Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Zero Year Heads to Action Comics... wait, what?

So, we all know Zero Year will be crossing over into some books come November, and one would figure books like Nightwing and Batgirl would come into play, for obvious reasons...


How about Action Comics? What? Yeah! Green Arrow too! Why not Green Lantern Corps while we're at it!? The Flash! Because, fuck you! That's why!

Apparently it's all going down, according to a report from a recent retailer show DC held... I'm surprised no one else really picked up on this... maybe everyone is just too damn confused? I know I am.

(Source: ReadComicBooks)


  1. Maybe this is because of what happens after Trinity War? All the heroes are gone, so the villain's take over in September, and we back to maybe expand upon stories shown in Zero Month? Although that begs the question of just what will happen in October.

    I could maybe understand some of the non-Batbook choices, but Green Lantern Corps is the strangest for me, especially since there's supposed to be a new event for that line coming up.

  2. Probably because of the upcoming Batman / Superman?

    (Also, thanks for the source mention!)

  3. Nightwing and Batgirl are obvious... I don't understand why Batwing needs to be included... Superman I can get... Green Arrow, very cool... Wonder Woman and Flash is just stretching it a but too far... But Green Lantern? WTF? At least we know Nightwinf isn't dead ;P

  4. I think DC is going a little too far this time. I just hope they won't create any timeline inconsistencies.

  5. It is possible that these tie-ins are actually about the stars of the respective titles during the same year when Bruce came back. Like maybe in the Flash comic, it simply showcases Barry's life before he got his powers, and the same can be said for the other titles.