Saturday, May 11, 2013

Stack Rundown, 05/11/2013

My stack saw a fair share of sharks this week, for whatever reason, a few books come to their conclusion, and hey! I only actually paid for 12 out of these 13 books. SCORE. With all that $2.99 I saved, I'm practically rich!

Suicide Squad #20

Loved this issue. Now, before some crazy person decides to go back through all my comments on the past issue and try and call me out, yes, this was a lot like the "Let's check in on every character at Belle Reeve" issues that I thought were boring as shit from Glass' run. The difference here is, this issue had heart and substance behind it. It had a purpose, which manifested itself in the Hannibal Lecter like twist with James Gordon Jr. Nothing came from those past issues, a lot came out of this one, with all the psychoanalysis, as well as just the twist itself, which took everyone by surprise. Ales Kot really impressed me with this issue, and I hope he's on it for a good long while. Then there was Patrick Zircher's art, which was colored by Jason Keith, and boy was it gorgeous. This book has been either pretty lacking or inconsistent in the art department from issue #1, with I'd say an exception around the mid teen issue, but to have Zircher on this title is like a blessing. Love how he draws Harley.

Demon Knights #20

Bernard Chang got some greater recognition at DC and went off to do Green Lantern Corps, so there was an art switch with this book, and… it's fine, similar to Chang in a way, but the faces need some work. The expressions are just so stiff, and faces themselves stretched out, it's pretty distracting. There's one scene where Xanadu gets snatched up by a kracken's tentacle, and 3 out of the 5 faces on the panel are stone cold expressionless. Anyways, Venditti continues the fun fantasy story he started with the vampire story, and transitions into this hunt for the Holy Grail very naturally. Definitely another fun issue, which makes me excited for his Green Lantern run.

Justice League of America #3

Despite the delay, Johns and Finch produced yet another entertaining issue, though, the delay did cause some issues with other books, mainly a point I slammed Nocenti on in the preview of the most recent issue of Catwoman… so sorry Nocenti, about that one of probably a hundred points I have against that book. Anyways, we see the team's first mission, and… it's a bit rough. One of the highlights has been Catwoman, who Katana isn't quite keen on trusting, but Martian Manhunter puts that to rest. Johns has focused on Catwoman quite a bit, and I've really enjoyed it so far, given that I'm lacking good Catwoman stories elsewhere. The backup also featured a story about Marian Manhunter going into Selina's mind, and vis versa, which was pretty interesting. Moving on to art, I feel safe in guessing that the two week delay was at least partially due to Finch going back to pencil and paper (he had been using digital since, I believe when Hurwitz took over The Dark Knight) and this issue had a mix of Finch's solo pages and some of Richard Friend's inked pages. I have to say, I enjoy Finch's art when someone else is inking it. Finched used a lot of heavy lines when he was handling all the drawing, which is saying a bit, since his style calls for a heavy line regardless, but I much prefer a thinner heavy line, like the ones Friend provides.

Team 7 #8 

So, this wrapped up… and that's about I can say about it. Gaizen wants to open Pandora's box, Majestic wants to, then Lynch wants to, and ultimately no one gets to, as Black Canary uses her cry to bring the house down (on top of her husband, who just prior to two years of that plot thread going, it seems she'll finally figure that one out) and Waller ends up shooting Lynch, which obviously didn't take. Did this book stand much of a chance? Honestly, with how  most of the Wildstorm properties faired in the New 52, probably not. I've said it countless times, sticking it with some not-crossover crossover at the start was a bad move, and what has come of Eclipso since then? He goes to another cancelled book. Woo. There were some fun moments to this book, but you know, as with many New 52 books, it just ultimately had no chance to sell well enough. Thankfully DC seems to believe in Justin Jordan, and keep giving him books. Green Lantern Corps and Superboy should stick around for a while too, barring some truly stupid shakeups, so that's good.

