Wednesday, June 19, 2013

SPOILERS: Birds of Prey #21

So, if you haven't been keeping up with Talon, Calvin Rose was killed by Bane, he was resurrected by the Court of Owls as a fullblown Talon, and the Court of Owls are torturing his loved ones to get him to work for them. His first assignment was to kill the traitor, Strix. And here we are, Calvin takes on Batgirl and Strix, telling his target not to make it harder than it is. He manages to separate Strix from Batgirl, and the two take a tumble off the roof of the building they're fighting on.

Babs gathers herself and notifies Black Canary and Condor of the appearance of another Talon, leading them all to get back up to the roof and start looking for Strix, who was the first to recover from the fall, but for some reason, didn't permanently kill Calvin by taking his head. Calvin eventually comes to, and also wonders why Strix didn't kill him, but nonetheless, catches up to her and resumes their fight.

Babs and Dinah split up, while Condor ends up with Dinah. While looking for Strix, Babs fights a room full of rats, while Dinah and Condor find themselves in an empty room, finding it appropriate to "get close" and make out, in a total teenage wet dream sort of way.

Calvin finally manages to pin Strix down, but through her broken mask, sees some of her scaring, and can't go through with killing her in cold blood. He yells out to Casey and Sarah that he's failed them, which leads Strix to ask who they are. Calvin explains everything, which leads Strix to decide and help him in some way, as she beckons him to follower her.


The Good: 

The art was pretty solid. Jonathan Glapion is inking Molenaar's pencils now, and he has a bit more of a a flair to his inks, as well as heavier lines. Just looks like everything has more meat to it, so to speak. 

The Bad:

Other than it just being an average story, it gets absolutely groan worthy when it comes to Dinah and Condor, whose name is Ben. WOO! We know his name now! Raaaad... still don't care about him what so ever. Condor is the type of character, who, if this book goes away, so does he. In reality, he's completely inconsequential. He's just there, to be there, at this point. There's no reason to be invested in him, as I've said time after time, and now he's getting romantically involved with the star of the book, in the most absolutely ham-fisted way. It just feels like bad fan fiction.

The Bottom Line: 

When a tie in to a book that I enjoy every month doesn't do anything to spur my confidence, something's wrong. In the first post-Starling issue, all the problems are clear, there's just nothing interesting about this book anymore. Black Canary as a character seems lost, Batgirl is just there, screw Condor, and Strix can't even talk. This issue wasn't Ann Nocenti Catwoman #0 bad, but ultimately, it's just depressing. I see no point to this story, and what they're trying to convince me of mattering, is falling flat. A romance between Black Canary and some no-name is pretty much the exact opposite of what I want... at least the art was nice.


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  1. You'd think with this being a crossover, that the best part of the book would be the Talons? Nope. Couldn't care less about the two of them. Same with Batgirl. She just isn't shining in this series at all.
    The only part I found interesting were the Black Canary and Condor scenes. I didn't like Condor at all, but now he's kind of hot :P
    If anything, just make him the beefcake of this series :P
    When Black Canary and Condor kissing is the most stimulating part of the comic...that says something.
    Marx, Molenaar, and the editors have turned this series SO softcore, like there's nothing edgy about it anymore and now I think Condor is hot :S