Wednesday, June 5, 2013

SPOILERS: Batwing #21

When last we left new Batwing, Luke Fox, he was getting his ass handed to him by the crazy Lion-Mane, and that's pretty much where we're still at. Luke tries every trick in the book, while somehow still being able to stand, but all he does is end up making Lion-Mane more and more angry. Luke, being a smart fighter, uses this to his advantage when Lion-Mane goes feral, causing him to lose concentration, and not realize Luke's car is coming in to ram him at full speed, taking down the "god" once and for all. Batman chimes in when all is calm, letting Luke know that the training wheels are officially off.

Luke comes back to Gotham after being abroad in Africa for two months, to a very pissed (now ex) girlfriend, named Zena Zlenko. Zena has barely heard from Luke in that two month timeframe, and pretty much is a no bullshit kind of girl, tells Luke that he's not mature enough for her, and cuts it off, despite Luke trying his best to get her to not break up. Luke ends up chasing after her asking if despite them officially not being a couple, if she'd allow him to try better, and win her back. Zena doesn't exactly say yes, but she doesn't say no, and drives off.

Elsewhere, Lion-Mane is being transported by Interpol, but ends up getting hijacked by those ant terrorists, the Marabunta, who are none too pleased after their diamond mine got bought up by Wayne Enterprises. The Marabunta have decided to go after the man bankrolling Batman Inc, but prior to that, decided to tie up a lose end in Lion-Mane, which doesn't go well, as he breaks himself free, slaughters everyone, and just jumps out the plane like a boss.

Back in Gotham, Luke meets his family for the first time in months, and has somewhat of an awkward dinner with them. Later that night, Luke tries to speak with his father, but ends up getting a call from Batman alerting him to the fact that the Marabunta are in Gotham, and to keep his guard up. Little does Luke know, the Marabunta are swarming his father's house as he speaks.


The Good:

Luke is just a fun character, that's for sure. I enjoyed how Palmiotti and Gray wrote his internal monologue during the fight, which really outlined how he thinks his way around a fight. Seeing Luke's personal life was also enjoyable, as it's much more populated than David's was, as he just had Matu and Kia, who was hardly defined as a character. Meanwhile, Luke has his father, mother, two sisters, and his now sort of girlfriend to deal with, which in turn helps flesh him out more.

A final note is that I enjoyed the fact that this issue didn't lean on Batman too much, he's pretty much in a single panel, and that's it. The crutch is there, but it doesn't need to be used, and it wasn't.

The Bad: 

There were some things that bugged me about the visuals. When the terrorists come for Lion-Mane, the soldiers react to something that isn't visually portrayed, aka there's no "THUD" or whatever sound effect would be needed for a giant ant landing on a plane. Sure, you see the claws in the next panel, but looking in order, the soldiers react to nothing (at least, to the viewer). Also, I cant place my finger on it, but the visuals look slightly different from when Luke is suited up, to his civilian life.

Also, while I generally enjoy the book, I'm still waiting for that one moment that really makes me go "hell yes, new Batwing!"

The Bottom Line:

Batwing is a title that had to have made a deal with the devil. It's numbers were bottom rung bad, but yet it was given a second chance with Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray, and they seem to be making the best out of the title's second wind. Luke's character and personality is being rolled out at a good clip, and he's been giving an enjoyable supporting cast to help him along the way. If this issue did one thing, it was that it took the training wheels off for Luke, as Batman said, and so far, his hero life promises to be pretty entertaining.


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