Wednesday, May 22, 2013

SPOILERS: Talon #8

Casey and Sarah Washington are this close to the Gotham bus station, when they're interrupted by Felix Harmon grabbing Sarah, and demanding to be brought to Calvin Rose. Not wanting her daughter's head to be ripped off, Casey complies, and everyone is surprised to find Calvin stone cold dead on the floor of Sebastian's compound, with no one else to be found.

Cut to some time later, and John Wycliffe, the Grandmaster of the Court, is meeting with some more Owls members under the Gotham public library, where Casey is being held, and tortured for info regarding back ups of the data Calvin deleted. They get nothing out of her, as Casey only speaks to ask where her daughter is.

Deeper in the compound, Wycliffe looks over Calivn's dead body, and as you would assume, because this book has to go on somehow, orders his scientists to start the revival process, and Calvin soon finds himself alive (sort of) and at the mercy of the Court. Wycliffe shows Calvin images of Casey, and tells him that Sarah isn't even in their current compound, and they're attempting to indoctrinate her as they speak, so if he wants both their lives to be spared, he's to bow down to his new masters right then and there. Not having any options, Calvin is forced to comply, and gets on his knees, as unseen members of the Court erupt in laughter. Wycliffe then asks who killed him, and all Calvin says is: "Bane." Surprised by this answer, Wycliffe knows exactly where Sebastian is, Santa Prisca.

In Santa Prisca, Bane speaks with Wycliffe about how he was brought up, claiming Calvin was weak, and never would be able to bend Gotham. Bane on the other hand, he's strong, and he's got an army built in his image to prove it, who is ready to storm Gotham at his call.

Calvin assumes that he'll be sent to kill Bane and Sebastian, but Wycliffe wants to get him warmed up first, as they've got a serum that will permanently (and painfully) put some of their rouge Talons out of commission, and Strix of the Birds of Prey is becoming quite the problem.

As Calvin suits up, while pretty freaked out internally, notices that his chest plate no longer feels heavy, and that he won't feel pain anymore. He tries to convince himself it's all for the best, but the situation at hand is a lot to process as he comes across both Batgirl and Strix, a mirror image of Birds of Prey #20's ending.


The Good:

Love where this book has been headed these past two issues. "Surprise! You worked for a dude from the Court all along... now you're dead! Now you work for the real Court. Ain't life a bitch?" The turn reminds me of Andrew Bennett turning evil in I, Vampire, which I loved. Changes like this which completely shake up the status quo without throwing everything out (like say, Stormwatch) are just absolutely great.

The Bad:

Miguel Sepulveda's art is a mixed bag. For the most part, I like it, but there are some panels that just look kinda off. He draws a great Bane, but some of his facial expressions are a bit weird. Stuff like that. Overall, I completely understand why he was chosen to replace March, but he doesn't quite match up. I just hope it's a little more consistent going forward.

The Bottom Line:

This issue served as a great start to the second arc, and I dare say the Court has never been more interesting as it is in this book. When most books says "things will never be the same!" it's mostly bullshit, Talon joins the thin ranks of recent books to actually pull that off. If you were reading the series before, the art may throw you off a bit, but hey, I think it's perfectly fine for the most part, and things could be worse. If you haven't been reading this book before, I've got to really recommend you do, because it has been consistently entertaining and fresh from issue #0, and this second arc is a great jumping on point.


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