Friday, May 31, 2013

Stack Rundown, 05/31/2013

Shorter than normal week, but hey, that means I'm also posting this a day early... and not because I'm out of town and probably won't have the best internet access, thus wanted to get this done as quick as possible...

Justice League of America #4

Sooooo, that last page. We all knew someone was going to "die," as that's apparently what sparks Trinity War, and after the cover of #5 was revealed I joked "Sorry Vibe, but it's your red shirt duty" but HOLY SHIT, dat last page! Why wasn't this part of not-WTF month? A bullet just went in Catwoman's skull, and out the other!!! Who saw that coming? No one! I flipped though this issue at 4:30am and thought I was seeing things. What does this mean? I don't know! But it's nuts. I think it's obvious that Selina isn't going to stay dead, because either Amanda Waller brings her back with the tech she's got at Belle Reeve, or read that latest Phantom Stranger solicit that has him, Batman, Katana and Deadman going into the afterlife to retrieve someone. I almost just can't say anything else about the book, because the rest pales in comparison of how nuts everything got. Brett Booth's art was great, the invisible jet thing was pretty good, but holy crap, Selina Kyle just got her brains blown out… Again, WHAT?!

Earth 2 Annual #1

Anyone looking for "Who is the new Earth 2 Batman" well… not getting it here. I knew we weren't getting anything as to new Batman's identity, but we didn't even get any clues… which now that we know James Robinson is leaving, may have not been a great idea in hindsight… Batman isn't really mentioned in any of the solicits up until #15, so this is a plot point I really hope Robinson gets to see through, and not whoever is picked to replace him, be they a good choice or bad. This issue actually primarily focused on Al Pratt and his life after he got his powers. Spread through out, other characters were introduced, like Captain Steel (not Commander) and we learn that while Steppenwolf is pretty much in it for himself after being trapped on Earth 2 with no boom tubes, Kanto is on Earth 2 as well, and still very loyal to Apokolips. So yeah, more stuff introduced, hopefully Robinson can make good on his final six or so issues on the series, and hopefully they don't pick the obvious person I feel they will to replace him… 

The Wake #1

Lord knows I love Scott Snyder's work on Batman, but damn do I love me some creator owned stuff from him. Add Sean Murphy into the mix? Are you kidding me? You don't get much perfect than that. I'd also be a moron not to mention Matt Hollingsworth's colors, which are subtle, but also very textured in a way that makes it look like you're reading off aged paper, even on an iPad screen. Anyways, this is Snyder and Murphy getting deep into the ocean with some heavy sci-fi going on. Bunch of characters are introduced, all of which seem unique and entertaining, and things just get crazier the deeper they get into the sea. Some mystery is offered up not only in the present, but a couple hundred years in the future, and even from the dawn of time. This was a great promising start, and in a world where we haven't gotten any new American Vampire since what, late fall? This is a welcome replacement until AmVamp comes back (which will overlap the ending of this series and creator-owned Snyder overloooooad!)

Thief of Thieves #14

I keep saying "I'm going to trade wait this book because it takes too long for anything to happen." But the fact that I'm writing about this issue now should illustrate how hard it is to get me to drop a book… unless that book's name is Catwoman… I mean, I generally enjoy the book, but it's so TV formatted and so spread out month to month, it's almost painful. This was Andy Diggle's first issue, which was fine, but to be quite honest, I haven't really noticed much of a difference between Spencer, Asmus, and now Diggle on the title, when everything sort of just goes with Kirkman's narrative. What's weird is that this book definitely sounds like it's going to just end at some point. This score to save his son is Redmond's "last" and I got to say… if it happens, and then something else happens to keep things going, that might be when I leave.

Chew #34

Tony Chu has turned into one of the biggest badasses in comics ever since his sister died. Like oh, your nemesis gives you an opportunity to join him, and his butler gives you an offhand threat to say "yes?" STAB THAT MOTHERFUCKER IN THE HEAD! That's Tony Chu now. Tony used to be a Clark Kent sort of character, just bumbling, and sort of a pussy, let's be honest. Not anymore, and it's great! Then the plot with Mason and John was just so funny, especially given the guy whose food power is just so weird and pointless. Them busting in on him eating chicken and watching Chicken Run, all while in his underwear was just so ridiculous and funny, I couldn't contain my laughter, and believe you me, I do everything I can not to publicly emote while I'm riding home on the metro. God this book is great. I'd recommend it to everyone. Not a single bad issue, ever.

Uncanny X-Force #5

So this was the story about how Bishop became evil bear man in the future. Apparently there's this strain of people in the 60th whatever century that get infected by something called the Reverent, and the leader of that possessed him and used him to get back to the present, or something like that. Yeah, I don't know, all I know is Betsy and Storm fought a giant demon bear in Bishop's mind again. What I did find interesting is because Storm considered Bishop such a good friend, in order to try and get him back, she erased his memory of his ruthless desire and attempt to kill Hope… those repercussions should be interesting. Then while Puck and Spiral are getting drunk, Cluster kidnaps Betsy, and I'm wondering if they're going to go full on weird gay with that… I only say "weird" because of the whole post vol. 1 situation of Fantomex, who is three different people, but all the same, so they all still probably have feelings for Betsy, and one is a woman, and yeah… that's why it's weird, cus there's nothing else you could call that situation.

X-Men #1

I've found through trying out multiple Marvel titles over the past few months that outside of Hawkeye, I'm more of just an X-Men fan, than anything. Just can't get into stuff like the Avengers or other properties they've got. That' said, the more X-Men books, the better for me… and this new Brian Wood book started off quite well. The big "story" of this series is the fact that the team we're presented with is all women, and unless you're actively paying attention to that fact, it hardly even addresses it. There's no beating you over the head of "Yeah! Equality in comics! Women! WOOOO!" It just goes about its business very normally, and everything feels natural rather than forced in anyway. So the basic story is Jubilee rescued an orphan, and like herself, she wants to give the kid a home with the X-Men… Fine. But then we find out that Sublime, the sentient bacteria (Morrison created him, duh) is stalking Jubilee, but not to harm her, but because his pissed off sister, who does to technology what he does to living beings, has harbored herself on the child, and is looking to infiltrate the X-Men's base… which is exactly what happens. Mix a good story with Morrison elements, good characters, and fantastic art from Oliver Coipel all together, and you've got an incredibly strong first issue... Needs more Domino though (I'm going to say that every issue).


  1. Who do you think is gonna be the new writer for Earth 2? And I thought everything about the Annual, especially the introduction of the new Batman was epic.