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Stack Rundown, 06/22/2013

Hmm, another somewhat small week (by my standards) with only nine issues to write about this time around... This is all going to catch up to me at some point. What's that you say? I have 20 issues to write about next week? Fantastic! I'm not a crazy person at all for doing this!

Wonder Woman #21

Have I mentioned how I love it when Wonder Woman fights dudes? I've had to… Well lucky me! Because Diana goes from one fight last issue, and just keeps on kicking ass in this one… well, she gets a few shots in, but she and Lennox mostly get her ass kicked… Meanwhile Zola's kid pulls a Togepi. But back to the Wonder Woman and Lennox (eventually Orion too) vs First Born fight, holy crap the first born is not fucking around! The guy literally holds open a boom tube, and gets through it! Then Lennox goes bye bye to stop him… why did I know that was coming? I feel like it was pretty much given away in the solicits, but I looked and it didn't seem to be. Hmm. Anyways, New Genesis made it's New 52 debut, and being that the New Gods heyday was a bit before my time, I'm not exactly losing my shit, but as always with this book, I'm completely open to where Azzarello wants to go. Also, hooray full issue of Cliff Chiang art!

Justice League of America's Vibe #5

One of my biggest questions concerning this title was how it would correlate between itself and JLA, and for the most part it's avoided conflict, but… not anymore. Vibe has officially gone awol from ARGUS, who created the JLA, and Waller has him straight up locked up in "The Circus" along with Gypsy. Waller even goes so far as to tell Agent Gunn she'll begin looking for replacements for Vibe for the JLA… meanwhile Vibe's just chilling with the JLA in their book. WTF is going on here?! Something has to give, and I'm pretty confused at to just what that'll be. We don't really know a whole lot about what's going down in JLA after Trinity War, other than Matt Kindt will be writing a story focused on Martian Manhunter for five or so issues… but I'm willing to bet Vibe won't be there.

Green Lantern: New Guardians #21

I tried this series out when it first came out along with the rest of the New 52… I don't remember how many issues I stuck with it through, but it wasn't a whole lot, I just couldn't get invested with it, a group of different corps members just didn't do much for me. With all the creative and directional changes brought to the Green Lantern line post-Geoff Johns, I decided to give this one a shot again, because I like the creative team. Ultimately, I'm glad I did, I had a lot of fun with this issue. Gone is the rainbow corps, and now the book centers around Kyle "Space Jesus" Rayner babysitting the Templar Guardians, who no one really trusts at all. What surprised me towards the end was the fact that this is where Relic comes into play, was definitely expecting that to be part of Venditti's book, but hey! I like surprises.

Animal Man #21

With these post-Rotworld issues, I've mentioned how the family drama hasn't been resonating for me a whole… I just, I don't know, sadness never translates well for me in comics, because I'm just cynical enough to keep in mind, they're just comics. It's the same thing with any form of entertainment, really. So I just tired quickly of all the "My wife left me!" stuff. This issue though, it got things back moving in a direction I enjoy, as Buddy finally got off his ass and did something… what did he do? Investigate some cat lady's missing cats. Yep! Some C-List super heroics right there, but that's okay… that's what I want from this character, and it's what the book started off as. Naturally, there's some creepy shit going on with it, that was just teased this issue, but nonetheless, that horror vibe will probably still be present. I do find it interesting that there is some possibility that Maxine may have a chance to get her brother back… but it's probably more complicated than it seems. Final note… thought the "twitter" stuff was distracting.

Revival #11

This serious has finally gotten to the point where it's all clicking for me, and I'm finally continuously enjoying it every issue, may have taken close to a year, but oh well, worth the wait. This issue was dubbed as a "season finale" of sorts, and it definitely fit the part, because shit went bad, and by the end, everyone's going "OH, GOD!" The only thing I'm still fuzzy about is that demon… I went back to the issue where you see some stuff about him, but I still am just a bit lost in regards to him. Anyways! Em was definitely the stand out of this issue, she's a pretty big badass now, although may be a bit unstable as well. With the shit ultimately hitting the fan, I'm deeply curious as to what the family dynamic between the Cyrpress clan will be, come "season 2." Cooper ain't going to be right in the head, I'll probably bet on that one.

Invincible #103

Another fun issue of Invincible, but I felt like some things were forecasted a little to heavily. Yeah… Thragg is going to get free and raise all sorts of hell… I mean, Ryan Ottley already tweeted a WIP of it, so that'll suck for Nolan. Robot is definitely going to become a problem due to all his issues (and jealousy?) of Invincible. All of which is fine… the one thing I don't want to happen is anything with Eve and her baby… we've already gone through the abortion drama, we don't need any more melodrama. I just don't want to deal with that again, and where the issue left her off… ugh, I really feel like we'll be treated to a heavy dose of drama involving her and Mark's child. Uuuuugh.

Witchblade #167

With Tim Seeley's time on the book coming to a close, it's quite clear things are starting to wrap up, and by "wrap up," I mean every threat he has introduced in the book is conspiring against Sara Pezzini all at once. This becomes a little bit of a problem for me though… Through out this run, some things just never really registered for me, and the whole mana trade aspect was one of them. So, unfortunately for me, this final act seems to hinge around the characters surrounding that plot line. Guess I'm going to have to dig back, or read all those character bios in the back of the issues. Nevertheless, curious to see where this one ends up, as nothing really has been said in terms of how Seeley ends his time on the book, and how that translates to Ron Marz coming back. Who knows?!

Cable and X-Force #10

Where I think Uncanny Avengers may be the best Marvel book I'm reading at the moment, I will still say I have the most fun with this one. So much fun to be had between all the banter, Forge and Nemesis being sarcastic assholes to each other, Dom holding shit down like a boss, and the inclusion of Boom Boom… man, this book is fun. Speaking of the Uncanny Avengers, they actually catch up to Cable's X-Force, and some great moments were had, particularly between Thor and Colossus as well as Rogue and Dominio (I wish that one got played out a little more). We seem to be heading for some answers in terms of Cable's visions (which, was also specifically stated in an interview I read after the fact), so I'm generally curious to see what's going on, because I've got no f'ing clue what's going on in his head… whatever happened to that Deathlock? 

Uncanny Avengers #9

So yeah! This is by far the best book that Marvel is currently publishing, in my opinion. Sort of struggled out the gate, but ever since issue five, this book has been firing on all cylinders, and really feels like it's basic plot is an event itself. Who needs Age of Ultron and Infinity? Two major things happen in this issue, the twins pick their horsemen of death, and the team finds out about what X-Force did, and part of me is astounded that the events of the first arc of Uncanny X-Force are still causing repercussions today. That's some serious long term story telling right there. I side with Wolverine on this one… not necessarily because killing is always the right answer, but just because Captain America's ideal of proper justice in terms of "bringing in" the Apocalypse twins, is just so fucking stupid. It's a wasted concept on beings like them, same thing with Batman and Darkseid in Final Crisis. Some situations call for drastic measures… All in all, I want to go back and read Uncanny X-Force again. Man, great book. Also, poor Havok… no one listens to him, ever.

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  1. I had the feeling that Lennox wasn't gonna make it through this issue if Wonder Woman, too. But I thought it was gonna end with First Born straight up killing him. That being said, I still got chills when Lennox sacrificed himself