Wednesday, May 8, 2013

SPOILERS: Suicide Squad Gets a New Consultant

Ten bucks says I pretty much just wrote DC's "THIS JUST HAPPENED" blog for the week? (I really hate that line). Anyways...

It's no secret I thought Suicide Squad was a very hot and cold book, particularly cold towards the end of Glass' run, being that it relied so heavily on the threat of Basilisk, who as I've said before, I'm pretty sure no one gives a shit about. So, I've been really looking forward to the Ales Kot & Patrick Zircher takeover of the title, which starts with today's issue #20... and quite the last page reveal, I've got to say.

After their most recent mission, Waller locks the Squad back up in Belle Reeve, and brings in a mysterious "consultant" to evaluate her squad. Why bring in this particular consultant, drenched in shadow? Well, because he has a special expertise, serial killing.

I'll give you some hints, he should be familiar to this blog, and you have to keep in mind Waller's ability to bring people back from the dead, after the Squad's encounter with Resurrection Man.

Done guessing? Well, hit the jump to see who it is.

James Gordon Jr!

Very not dead, and very now in love with Amanda Waller... You know what, I think me, Ales Kot, and Patrick Zircher are going to get along just fine.

UPDATE: and because I'm a moron, I had completely forgotten that Barbara Gordon got her start as Oracle in the original run of Suicide Squad, which makes today's reveal that much cooler. Thanks to commenter Colton for making my dumb ass remember that.


  1. I can't wait to pick it up. Though I do not care for the eyepatch look for jr. It looks especially silly with the glasses. Its kind of cool that Barbara worked for the suicide squad in the original and now her brother works for the new version

    1. Oh shit you're right, I had completely forgotten about her Oracle origins!

  2. Between the sick, twisted idea of bringing in Jr and Harl's choice of PJs, I for one am all into this. I have to say, I really wish that Waller would have the Squad pick her up a couple of Big Macs while they are out though. I miss big Waller. Still... I guess it is slightly more unsettling to have a thin, attractive woman doing this horrible s#!t.