Thursday, May 2, 2013

LoTDK #48, Seeley and Catwoman, OH MY!

Hey look, I'm making an effort to cover this series more! Most of this is due to the fact that there are some creators lined up I'm interested in, but, I figure I should at least make mention of this series a little more than I have in the past few months regardless. This week's issue saw a short one off story written by Tim Seeley, and illustrated by Freddie Williams II, both of whom, I'm fans of.

This will be a bit of a different post that usual. There will be some spoilers, there will be some review, there will be some opinion on a different matter. So, with that, welcome back to Legends of the Dark Knight coverage.

So, "Unlucky Thirteen" was a story about a henchman who just has bad luck. He screws up a lot, and one of these screw ups ended up with him accidentally shooting one of Penguin's inside sources at a bank, thus screwing up the crimelord's would be plans. So, with Penguin gunning for him, Thirteen has no choice but try and attract Batman's attention.

His plan works, and Thirteen eventually gets Batman feeling sorry enough for him, to help him out and put him into hiding... What Thirteen failed to mention, is that in ordered to pay back his debt to Penguin, he was to gas Batman, and lead a group of thugs to finish him off, permanently. Thirteen had swallowed a gas canister/gps unit, but with a kick to the stomach from Batman earlier, the gas has started to leak into Thirteen's stomach. Meanwhile, the thugs who were following him start to discuss Thirteen's streak of bad luck, and when their truck gets passed by a black cat, they pack it up and head home, despite the cat being on loan to Damian from a particular cat aficionado, who I'll speak about later.

Anyways, Bruce doesn't need much to figure out the whole scheme, but he doesn't punish Thirteen with his usual justice fueled beat down. With Thirteen proving how unlucky he actually is, Bruce just calls him an idiot, then transports him to a hospital to get treatment. Conveniently enough, Thirteen is put into the room with the girl he had shot accidentally, who he thought was pretty cute (he had a mask on during the robbery, but still... that's gonna be an awkward date) and they start to hit it off, with Bruce outside the window... Because he likes to watch.


So personally, I really enjoyed this story. It was simple, yet had a bit of heart. Bruce doesn't always need to be a total dick about everything, so it was nice to see him give a dumb kid some slack, and not destroy him with justice filled kicks and punches, you know, the usual Batman stuff. As I mentioned above, I'm a big fan of both these creators. Tim Seeley's Hack/Slash was a favorite of mine, and I've always enjoyed Freddie Williams' cartoony style. They made for a great pair, and I'd easily recommend picking up this chapter, I mean... it's only $0.99.

Oh, I'm not done. So, last night, I was going to send out a tweet saying something along the lines of: "I'd like to see Tim Seeley write Catwoman, but I don't know, I can't see him writing for DC, for whatever reason." But then I didn't, because, hell what do I know... and today confirmed that I know nothing. Then Selina was even mentioned directly in this issue, so fuck it, I'm making my case now: Tim Seeley would be great on Catwoman, in my mind. My thoughts on the current Catwoman situation are clear, it is shit. It is currently written by someone whose warped perspective on the character comes off as a cheap fever dream. The woman being presented in that book right now is in no way, shape, or form, anything near a true representation of who Selina Kyle is. That's my biggest problem with the series right now, and I feel like Seeley could do a lot of justice to who Selina Kyle is. Catwoman should be smart, cunning, a bit sophisticated, sexy, but above all else, not afraid to get down and dirty when put into a shitty situation. With the exception of the sophisticated bit, Seeley has a lot of experience writing these traits in a certain character of his creation... Cassie Hack.

Now, if you've never read an issue of Hack/Slash, it's probably pretty easy to write it off as just another character exploiting a half naked woman with big boobs and a mini skirt, especially given all the gender issues brought in comics every other week. But, you'd be entirely wrong with those assumptions. Yes, Cassie Hack wears a bunch of mini skirts, fishnets, and bras, shows a lot of skin, and has *gasp* had sex, but Hack/Slash was a series where the T&A was so secondary. Take away the skimpy outfits and over the top violence, Cassie is a character who is above all else, smart, cunning, resilient, and ultimately very conflicted, much like how I (and many others) believe a character like Catwoman should be portrayed. Cassie saw her fair share of bad situations, but would stop at nothing to prevail in the end. Often enough, despite her not wanting to get close to anyone, she would end up befriending various misfits along the way, and ultimately risking her life to save the lives of those she held close. Sound familiar? Even with the horror background of the series, there was a great deal of human drama that came with Cassie, an element that made her very sympathetic to go along with her more badass (thus instantly likable) side. Seriously... is it starting to sound familiar yet? Because it really should.

I'm not saying Cassie Hack and Selina Kyle are one in the same, they're definitely not... but they share enough of the same qualities to make me think that Seeley would do a great job, given the opportunity to write Catwoman. Given that Ron Marz will be coming back to Witchblade (Seeley has written one hell of a Sara Pezzini, by the way) his plate will be that much more open, and in my fantasy world, DC's east coast office will take note of the digital division's talent selection and make a move. If Seeley was ever given the opportunity, I'd hope he would accept it (and DC that wouldn't change their mind before he ships an issue) because it could be really fun, and just what Catwoman needs. Who knows... maybe this wouldn't be something he's interested, maybe I'm typecasting, but the dude knows how to write strong female characters, and if I was an editor, right at the top of my list of writers to try and get.

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