Saturday, May 25, 2013

Stack Rundown, 05/25/2013

So what did we have this week? On one hand, probably the biggest comic of the week was Geoff Johns' finale on Green Lantern, then on the other hand, Catwoman has a date with a vibrator... well, sort of... not really... but pretty much that, yeah. Then we had some stoners, some throat ripping, and not-Donald Trump getting impaled, you know, average week in comics.

Green Lantern #20

First, a little context. I started reading single issue comics a little after Batman RIP, and one of the first books I read outside of Batman was Blackest Night. I soon found myself on vacation with a trade of everything Geoff Johns had written from Rebirth to Agent Orange, and holy crap was it good. So, what did I think of Geoff Johns' finale? Holy crap was it good. Johns and Mahnke spent a good 50+ pages tying up many things that have been woven through out the near decade of stories, while offering fan service bit after bit. Johns went out in a grand style, which almost completely ruins the franchise for me. Where everything is left with those final few pages, I almost don't ever need to read a Green Lantern comic again, it was perfect, and I was completely satisfied where it left Hal, and especially Sinestro… Sinestro is the one person I really don't want to see again, and hopefully DC gives him a long rest. Not that Sinestro sucks or anything, but of all the characters who are left in a good spot, he's probably the best off, and just doesn't need to return. So, good luck Robert Venditti, I'll read your issues, but Geoff Johns just dropped the mic.

Justice League #20

Man, having a second Geoff Johns written title out against Green Lantern #20 was just not a good idea, because one out shined the other, and spoiler alert… it wasn't this one. Anyways, it was a good issue, with half good art from Gene Ha and some not so good art from Andres Guinaldo (who just watch, will be on the next issues of Nightwing until a replacement for Booth is brought in), so it had some consistency problems, but the story was fine, and has really started to build up to Trinity War. Short end of it, we find out that the new Atom is really a double agent for the Justice League of America, and will be the one to take on Element Woman. We'll apparently find out who will be taking on Firestorm in the next issue of JLA… I'm thinking Captain Atom? (or after the preview of JLA #4, Dr. Light I guess? Sans the rapist part, of course...) With the reveal of Atom's trull alliance and the Martian Manhunter guest appearance, it was pretty cool and started to whet my appetite for Trinity War. Some good Batman/Superman interactions as well.

Superman #20

I really, really enjoyed this issue, probably one of my favorites of Scott Lobdell's run so far, just a big ass fight between Superman and Orion… When you have one character about to throw an aircraft carrier at the other, you know some big shit is going down. When all was said and done, the Hector Hammond stuff started to make sense, but seemed to be concluded, so I don't know how they're going to continue it? …I just shrugged, you didn't see it, but I totally did! Anyways, part of the reason why I enjoyed this issue so much was due to Aaron Kuder's art, holy balls was it good! I want to say it fit Lobdell's tone and style a little better than Kenneth Rocafort, but that might be me just wanting to see Rocafort draw something for someone other than Lobdell, who knows!? But seriously, Kuder's work was fantastic, just hard hitting entertainment from page one to twenty, and for some reason, I especially enjoyed how he drew Wonder Woman, even though she barely appears. Hopefully Kuder is on a book long term soon, and hopefully it's a book I want to read.

Teen Titans #20

Is anyone going to argue the thought that Scott Lobdell is the definition of hot and cold? …other than the people who just straight up hate him? Really enjoyed Superman, have no idea what the hell he's doing with Teen Titans, and perhaps neither does he? If you were looking at this cover and solicit, maybe you would think "Is Tim turning into Red X?" Nope. Majority of this issue is the origin of Raven, because sure? I mean, Patrick Zircher's art during that part of the issue was great, and the origin itself was well enough told… but what? Whatever happened to that not Dr. Light guy and his weird fetus brother? Remember him? Nah man, it's all about Trigon now. Oh, remember how the original cover of 19 had Skitter on the cover? Remember her in general? I've read interviews where Lobdell says he doesn't really do a bunch of planning ahead and plays it pretty loose, but if he continues to stay on this title (which at this point, I'm really hoping someone else comes and steps in) perhaps he should plan some stuff out, cus it has become quite a mess recently.