Constantine #3

I think it's safe to say, after the first three issues of this series, Constantine is WAY more of a bastard in here than he is, anywhere else in the DCU, and that's a pretty good thing, and hopefully has shut a lot of people up. This closed out the first arc, and in true Constantine fashion, a bunch of people get fucked over, yet he makes it out pretty alright. Fawkes and Lemire (mostly Fawkes) have done a fine job of separating this title from JLD in tone and content, which makes me generally interested to see how it continues moving on into Trinity War. You can have Constantine fuck over Billy Batson in some way, but it's not like he's going to get the kid killed or anything. While the first three issues were pretty good, there's still a lot to be seen with how this book functions outside of itself, which I'm looking forward to, mostly due to curiosity. I think it'll be fun, so here's looking forward to the upcoming Trinity War stuff.

Deathstroke #20

So ends another series. Despite this getting wrapped up pretty quickly, it was a fun issue with some cool action. The thing I didn't like about it was how they basically just killed all of Deathstroke's family, with the exception of Rose. It just feels wasteful. Yeah, okay, after 20 issues, the character didn't work out in a solo capacity, doesn't mean you have to just kill everyone, and close the door on potential stories. I mean, I don't know what you'd do with most of Deathstroke's family outside a book starring him, but it just felt unnecessary to do so. Oh well, someone send Deathstroke after Batman, we could use a good Batman vs Deathstroke fight, not like he has anything better to do now, am I right?!

Uncanny Avengers #8

So, if the JLA being dysfunctional is entertaining, Uncanny Avengers is about to top that with entertainment close to the wildest sex imaginable. Things are about to get SO BAD between this team, and all it took was the Apocalypse twins to say "Hey, why don't you go ask Wolverine what he and his X-Force buddies did a little while back" you know… killing a whole bunch of people, including a child. With the double shipping it feels like I say this almost every week, but this book is so good now! It's completely filling that gap that was left when Rememnder moved on from UXF to launch this series. This is going to be a shit storm of epic proportions, and then Daken is going to be brought back and maaaaaaan I can't wait. The one thing I'm a bit confused on is how this relates to the Red Skull stuff, but I'm sure it'll get explained down the line. I guess I'm picking up the AU issue as well too? Remender said it was pretty important for the Apocalypse twins, so I guess I have no choice. Damn you Marvel!

Uncanny X-Force #4

I'm confused as to what happened here, everything went by real quick, and it felt like it took all but two minutes to read this issue. So, there's some Owl spirt or something in Bishop, making him act like a bear or whatever, that's after the girl Spiral is protecting? Then it takes her over? Meanwhile despite the cover, we get barely any Fantomex, Cluster, Dark Fantomex? Yeah, I felt this was a disappointing ending to this arc, which is a shame, given how I thought this series started off pretty enjoyable. I'm disappointed in myself for going to a forum to look up and see if I missed anything (mainly with that owl) and man… I shouldn't have done that… the internet is a hellhole, let's just say that.

Deadpool #9

Things have taken a distinct turn in this book, which I'm pretty alright with. The story has gotten a bit serious, and Deadpool is cracking wise, waaaay less (which still means he's cracking wise, plenty, but still). Here Wade is doing a demon's dirty work, but gets pretty bummed out, and realizes that he's dealing with a demon, which isn't going to end up well for anyone involved, but the demon… so he pulls something REALLY fucking dark, to try and rat the demon out to Mephisto. If you would have told me this is the way the book goes while I was reading the dead presidents arc, I probably wouldn't have believed you, but man… Kind of surprising in a way. Of course, this is all while Wade has a lady living in his head, while hanging out with Ben Franklin's ghost, but even with those elements still in place, I'm still kind of speechless when it comes to it. Don't get me wrong, I'm enjoying this less humorous take, because one of my complaints early on was "is this book just going to be one-liner after one-liner?" and it wasn't, so good on team Deadpool.

Fearless Defenders #4

And I continue to enjoy the book that I have no business enjoying. I say that because I had literally no idea who any of these characters were coming in, but you know what… it's fun. Just a bunch of alpha-ladies swinging swords into mummy ladies, it's well told, and I don't need much else past that to be entertained. Each of the characters is enjoyable in their own way and… well yeah, I don't have really a whole lot of thoughts on this one, it is what it is, and that's an enjoyable book.

