Saturday, July 13, 2013

Say Hello to Batgirl Beyond

Today was the release of Batman Beyond #27, by Scott Peterson and Annie Wu, who introduce a new Batgirl to the Beyond mythos. While a pretty enjoyable introduction, featuring a team-up with Commissioner Barbara Gordon in the middle of a what seems to be a gang war, we don't find out much about this new Batgirl in regards to who she actually is.

What we do learn about "Batgirl Beyond" is that she's from a poorer neighborhood in Neo-Gotham known as Crown Point, which she believes is being poisoned to make people go crazy, but no one seems to care due to it being Crown Point. She's definitely got a little bit of a Robin Hood aspect to her, mixed with a chip on her shoulder attitude towards people she believes to be in a higher class than her.

Like I said, it was an enjoyable introduction, and Annie Wu's art was pretty nice (looking forward to her on some Hawkeye issues even more now). Something I'm a little confused about is that the solicit text for this chapter said "1 of 3" and I could have sworn it was a two part story. If this is true, it means that the whole story could be collected in next week's final issue of Batman Beyond Unlimited, somehow (it'd be ten extra pages, due to the last chapter of Beechen's arc needing to be collected as well). This would of course mean that the story would be in print, long before it is digitally, so if we find out a name or something, forward that over to me, thanks.

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