Saturday, June 22, 2013

Will Conrad to Draw Nightwing

With Brett Booth's departure on Nightwing to go do stuff like Justice League of America, Trinity War covers and an issue of Batman/Superman, the question was, who would take over for him? Writer Kyle Higgins was teasing that the new artist would be announced soon, but who needs "soon" when you got "now?"

Will Conrad, who has most recently drawn issues of Stormwatch and Red Lanterns, posted a teaser on his Facebook page, with the caption:
"Just a tease of my new home at DC... Just finished my first issue, and couldn't be happier."
That came along with Kyle Higgins being tagged in the post... So yeah, that seems pretty official to me.

I'm glad this book got a quality artist so soon after Booth's departure (well, don't know if this is from #22 or what, but we'll see), I was fearing we'd get some subpar fill-in for a few issues, like we've seen perviously. Over all, very happy with this change, but I have to say... I was kind of hoping to see Conrad on Red Hood post Villains Month. Oh well!

Also, what the hell, internet? This was posted June 13th... couldn't someone have pointed this out to me earlier? THANKS, GUYS.

(Source: Will Conrad's Facebook)


  1. So Will Conrad is definitely an established artist/penciller. But, do you think he can continue with the energy Brett set up, and do you think the art will still be bright, fun, and exciting?

    1. It'd be hard to emulate that Scott McDaniel like energy Booth brought, but I'm sure Conrad will bring his own flare.

    2. Thanks for the reply, and yeah, I hope Conrad at least finds a way to keep the momentum going in his own way.

  2. I'm glad to see that this series is still going to go strong after the change in artist. Is Conrad the new regular artist? Booth did something fun, but I would be okay if Conrad brought some edgi-ness to the series.
    Here's hoping that this Nightwing series continues on for a long time!