Thor: God of Thunder #8

So young Thor hits middle Thor in the face with a spaceshark… That happened, I'm not making this up. There are spacesharks and on is used as a blunt weapon. This book is ridiculous, and that's what makes it great. It's not a comedic book, by any means, but the bits of humor we get are by far the best parts of the issues. Between spacesharks, talk of ale, old Thor giving shit to everyone who doesn't have a beard, and Thor's granddaughter getting hot for him, this is a really funny book, set against a grim as all hell backdrop. I'm honestly a little worried about my interest for this book once it moves past the three Thors, because the concept is so great, and it is backed up by some of the most entertaining banter I've read in a comic in recent months. Thor being his own supporting cast is just too good, I don't want it to end.

Witchblade #166

This was the first issue of Witchblade released since news of Ron Marz coming back to write it in October, and I have to say, sort of unfortunate, because this may have been one of my favorites in Tim Seeley's run so far. Surprisingly, there was barely any Witchblading of any sorts in this issue, nope, this was Sara doing her thing as a PI, to try and thwart the "Hipster Anti-Christ" (her words). Some of my favorite issues of the series have been when Sara was doing mostly cop business, so I really enjoyed her keeping the Witchblade saddled for most of the issue, while her brains and investigational skills did most of the work. It helps illustrate the point that Sara is more than a lady with boobs and some crazy artifact, which unfortunately many people still believe. The absolute best was towards the end when you think Sara has been beaten, but then all the sudden it gets completely reverse, and Sara is pretty much just going "HA, I win!"

Aphrodite IX #1

This was the only FCBD issue I picked up this year, and I just had to wake up and turn on my iPad! It was great! So, I read the original IX mini series with David Finch, and I thought it was alright… it was real big on the cheesecake though, but enjoyable. Robotic assassin who gets in close with her looks, makes the kill, then has memory wiped. Pretty alright concept. Pretty much the same thing here, with a different setting. She's found in a post-apoctalyptic earth where there are two factions of humans, those genetically modified, and those augmented with cybernetics. Fun first issue, though I had a problem with her handler who was found so easily going along with the cybernetic dudes who woke him up. Big draw for me was Stejpan Sejic's art. Loved him on Witchblade, Artifacts and Ravine, still love his stuff here. Not sure how long he's gonna be on the series though, he's apparently drawing that mini series where Jackie Estacado dies, but he does just draw a shit ton of stuff in general, like Ravine and Sunstone… which is getting collected soon… helloooooooo... but I digress, my point being, the dude draws a lot at all times, so I have no idea what his monthly limit is. But, the more Sejic art, the better, so whatever! I'll read anything.


  1. You should read the Ravagers finale to see what they're gonna do with Rose

    1. No thanks. An Deathstroke came after that anyways.

    2. You sure? They do something that totally prevents her from appearing in Deathstroke

    3. Deathstroke is cancelled the final two issues of it happened after Racagers 12 chronologically.

    4. Huge editorial mistake on DC's part, I guess?

    5. No, #19 had a note that it takes place after Ravagers

    6. Mkay I'm not saying you're reading it wrong. I'm saying there was a serious disconnect between books. Or maybe Deathstroke 19 only took place after Ravagers 11

    7. No, I looked into this, at the end of Ravagers 12, Slade takes his daughter and Terra, then Deathstroke 19 and 20 happen.

  2. As much as I loved JLA3 in terms of art and story (i do have a lot of positive things to say about it), there are ton of visible errors. I feel like I'm discovering new ones every time I read it (new drinking game maybe?). Backwards colour scheme on the flag, Africans and Arabs having blue eyes, and Martian Manhunter coloured as Batman are to name a few :p I guess this is what happens when comics are delayed?

  3. Not just any lady, but a black lady with a family to boot.

  4. What is the current line up of the Suicide Squad? I read they're getting new members?

    1. Deadshot, King Shark, Harley Quinn Unknown Soldier, James Gordon Jr (not a field agent) and Cheetah will be coming into the mix based on August's cover.