Wednesday, May 15, 2013

SPOILERS: Batwoman #20

Hey Kate, your crazy sister is alive! Surprise! Turns out Chase found her, after it started to come together that Kate was Batwoman. She started looking into anyone who crossed path with Kate, and eventually got in deep into a Religion of Crime stronghold with some DEO agents, were attacked by a surprising amount of cultists, and was the only one to make it out alive. In the aftermath of that fight, Chase came across the sarcophagus that held Beth, and the DEO hasn't even been able to figure out how the thing kept her alive.

All of this, well, it sort of pisses Kate off, as she attacks Bones, pointing out to Chase (gun drawn) that it was the DEO who gave her a bulletproof suit. Kate calms herself a bit, and asks to speak with her sister. Kate is granted a few minutes to speak with Beth, who comes off a bit normal, but as Kate is requested to leave, her voice changes back to creepy, given the lettering change.

So, Bones has a new bargaining chip, claiming the DEO can fix Beth. Figure out who Batman is, and Batwoman gets her sister back. Kate agrees to the deal, but adds the stipulations that once complete, the DEO will erase everything they have on her father, and she'll never work for them again.

Kate returns to her and Maggie's apartment to find not only Maggie, but her father, stepmother, and cousin waiting for her. Bette had planted a bug on Kate earlier, and they all heard what happened. Kate gets crazy defensive, but everyone just wants to bring Beth back, and help her out. It gets to the point where Maggie finally points out that Kate lied just as much as her father, and needs to stop being a martyr, or she can leave.

Given the proposition, Kate gets off the cross, as Maggie would put it, collapses on the couch, and is willing to accept her family's help.


The Good:

To tell you the truth, this is one of those issues that I just generally enjoyed a lot, but couldn't articulate well enough as to why. I think I just really enjoyed Kate's attitude towards Bones, she was pretty badass in that scene, and I'm really interested in seeing how Beth turns out, because it's been quite a while since she went MIA. Also happy that the family situation has gotten resolved, sort of, it's been a long wait for that to move past no one speaking to each other.

The Bad:

The Chase story about how she found Beth took up 8 pages, I feel like that was a bit too much for a simple story of "Went it, was attacked by the cult, lost some dudes, found your sister."

Trevor McCarthy's art, while continuing to be great, left a little to desire in the layouts, which even with him, I've come to expect more complex spreads.

The Bottom Line:

I thought this was a really good issue, with some genuine emotional moments spread through out. While this title seems to struggle with which scenes should be a priority, the ones we got with Kate and her family progressed the character's relationships quite a bit, in very few stages. For awhile, it was just "I hate my dad! Sorry Bette, but no! Oh no, my girlfriend! My secret! Bwwaaaah!" But all that has changed in a matter of a few issues, and change is good when it brings progression!


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