Saturday, June 15, 2013

Stack Rundown, 06/15/2013

This was basically Scott Snyder's week. Batman, American Vampire comes back, and he launches his Superman book with Jim Lee. Were there any other books this week? I'm not sure. Maybe? I wrote some stuff, so that probably means there had to have been... right?

Superman Unchained #1

So, it's pretty weird to think that Scott Snyder is now writing a Superman book… because Batman! But whatever, if it has Scott Snyder's name on it, I'm probably going to check it out, and that Jim Lee fellow ain't too bad either. What I came out of this issue thinking was that it surprisingly felt very natural. We're all very used to Scott Snyder's tone on books like Batman, and Superman is quite the different beast, but Snyder tackled Superman pretty well, as well as Jimmy, Lois, and Lex. It seems like Snyder may be playing up some of the government elements of the Flashpoint mini series he was originally going to write, but only ended up providing plot for (IE, the government has their own Superman they've been hiding for decades). All in all, it was a great start, Snyder fit well within Metropolis, but we still got plenty of teases and other tropes familiar to Snyder written books, all of which I enjoyed.

Constantine #4

Another solid issue of Constantine, wasn't sure what to expect from this particular issue, but the basic premise was John "taking a day off" only to have a whole bunch of bad shit go down, mostly with Papa Midnite who isn't too happy with Johh. Of course, Constantine manages to talk himself out of shit, claiming something bad is coming, which we all know by now, and even though that was the central conflict of the issue, the most interesting part was John's discussion with Zatanna. Again, we all know Trinity War is coming, and Zatanna is having visions of it. Said visions are blurry, but nonetheless, we get some details, John comes at odds against either Batman or Superman, and later strikes a deal with Lex Luthor. Some interesting stuff is coming, thank god Trinity War finally starts next month. Tired of waiting.

Suicide Squad #21

It took 20 issues, but it seems like DC finally found a creative team that just fits right with this title. Both Kot and Zircher are so perfectly suited for the title. Kot brings action, humor and some psychological elements to the squad, while Zircher brings a distinctive, gritty, down and dirty style that all these characters require. Harley was a stand out character of this issue, pretty much getting the drop on everyone, and having some one on one time with Waller, which was followed up upon with James Jr, who gets a pretty great reaction from Harley. This book has turned around greatly, and I really hope bot Kot and Zircher stick around for a while, because if this is just a tease of what's to come, I can't wait to see what the Squad is like when they're out in the field now.

Demon Knights #21

Sticking with this one through the end, after all, there are only two more issues left before this series concludes in August, and it seems like everything will be concluding on a Vandal Savage vs. Jason Blood (maybe Etrigan?) grudge match, as Jason completely screws over Vandal while they're both searching a giant vault for the Holy Grail. If there's one thing I've enjoyed about Robert Venditti's soon to be short run on this title, it's that he's made Jason one cunning badass motherfucker. If there were a bunch of explosions going off, he'd be the kind of guy who walks away without looking at them. Lets himself get tortured by Lucifer himself, just to prove a point and weaken Etrigan, then in this issue, he goes back to hell, straight up threatens Lucifer, and gets away with it! Total badass! The art still rubs me the wrong way… everyone just has cheek bones you could sharpen a knife off of.

American Vampire: The Long Road to Hell #1

It has been half a year since American Vampire went on hiatus, and man have I missed it. A bit prior to the hiatus, the vampire hunter character of Travis Kidd was introduced, and he was pretty great from the start, so when a one shot starring him was announced, you better believe I'd be all over it. I enjoyed it, I really did. Rafael Albuquerque made his AmVamp writing debut by scripting the issue, which he did well at, but I just wish there was a little more Travis Kidd. The story focuses around two lovers who get turned into vampires, and head to Vegas in search for a cure, while killing bad people (to satisfy their thirst) along the way, and becoming notorious serial killers. They pick up an orphan who has a an eye for reading people, and end up crossing paths with the Coven who turned them, and ultimately Travis. The ending was all sorts of heart wrenching, but pretty great nonetheless… Like I said, I just wish the story was actually more Travis-centric, and didn't really do much to push the greater story forward, unless the orphan kid eventually becomes important.

Deadpool #11

So, another issue of Deadpool killing another guy for that demon dude who is trying to be the big daddy demon dude… then a random Marvel Universe cameo… and some stuff with the SHIELD agent in his head, and her family. I'm getting pretty tired of this arc, because the same damn thing happens every issue. And that's all I got to say on that one.

Thor: God of Thunder #9

I've said this too many times before, but the three Thors are so damn entertaining, I could read that team up for issues and issues to come. I mean, young Thor went from hitting people with space sharks, to riding a space shark… that's awesome! I hardly keep track of solicitations for this book, so when the Thors entered a big fright with the God Butcher, I had thought "is this the end of the arc?" Because the level of craziness that the fight held was way up there in the "yeah, this is it" realm of fights… then that final page came and it was a big "WTF?!" moment, because there you go, it's raining blood, and Thor, Thor, and Thord lose. Yup. So, I don't know what the hell is going to happen in the final issues of this arc, but I do know that things are getting a bit crazy, and I'm liking it. Still not sure if I'll stick with this one past the three Thors concept though.

Uncanny X-Force #6

We're finally getting to the plot between Psylocke and Fantomex, but we still don't freaking know what happened between them! I mean, Fantomex probably boning the female version of himself may have some sort of relation to that, but just give me the carrot already! I enjoyed this issue, but both Psylocke and Wolverine sort of annoyed me… there's all this drama between them now because neither of them want to kill, but Wolverine expected Psylocke to, or something like that… all in all, I enjoyed the drama between them while they were killers, much more. Then Psylocke is all "I'm not coming back to the school" the school being the one Wolverine runs, but then you go read Brian Wood's X-Men, and there she is at the school. Weird stuff like that doesn't go unnoticed to me.

Aphrodite IX #2

Yep, I'm definitely in this one for Sejic's art through and through. The story is interesting enough with the two warring factions, and the "bad guys" having control of Aphrodite with out the group she's with's knowledge to that fact. I still have a little issue with how easily Aphrodite's handler goes along with the other faction to help them kill their enemies with Aphrodite… like, okay, yeah they woke him up, but that doesn't mean he has to be a total dick. I don't know, I never finished the original series, maybe he is just a total dick in general, and that's his thing… he definitely is pretty creepy when it comes to talking about Aphrodite, who is purposely sexualized (part of her whole deal, seduce and destroy basically). But all that doesn't matter as long as I'm getting fed more and more Sejic art. If he wasn't here, I probably wouldn't be either. Definitely one of my favorites, as I've noted numerous times before.


  1. I was hoping Zircher would stick around Suicide Squad, too, but he's starting the five issue Forever Evil: Rogues mini-series in October. Boo!

    1. Before it was announced he said on twitter that he got another DC gig to go with Suicide Squad.