Thursday, May 9, 2013

Like Harley? Read Legends of the Dark Knight Today

Man, Legends of the Dark Knight has been two for two these past few weeks with chapters I've really enjoyed. We found out a little while ago that former not-Birds of Prey writer (seriously, DC?) Jim Zub would have two chapters of LotDK coming out, to which he said was very inspired by the Paul Dini/Bruce Timm Harley. Now, a lot of people cite the Animated Series for reference as to where they're aiming, but not everyone hits the mark. That said, I can tell you with confidence that Zub not only hits the mark, but then proceeds to construct a giant arrow sign pointing to how well he hit it, with the words "kiss my ass, suckas!" in big bold type.


The issue sees Batman trying to get Joker's location out of Harley. Batman is of very little words, while Harley has a lot to say, a lot of which surrounds the choice of ice cream flavor she sees Batman going for. Harley jumps around the panels, spitting off line after line, with plenty of "Mistah J," "B-Man," and "Puddin'." All the aesthetics of the animated portrayals of Batman and Harley are there, and it's really, really fun. Also, I'd be stupid not to mention artist Neil Googe's take on both the characters. As you can see above, Harley is plenty goofy and expressive (also moves around beautifully) meanwhile Batman is all frowns. Again, perfect.

But, this is a two-part story after all, and this first half ends on a very promising note. Harley agrees to give up Joker's location to Batman, but only if he humors him, by sitting down and letting her play shrink with him. By the end of this chapter, I was just smiling from ear to ear, already waiting for next Thursday.

Anyways, I'll have a review of the story next week, but it's probably pretty easy to see where I'm going with this one.  For now, I'd advise you to buy #49, which is available now. If you regret it, then I'm just going to say you made some poor life decisions to you to this point.

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