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Stack Rundown, 05/18/2013

Pretty light week comparatively speaking. There were a few new entries and my trying out some stuff, but if it weren't for those, this would have been a five book post with my regular series. Not like I'm complaining, I finished writing this on Thursday, so I enjoyed that.

Justice League of America's Vibe #4

So, you know what I was not expecting? First page casual reveal that Dale Gunn (Vibe's ARGUS handler) was gay. Just strolls into his house, and oh look, there's his husband. This stuff has increasingly become more and more common in DC books, and treated very naturally. DC seems to do a lot of weird things, but at least they're getting that stuff right with all the various creators who make this stuff possible. So that was cool… You now what wasn't cool? Cover fakeouts. That's not Batman, it's Gypsy, which is fine, her part to play in this series is interesting (was she always an alien of sorts?) but… man, I wanted Batman. So with this issue, Waller officially declares Vibe AWOL, and sends the Suicide Squad after him, which makes me wonder if this will cause any problems in JLA. Or maybe Waller eventually calls of the dogs and that's that. Who knows. Book is still fun, check it out.

Sword of Sorcery #8

Yet another book… off the books. This series pretty much ended in a big battle between Eclipso and all the characters who have blood-powers. It was fun, action packed, good art, that's about as far as I can really offer my opinion on it. It's weird to see all these books end though. Each of these titles that've ended recently just sort of conclude the current story and that's it, no more, done. It's just an odd feeling, you know? Especially with this issue, which teases "Eclipso's diamond could still be in Gemworld, or Earth, let's go find it!" Yeah… that'll never be told. I don't know, a lot of these are just being wrapped up rather quickly, and it's obvious that most aren't really ending naturally.

Wonder Woman #20

You know what this book has missed for the past few issues? A good fight between Diana and whoever. you know what this issue gave us? A good fight between Diana and Artemis. I like Wonder Woman as a character and all, but I'm not going to lie, I love reading her just beat some ass, and taking Artemis with the lasso and just hurling her to the ground? Fuck yeah! The Game of Thrones like drama between the Gods continue, and it's continuing to be interesting and entertaining, meanwhile Cassandra and the First Born finally enter the picture, and we find out a little bit more about Lennox (other than he's Wonder Girl's father) and his family relations, as well as Diana has even more siblings… Zeus got around… Anyways, that leaves us with a final page that promises more ass kicking! Hooray!

Regular Show #1

Real talk… I think Regular Show is better than Adventure Time. Finn and Jake are great and all, but I just think the absurd normal situation gone deal Regular Show has going for it is better. So, that being said, I figured I'd check out the comic this week, and as you'd expect, Muscle Man starts a mosh pit that opens a portal to some evil realm, or something like that. Yeah, pretty ridiculous. I thought it was enjoyable, and a good representation of the show, but I'm not sure if these comics are for me, at least not on a monthly basis. They go buy real quick, and for $3.99 I don't think I can justify that to myself. I think like the Adventure Time comic, I'm just going to wait until these drop and every few months, just grab a bunch and read them in chunks. But, if you're a fan of the show, and feel completely opposite of me, then by all means, pick up the book, because you'll probably like it.

The Legend of Luther Strode #5

Only one more issue until the conclusion of this series! Booo! Hopefully there's another mini sometime next year. I think I remember seeing Justin Jordan mention "The Legacy of Luther Strode" or something on Twitter. Anyways, #5! You got your violence, your explosions, your "fuck fuck fuckity fucks," you got everything you'd expect in a Luther Strode issue, even with a little bit of romance! That's what I thought was interesting about this issue, apparently through the power of love, Luther overcomes the crazy bloodlust he's had for the past five years. Note to Batman, maybe try giving the Joker a hug next time? Fun issue, and the last one should be pretty crazy, just dealing with Jack the Ripper who is free. I'd love to see Tradd Moore do some art after this series is done. He's been drawing a few Deadpool covers here and there, and I think his exaggerated style could really work wonderfully on a title such as that.

The Eighth Seal #2

Wasn't a fan of Red Hood this week, but James Tynion sure is putting out a great book at Thrillbent with The Eighth Seal. There is a little fallout from the First Lady fainting again in public, as the political gossip wheel starts turning, asking if she has an eating disorder. Being from the DC area, I've been exposed to a lot of that type of crap, and have to sail Tynion is really hitting the nail on the head. The scene where the President's head of staff is just pissed off and yelling at his receptionist who just doesn't care was pretty hilarious. Then behind all the good dialogue, you still have that mystery as to what's going on with this monster version of the First Lady, she keeps seeing in the mirror. I also have to mention Jeremy Rock's art, because it is really good. He has a very clean style to his lines, and contrasts all that with the creepiness of the First Lady's hallucinations. As with the first issue, you can read it for free at Thrillbent's site, or buy it for a buck on Comixology. I keep buying it because… I don' know, whatever, it's a dollar.

Cable and X-Force #8

Surprise, I still really enjoy this book. Cable and Colossus use SWORD to go help out the rest of the team and crazy space hijinks and double-crosses go down. I thought Colossus came on a bit strong in this issue with his need to right everything (aka rescue Dom) and coincidentally enough, so did Domino, stomping out the prince in shining armor routine pretty quickly. Then we got a tease of the Uncanny Avengers getting involved again, which will go down next issue. There was one thing I came away thinking with this issue, and that is me wishing the other characters were used a bit more. Eight issues in and Forge as well as Dr. Nemesis are pretty much just comic relief, while most of the story is centered around Cable (obviously) with Colossus and Domino getting some more spotlight. Now, I love Forge and Nemesis' witty remarks, but I'd also like to see them take a bit more of an active roll on the team, that's all.

Bloodshot #11

WHOA! Valiant! If you follow me on Twitter, while I'm not tweeting about dressing up like Batman and punching Chris Evans in the balls, I often talk about comics. I've been catching up on the Valiant Universe these past few months, and I really love it. Every book they publish is worth checking out, and is incredibly strong. Anyways, we're in the Harbinger Wars crossover, and I had a bit of a problem with this issue in particular, mainly that it just retold Bloodshot's part in Harbinger Wars #2, just expanded upon it, and from his perspective. I read it, then thought "I just paid $3.99 for a book I've already read… lame." Don't get me wrong, it was cool seeing the protocol stuff in Bloodshot's head, but at the same time… I've already read this issue!

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