Sunday, June 2, 2013

Gerard Way's "Batman: Kingdom of the Mad"

Over the weekend Gerard Way (former My Chemical Romance vocalist and Umbrella Academy scribe), posted some images and designs on Twitter from an apparently approved proposal of a "Vertigo" Batman title, that unfortunately never saw the light of day.

He's so far posted a cover and three designs for Batman, Joker and Mr. Freeze, all with very different, off-beat looks. I'm not sure if when he said "Vertigo" (note: he added the quotations) if he literally meant it was to be published by Vertigo, or if it would simply have been in Vertigo style, regardless, it's a damn shame it never happened, because from a visual standpoint, it looks really interesting.

This isn't he first time that a book from DC, written by a prominent rock musician, hasn't seen the light of day, anyone remember that Etrigan mini-series by Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian and artist Sam Kieth? I know Ian had written a Lobo book before, but perhaps DC was working on a line of sorts with characters written by musicians? Who knows? I can only speculate.

Nevertheless, it's unfortunate we never got to see, or even find out what exactly this is/was. Hit up Way's Twitter account to see the other images I mentioned above.

UPDATE: In reading some replies Way sent out over Twitter, he states what happened to the book:
"Just got busy is all. Dan and Ian at DC were crazy supportive of the project but my life took a different turn at the time"
So there you have it, nothing crazy or anything. With My Chemical Romance breaking up earlier this year, maybe there's a chance this gets resurrected? I'd say it's a slim one, if any at all, but I know it'd be cool to see.

(Source: Gerard Way's Twitter)

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  1. I wonder if Ways schedule when MCR was still going was what killed it. The life of a rock star kind of gets in the way of the whole comic thing. It's sadly been years since the last Umbrella Academy and the Danger Days comic was delayed so long.