The Flash #20

I really enjoyed this issue, and Francis Manapul was back in full force. The best part about Manapul on this title is he keeps getting better, he keeps experimenting with ways of depicting Barry's use of the speed force, and it just makes for a fantastic book visually. On the story side of things, recently, there's been a lot happening with a whole bunch of characters, and this issue (which is the start of a new arc) really seemed to slow down, for a lack of a better term, and breathe a bit. Everything just came off more focused in this issue, which after all the rouges, the gorillas, and the characters coming back from the speed force, it's good to get back to the basics with a simple story. I mean, the mystery probably isn't much of a mystery (Reverse Flash = Darwin Elias, probably) but its fun to see Barry having to go into investigation mode, and bringing him in contact with Kid Flash next month should be fun. I'm also starting to warm up to Barry/Patty, instead of Iris, only took me 20 issues.

Aquaman #20

John Ostrander came on for a filler issue to introduce a new member of the Others who takes Kahina's place, and eeeeh I was a little indifferent. A lot was packed into one issue, and the pacing was a little too brisk. Basically the issue's eyes were bigger than it's stomach, and I don't know if I would blame Ostrander for it, it's not like he had a lot to work with. We do learn a few things about the Others, like the Operative is basically keeping his grandson from his mother, Ya'Wara was in love with Kahina, who didn't love her back like that, stuff like that. The main conflict of the issue, if you could call it that, was that Sky, the new girl's uncle, was a skin walker in possession of an Atlantean artifact, and in a couple of pages, the fight starts, we find out he killed Sky's mother, and then he's buried in rocks pretty damn quick. Like I said, the pacing was just way too brisk, but if we ever get stories centered around the Others again, Sky could be interesting. 

Justice League Dark #20

So we're in full on teasing Trinity War mode, or at least someone each in each Justice League book says "there's a war coming!" with a wink and a nod. But besides the Trinity War teasing, we got some baby mama drama where Doctor Destiny is apparently Madame Xanadu's son? Sure, why not? Not sure what this arc is getting at, outside of the Trinity War teases, as there was some (fantastic) preview art from Mikel Janin's solo work on issue #21 released, and there's an image of the "future" where a bunch of JLD, and other heroes are all impaled on spears, gruesome stuff, but you can bet it's also due to "the war" that is coming. Cool issue, but it's just like "eeeeh, just give me Trinity War already!"

The Green Team #1

Tuesday afternoon, I was looking at what books were coming out the next day and stopped on The Green Team… initially, I just had no interest in reading a book about a team that I'm not sure everyone at DC even knew about, but somehow I ended up on the decision of "Fuck it, YOLOSWAG," and ended up buying it Wednesday morning. Going in I still didn't expect much past "I probably won't dig it too much and whatever, at least I tried." Then the actual reading started happening, and somehow, I found myself enjoying it, way more than I thought I would. Art Baltazar and Franco are a proven team and somehow managed to entertain my cynical ass with fun dialogue and characters. The issue was a bit goofy and lighthearted, but that practically doesn't exist in the New 52, so it instantly stands out. Given the chance, I'd say check it out, it definitely surprised me with how fun and clever it was, and I'll be sticking around.

Sex #3

HEY KIDS! Have you ever been reading a monologue from Batman and thought "I really wish this was intercut with Catwoman masturbating!" Well guess what!? Sex has that! Sort of… alright, not Batman and Catwoman, but the archetypes. Sex continues to be an interesting look at a vigilante's life post vigilante, and how he readjusts as a civilian to a city he failed to "save." And yes, you have the main character speaking of the past, while we see flashes of the cat and mouse game he used to have with his Catwoman like character, while she seemingly gets off to the very same thoughts of being chased. Yes, the book is a very adult book but there's a point to it, to illustrate how friggen repressed this main character Simon Cooke is. The only problem I'm having so far is I just wish Simon would fucking do something already, it's been three issues, he's pretty much just talked and not had sex, while everything around him is far more interesting than what he is doing… which is nothing. Still, very interesting book, I'd check it out.

