Wednesday, May 15, 2013

SPOILERS: Birds of Prey #20

Yep, Starling is the traitor, which anyone could predict by her absence from the last few covers, anyone except Black Canary, who kicks herself in the ass for not figuring it out earlier. Turns out Ev and Mr. Freeze are old buddies, but she hasn't turned completely against the Birds, pointing out that the Court of Owls are their ultimate enemy. But, neither Dinah or Batgirl are having any of it, Strix is frozen, and who the hell cares about Condor?

With all the talking Ev points out the Freeze that they're stalling, trying to get Strix free, so Freeze lays down another coat of ice, but has promised not to kill the Birds. In the chaos, the two Court scientists try to escape while Babs starts to fight Ev, and Dinah teams up with Condor against Freeze.

It doesn't take much for Freeze to temporarily best Dinah and Condor, as he just traps them behind an enclosure of ice, then begins to stalk the scientists, while Ev and Babs duke it out.

Freeze finds the two scientists having just been hung up upon by the Grandmaster of the Court, having been informed Mary was there. Freeze begins to torture the scientists, as he wants to know what the regenerative property they used in combination with his tech was... I wonder why.

Dinah ends up using some C4 to blow the ice, and Condor's power to hold back the blast from harming them. But as she gets out, Freeze lets Ev know he has the info he wanted, and to meet at the rendezvous point. Dinah gives chase to Ev, who is still telling her former teammate they can get past it, but Dinah lets out a canary cry that almost brings the hallway down on top of her.

Having been pulled away from the wreckage, and having lost Ev, Dinah turns to freeing Strix from the ice with Bab's help. Dinah has Babs go outside to get Strix in some warmth, but as she heads outside, another Talon, of the Calvin Rose variety is waiting for her.


The Good:

As much as I don't like it, Ev makes some sense here. We knew she was a double agent, but at least she tried to salvage the relationship, I just don't like how it went down at all. Jonathan Glapion is also inking the title now, after leaving Batman, and he brings his particular flare that I like to the series. A while ago I was looking at some of Molenaar's pencils, and he is a guy who really leaves a good amount of freedom to the inker, so Glapion's inclusion is very noticeable in a good way.

The Bad:

Knew the turn was coming, but hated how it went down. We all knew Ev was working for Amanda Waller, after the Team 7 fallout, but Mr. Freeze is not Amanda Waller. So Ev and Freeze are friends? Okay... mind explaining that? No. Well son of a bitch. One of the most persistent problems with this series was that it hardly ever answered anything, for whatever reason, so to just introduce something Freeze and Ev working together, and giving no context, just brings up all sorts of bad memories. I also have some issues with the dialogue early in the issue, the exchange between Ev and Dinah, then Ev and Babs just comes off as mean spirited, when Ev really has no reason to be, given she tries and reason with them later.

The Bottom Line:

As you can see by my post on the preview, I was not happy with this coming in. I expected to not like it at all, but came out of it having liked it more than I thought I would. I still have major problems with how some of the things went down, but I can at least buy into what happened. I only hope that we actually get an answer to why, but wouldn't be surprised if it doesn't happen in Birds of Prey... Hopefully Starling shows up in Suicide Squad (due to the Waller connection), or I feel like the heel turn will be yet another mystery never answer.


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  1. This issue is better than I expected too.
    Ev has become more of an antihero now (just like Poison Ivy).
    Her relationship with Mr. Freeze is random and you can tell it was a last-minute decision just so the editors could get rid of her and make Black Canary and Batgirls the stars of the show.
    If Ev doesn't come back, it would have been the stupidest move to make because she was popular with comic readers.
    The current team is so MEH. Condor and Strix don't suck, but they shouldn't be regular characters in this series.
    I want to leave this series along with Starling, but a part of me is curious as to where they're going to go with this.
    The crossover next month might be interesting, but the series will not be as good as it used to be.