Wednesday, July 17, 2013

SPOILERS: Batman and Catwoman #22

It's 2AM, and Catwoman is doing her thing (all while being coherent to the point I don't dry heave while reading her) stealing some stuff, but is interrupted by Steve Trevor who has a JLA related mission for her.

The next morning, Bruce finds out the hard way that Carrie has been working at the manor, taking care of Titus, for the last two weeks. She brings up the fact that Damian has yet to contact her, like Bruce said he would, and ultimately makes a deal with Bruce. He tells Damian to call her, she gives him a thumb drive with recordings of her sessions with Damian, where he says why he began to take lessons with her. Bruce agrees, and Carrie goes on her way.

With Carrie gone, Bruce delivers a movie of Titus carrie made to Damian's grave, then later splices together an audio file to send to Carrie's phone. Later, Bruce is alone in the cave listening to the audio from his and Damian's first mission of the series, when a camera over gotham spots a make-shift Catsignal, lit up over a bridge.

Bruce finds Selina waiting for him, and ultimately tells her to get to the point quick or he's gone, obviously in no mood for games. Selina reveals to him that she's part of the JLA, and has been given a mission to retrieve a spy who is being tortured from the Chinese embassy. Knowing that this could be considered an act of war, Bruce agrees to help Selina, with the intentions of it not turning out that way.

Bruce and Selina infiltrate the embassy, and it turns out Selina wasn't exactly honest. Instead of a spy, her target to rescue is a five-year-old girl, whose father was a biological weapon designer who had defected from China. The metahuman looking creeps their about to fight are some of the projects the girl's father was forced to complete before his defection, and the Chinese government is holding his daughter to blackmail him into making more.

Let's be honest, it's not like those metahuman guys had a chance, so long story short, Bruce and Selina win, and rescue the girl. But before they leave, Bruce takes the time to not be a total fucking dickhead, and reassures the young girl that she's safe, and almost cracks a smile at her.

Selina later returns to her penthouse to find a new motorcycle helmet waiting for her, with a note that says "Sorry Ann Nocenti wrote me so terribly that I destroyed your old one, so here's a new one" ...or something close to that. And elsewhere, Carrie gets Damian's "call" which is really nice, and tells her due to the time difference, they'll have to communicate through email from now on.

Then... Two Face sits down in a restaurant, flips his coin, then leaves.


The Good:

...I didn't come out of this issue completely repulsed like the last few times. Holy crap! After some shaky few issues, this was the first of this arc that I genuinely enjoyed. Bruce wasn't a total dickhead, and Catwoman was written really well. Perfectly satisfied with those two, which is saying something given this book's recent turn and Catwoman for the past year just being bad. I have to say, it was really nice to see Batman actually (sort of) smile in this issue.

The Bad:

Sort of the same issue I had with Batwoman, the ending is just a bit weird and abrupt. I know Two Face is going to be a big part of the next arc, but it just comes off completely random, and that's the end of the issue. I just wish whatever this was teasing was actually a bit more substantial. 

The Bottom Line:

It's no secret that I've thought the last three issues of this book have been pretty off the mark, but this arc finally managed to produce an issue that didn't make me utterly dislike Bruce by page 20. With that, and seeing some quality interaction between both him and Selina, which has been sorely lacking, I found this issue to be rather enjoyable from start to finish... Well, aside from random Two-Face.


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  1. The ending: Just by the couple of scenes they shown with Two-Face, I'm wondering if he is dealing with a statistical outlier with his coin coming up heads.