leviathan had planned to create (I guess it's from that Diamond he and Catwoman stole before the New 52). Jason also tells Talia that he does owe her, and he's making good on that by telling her to run before the "bad people" show up.

Defeated, Talia continues to mock Bruce and his cause, telling him he should have killer her while he had the chance. Those last few words come as she sets eyes on another woman who enters the Batcave, Kathy Kane… who greets Talia with a bullet straight to the head, reminding the leader of Leviathan that Batman doesn't kill. Bruce can hardly believe it, as Kathy tells him not to. She's been behind Spyral, the finishing school, and has been after Talia for years, thanking Bruce for leading her into a trap. Before she goes, Kathy tells Bruce to do what he does best, and not find her, she doesn't exist.

Back in the interrogation room, a police officer gives Gordon a note, and apparently the charges of Bruce about endangering Gotham have been dropped, and a mystery woman has provided bail, he's free to go. Before Bruce leaves, Gordon asks where Batman is, to which Bruce says he's dead. Gordon tells Bruce that despite everything, Gotham hasn't been in this bad of shape since Zero Year (eh? EH?) and could really use Batman… If Batman really is still around, Gordon reminds Bruce that he'll always have an ally, flashing his Bat symbol button.

Alfred meets Bruce outside of the station, telling him that there is something he needs to see immediately. Alfred shows Bruce the graves of both Damian and Talia, and it seems while he was locked up, someone came and removed both the bodies, leaving nothing but empty holes in the ground.

In Grant Morrison's farewell to Batman, he takes the time remind us that no matter what, Batman will never die.

…but wait, there's more.

With the League of Assassins in shambles, and his daughter dead, Ra's takes control of the League once more. The Lazarus pits have dried up, but Ra's sees the continued harvest of Lord Death Man's lazarus infused blood, and oversees another science project that he will use to take his revenge on the Detective… a room full of clones incubating, Ra's personal army of the Sons of Batman.


The Good:

I was really worried how Morrison would end his entire series with just one normal sized issue (well, okay, there were four extra pages) and I have to say, I don't know why I doubted Morrison, he, along with Chris Burnham, delivered a fitting farewell to the caped crusader. Morrison brought his whole story full circle, with a couple of shocking and insane developments. What I also loved was the fact that we also got to see some of the more intellectual points about Batman woven through out this issue that Morrison has brought up in interviews and other writings like his book. It is honestly hard for me to articulate how much I loved this issue, it means so much to me as a fan. Simply, it was just fantastic from page one the final panel.

The Bad:

Haha. No.

Okay, well, I will say I've never been clear on the whole new form of energy thing, but whatever.

The Bottom Line:

I mean, what is there to say? Morrison has made his mark on the Batman franchise, and as he promised, returned the toys to the toy box where he found them. It has been a hell of a seven year run, and as far as I'm concerned, Morrison delivered until the end. There will never be another Batman story like this one, which is both a blessing and a curse. Nothing will ever get near this level of quality again, but this story will always stand alone, as it should. I'm going to miss it greatly, but Grant Morrison's Batman certainly went out with a bang.



  1. I haven't the issue, but that was one hell of a cliffhanger you described. I guess your prediction of Talia's death seem to have come true, and it came about it a very surprising way. I always knew Jason will save the day.

  2. That was pretty awesome... On the one hand, I'm excited to see what Snyder and the rest of the Batman team do with all the aftermath, but on the other, I just know deep in my heart it won't be as epic as this whole run has been... It's amazing when you put it in perspective, how all pieces fall into place. Now it's time to start reading this whole thing from the start!

  3. Yeah, I wasn't clear on why the energy thing was relevant, either. But I think the whole point to having Bats be essentially useless for this whole isue is that the IDEA of Batman beat Talia. That's been a big theme throughout Morrison's run, what with Dick becoming Batman, then Batman Inc. being created.