Wednesday, July 3, 2013

SPOILERS: Batman, Incorporated #12

Pissed off Batman, injected with Man-Bat serum, wearing the Suit of Sorrows as well as an exoskeleton, and swarmed by Bats who have a Man-Bat reversing antidote for all of Talia's ninjas, COMING IN HOT. When I say pissed, I mean piiiiiissed, as Bruce and The Heretic start beating the absolute shit out of each other. While the fight rages on, Talia prepares her helicopter, and tells her men that her Leviathan deserves a chance to prove himself.

So yeah, that fight continues down the streets, into a school bus filled with Leviathan brainwashed kids. Elsewhere, Dick and Tim come across where Jason is being hidden, and he walks out escorted by Dark Ranger, Knight (Squire) and many skull masked girls, completely fine. The Hood explains that Bruce Wayne was pretty dumb to think that the international intelligence community would just let him build his own private army without being monitored, and the leader of Spyral (who has voice recognized by Dick... because it's Kathy Kane) explains that Batman Incorporated is needed immediately to dismantle the Oroboro bomb.

A short time later, Dick and Beryl show up to Bruce's fight with the Heretic, with the monster on the ropes. They deliver a decisive blow to the head, cracking his helmet, revealing The Heretic's true face... that of a young Damian, on the body of a full grown man, which utterly disgusts Bruce. Beryl tries to just straight up kill the Heretic for what he did to Knight, but Dick holds her back, and Bruce tells them it's over. Lightning strikes, causing a giant W from the tower above to fall, allowing the Heretic to slip back to Talia during the commotion.

Having failed Talia, the Heretic is reminded that she has countless clones of him ready to go, who will learn from his mistakes. This point is made clear by a swift decapitation of the Heretic on Talia's part. On the ground level, Dick tries to tell Bruce about the bigger picture, but he already seems to know, telling him that "She needs Batman, Incorporated. I'll do the rest." As Talia boards her helicopter and get's clear of the Wayne Tower, she hits a switch, and the entire thing goes BOOM.

Talia's next stop is Wayne Manor, where she finds the entrance to the Batcave open for her, with Bruce waiting inside. With two swords in hand, she tells her beloved that it will be to the death.


The Good:

First off, 20 pages of Chris Burnham, and only Chris Burnham, which means the book is immediately better for it. You know what Burnham does well? Brutal fights. Officer Downe, Batman and Robin vol. 1 #16, and this issue, all great examples of that fact. With the story, I was a bit concerned with how you wrap this entire run up in two issues, but Morrison managed to set it up quite nicely for the finale in an action heavy issue. Heretic is dealt with, the Spyral stuff is teased, and the match between Talia and Bruce is ready to go. God damn I can't wait for the final issue.

The Bad:

The Heretic's fate, man... I don't feel bad for the guy, but that was just creepy, tragic, and weird all in the same page.

Also thought the transition from a skyscraper blowing up to Talia at Wayne Manor was a little abrupt.

The Bottom Line:

With issue ten, I believe I said something along the lines of I was ready for the shit to hit the fan, for things to explode, or whatever figure of speech I chose at the time... this issue delivered on that. This was just an action packed, crazy issue, with superb art. There's not much left to say, after six years or so, we're on the verge of the end, and I'm on the edge of my seat, waiting, and ready for it.



  1. The Heretic's head creeped me out too. There's even a post on Bleeding Cool about how the book was too violent to be rated "T" by DC.

    So with the Heretic's body being blown up in Wayne Tower, is there any doubt that Talia ends up in the other grave we saw way back in Issue 1? You called it a while ago but I was hoping she would make it out alive. I enjoy seeing her as a James Bond supervillain.

    And countless clones of Damian ready to go?! Great! That makes it pretty easy for DC to bring back a character they never should have let GM kill in the first place.

  2. Hard to imagine at this point that Talia's story can go anywhere other than the grave. She's had a great arc under Morrison but she's reached its endpoint, I think.

    Batwoman Incorporated, anyone? I'd buy the heck out of that book.