Thursday, May 30, 2013

Looking Forward: June 5th, 2013

June! Lots of stuff happening this month, mostly Zero Month the week following next, but first we got some comics to go through.
  • Detective Comics #21: Scot Eaton guest pencils, as Harper Row joins Batman and John Layman in a one off issue. Ever notice how no regular artist has ever drawn Harper Row in length? 
  • Batwing #21: Batwing continues his first mission against Lion-Mane, and later this month will be meeting Jonah Hex... may have something about that.
And that's it for the week, mostly. I'm gonna pass on a panels post this week, only two books, might as well put them in with next week's two. Besides that, I'm just a bit burnt out, and will be headed out of town in a bit, so blogging isn't in my top priorities. I'll still have Stack Rundown, due to not having many books this week, and I think I'll have it go up a bit early, let's say Friday? 

No Earth 2 Batman post either. There weren't any real clues to who he is, so that post would be a whole lot of nothing.

Something else to look forward to next week, if pattern holds true, we'd probably see "preview" solicits, which means DC will have to announce what they're doing in September, be it Villain Month, or Forever Evil, or whatever. So look for that. God knows how I'm gonna cover that if not every issue translates perfectly to a current series.


  1. But wouldn't it be nice for you to promote Earth-2 Batman on how he is waging a war againts the Apokalyps forces of Earth-2? Who cares who is beneath the mask ultimately, this is a Batman on a war mission!