Wednesday, June 19, 2013

SPOILERS: Red Hood and the Outlaws #21

So Jason is off being an amnesiac badass on a motorcycle, while Roy is having a therapy session with Hugo Strange, explaining how shit's gone bad. Strange, as one would expect, doesn't offer the most constructive advice, which Starfire remains none too happy about, listening from outside, until she sees Essence outside the window. Kori goes straight for Essence, demanding to know why she's there, but Essence is pretty shaken up, disregarding Kori. Essence tells Kori that Strange set them up for the bounty, but an even greater evil is coming for all of them, and bounces, without explaining anything in anymore depth.

Elsewhere, Jason is ambushed by the League of Assassins. Some guy named Rictus, Lady Shiva, and Cheshire are the first to strike, all somewhat disappointed in their former pupil's... well, his just general current state. Roy and Kori aren't having any better of a time, as shortly after Kori bursts in to tell Roy Hugo sold them out, The Untitled show up, and Hugo hightails it out of there like a coward.

Back to Jason! Another new League member named December Graystone shows up. This dude is a bloodmage, and using his own blood, can control the actions of others like puppets. Bronze Tiger then shows up, and generally tells Jason to calm the hell down, as he gets Graystone to transport them to the gates of 'Eth Alth'Eban, the secret city of the League of Assassins.

Back to Roy, the evil that is the Untitled has no plans (as of now) to kill Roy and Kori, they have a proposition, and inform the two that the League of Assassins has a plan for Jason that he will not survive. The Untitled want Roy and Kori to help them storm the gates of the League's city, and break the seals that keep them out, in return, they'll let Roy and Kori take Jason, and go free. Despite knowing he might get stabbed in the back, Roy is so desperate to get the band back together, he wants to accept, but Kori can't. Kori knows things will go bad, and suggests they find Essence, and get the full story from her. Roy doesn't have the time, so Kori leaves him to go with her plan, which doesn't put Roy in a great mood. Nevertheless, he asks the Untitled for every weapon they've got, and is ready to go.

Back in city place whose name I can't remember how to spell, Bronze Tiger (who can turn back human) speaks with Jason, telling him that the Untitled are ready to attack the League, and he wants Jason to lead them in a fight against them... basically the exact opposite of what Roy is going to do. FUN!


The Good:

The art was noticeably better, I thought. I don't know how much of it had to do with Ken Lashley doing the issue's thumbnails, but that may have well been the deciding factor. Overall, things looked way more consistent. 

If there's one thing that I've liked in this arc so far, is the use of Roy. He had his moments under Lobdell's pen, but never really had any larger stories. When you think about it, Roy is taken center stage for this arc, as most of the emotional points hinge around him. This works well considering I don't find amnesiac Jason to be that great of a character to read, but for the most part, amnesiac Jason kept his obnoxious mouth shut this issue, so that's good! 

All the stuff with the League of Assassins seems cool so far. 

The Bad:

Still some inconsistencies with the art though. Mainly... Kori's god damn eyebrows. But miraculously, on the final pages with her featured, they're gone? So maybe they're gone for good now? 

Still confused as to the Untitled's actual deal... I just don't think that was ever well explained to begin with.

Shouldn't Hugo Strange have some sort of reputation for, you know, not being good? This isn't his first New 52 appearance, so you'd have to think so, right?

The Bottom Line:

Luckily, many of the elements of James Tynion's first arc which I haven't enjoyed weren't present in this issue... which basically means Jason wasn't whining when he opened his mouth... But due to that, Jason sort of takes a back seat this issue, while a whole bunch of more interesting stuff than his angst, happens around him. Making Roy more of the focal point of this arc (well, more than one may expect) offers up plenty of character development, delivered in a better way than wiping one's mind. Was it a perfect issue? No. But compared to 20, it was much more of an improvement... now hopefully Jason keeps his mouth shut until he gets his memories back.


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  1. I didnt like this issue, it was all over the place