Sunday, April 7, 2013

Trinity War Cometh

So, pretty soon after the launch of the New 52, we knew that the next event would be called "Trinity War" and that was about it for nearly a year. Now, we know just what the actual Trinity War will be, and it's kind of surprising.

"Trinity War" will be a six issue crossover between three current titles, Justice League, Justice League of America, and Justice League Dark, beginning in July, and ending shortly there after in August. This is not what I was expecting, at all. I was expecting a Blackest Night or Flashpoint style mini series drawn by Jim Lee Doug Mahnke,with a couple of tie-ins here and there, that seemed to be the norm, and I thought they'd be leaving guaranteed sales on the table if they were to do anything else, because the mini would sell, as would the ins.

But instead, we're getting six issues that start one month, and end the next, which from a consumer standpoint, is pretty great... where other companies pump out events with 12 issues that could have been told in half the time, or somehow produce 10 issues in two and half months. So, you know... good on DC, I guess? I'm still sort of taken back by the fact that it's just a simple six issue crossover story.

Other details involve the fact that Jeff Lemire will be co-writing Justice League of America with Geoff Johns, and Doug Mahnke will be drawing those two issues (at least) as well. Justice League and Dark's creative teams remain the same (although, I didn't see Fawkes mentioned anywhere, sooo?) and... well, yeah. I'm still just sort of shocked that this is what "Trinity War" turned out to be. Apparently it's not going to end cleanly and will have some shared universe altering repercussions, but what even't doesn't?

So, that's "Trinity War" in a nutshell, and if Batman does anything crazy, I'm sure I'll post it here... as it's what I tend to do. Side note though, this could explain the lack of any new titles that would fill out the spots left in the New 49 (when Inc. ends). Makes absolutely no sense to launch books around or during an event like this, and gives them the perfect opportunity to launch books afterwards too. Just saying.

(Source: USA Today)


  1. True, they could just release new books after this is over, but it's still weird for them to wait so long. It's times like this where they really should drop the "New 52" branding.

    Honestly, I'm rather reluctant to accept this as what DC has been proclaiming to be their first "real" event. Sure, it will have lasting effects, but honestly, it's a story told in a manner like H'el on Earth, Throne of Atlantis, and Green Lantern events. I don't think we've gotten to the next "Crisis" kind of major event, because this feels too small for that.

    1. They could easily drop the New 52 branding with this as well. Wouldn't be surprised actually.

  2. Do you think DC will only drop the "New 52" brand or do you think they think they will also go back to the Pre-Flashpoint timeline?

    1. They're never going back to the pre flashpoint universe. It's be a bigger shit show than the New 52 and they'd lose all credibility.