The Bounce #1

Given all the drama that has come out of "corporate" super heroes recently... mostly from DC, I'm always open to reading creator owned superhero books like Invincible, and now Joe Casey's The Bounce. Basic rundown is that you got a young superhero, not unlike Peter Parker, and he's a stoner, there you go. The problem I have with books like these (creator owned superheroes) is that there's a lack of context from the beginning, and it can take a while to sort of establish the world. With characters like Batman, you always have that context of who Batman is and what he stands for, and even new characters like Calvin Rose come in with the context of Court of Owls, Gotham, Batman, blah blah blah. With Bounce, and when I first started reading it, Invincible too, there's nothing but the new information you're presented, so you sort of have to pay attention and let things build. This isn't a bad thing, I'm just making note of it, as I came out of this issue going "alright, what's going on here?" but those questions are what'll make me read more.

Revival #10

Hey! I'm not gonna talk about how I get overwhelmed by all the characters in this series! Somewhere between this issue and last, I watched an interview with Tim Seeley where he addressed my main problem with the book in that there are just so many characters, and said that after issue #11, everything is pretty much established and the second year is much more focused, and I'm all for that! I prepared myself this time, and came in with a good handle of everything (except maybe the reviver church?) and I thought this issue was pretty fun, leading up to what definitely should be a pretty crazy eleventh issue. Also, Em? Yeah, she's a total undeadish badass, she just rips a dude's throat out, and tells the other one to run, cus that's how SHE likes it… Man, fun issue, fuuuuun issue.

Uncanny Avengers #8AU

I bought a tie in book for one of Marvel's endless events… and came to the conclusion that Age of Ultron is pretty much just Marvel Flashpoint, except people seem to be way more confused. Anyways, the only reason why I bought this issue is because Rick Remender made every attempt to make it known on Twitter that this wasn't just some throwaway tie in, and that it was essential to the Apocalypse Twins' story, and it was. Kang brought them into the AU timeline so they could take their own lives (intended to be Captain America, or whatever he's called now), while we find out that their training is pretty despicable and horrible, so both these characters are a bit tragic. Uriel ends up killing Havok, but takes mercy on Rogue, until Kang has his sister kill her. It was interesting to see how Uriel took mercy on Rogue, and how there might be some part of him in the present that doesn't believe in his actions, but we'll have to see how it plays out. So, I guess when Remender says something is important, it is!

Uncanny X-Men #6

God damn Frazer Irving's art has never looked so good! All these scenes in limbo are just so gorgeous, especially the double page spreads, it's hard to get over. I should probably try and not gush over how much I love the art and actually talk about the issue though. The Limbo stuff is interesting enough, I'm not sure if this Dormammu stuff is going to have a lasting effect, but I think the more interesting part of this issue took place with Maria Hill trying to get a new mutant agent to help SHIELD understand how mutants think, and in comes Dazzler, who I'm generally unfamiliar with, but know she's sort of a cult favorite, so whatever, that's cool. The bigger story that's going on here is probably gonna play into Battle of the Atom, so we'll see how that turns out. Overall, good art, good story, I'm a happy reader.

Deadpool #10

So I really enjoyed the last issue, and I thought this issue was alright, as I thought it took a step back and went to just being gags again, only with Doc-Ock Spiderman to play off of this time. I'm not a big Spiderman fan, if at all, so Ock's appearance in this issue really didn't do much for me, but I did sort of chuckle at the scene where Wade just starts shit talking Spiderman's rogues, and ends up on Ock. I've also started to think Wade's assassination targets have gotten a bit too on the nose… Guy from Jersey Shore, Aquaman, Donald Trump… it's hard to be tongue in cheek when everything is so obvious. At the end of the day, eh, whatever. Again, I thought it was alright. 


  1. I really enjoyed Trigon's origin and that made up for not getting the Red Robin cover story

  2. Frazer Irving's art fuckin' rocks!