Saturday, April 20, 2013

Stack Rundown, 04/20/2013

Holy crap, you guys, it is not even 3:30 on Friday and I'm putting this post to bed. I'm FREE. No "oh shit, I forgot to do the stack rundown post" for me anymore. Writing all this ahead of time is the way to go!

Justice League #19

So, you know what's pretty weird that I just noticed? Out of all the Bat-kids, Jason Todd is the one who seems to be closest with Bruce at the moment. Maybe "closest" isn't the right word, but he's definitely the one who hangs out the most now, especially given how he makes a surprise guest appearance in this issue, as he and Alfred are debating displaying Damian's costume in the cave. Anyways, so some stuff happens… A guy steals kryptonite from the cave, using all of Bruce's biometric scanners, Superman and Wonder Woman do some middle east crime fighting, almost sparking an international incident (while Wonder Woman sounds a bit like her Injustice counter part), Batman is all "I know you guys are doing it, lol" and finally Despero arrives in the Justice League HQ with a kryptonite ring, wonder where he got that! I don't have a whole lot of feelings on this issue, as it was some pretty heavy set up material. I'm glad Bruce at least came out with it, and it seems like something will eventually come from the Superman Wonder Woman relationship, so at least they're not just sitting on that. In other news, I'm coming to like this new Atom. She seems fun. Shazam back up is still pretty enjoyable, even though Billy is a dumbass.

Justice League of America's Vibe #3

You know what sucks? How poorly this book launched in terms of sales. It deserves a lot more than it has been getting, because it's generally just a fun book to read. Yeah, it's Vibe, he had a worse reputation than Aquaman prior to the New 52, but whatever, he's all new now, and not that lame. Well, conceptually, he's not that lame, but he's still really green so to speak. At one point in the issue, his brother asks why he's on look out at the top of a skyscraper, then asks what's going to happen when he needs to get down quickly. Super heroes doesn't look all that heroic taking the stairs. Anyways, this issue saw Vibe being directed to try and take out Kid Flash who ARGUS lied and said was a deadly criminal. Surprisingly, we get a good amount of teases into Kid Flash's mysterious past (yet another dangling plot thread in the New 52 no one has done dick with) which I thought was pretty cool to see. Another point to note out, this was Sterling Gates' first issue, and he didn't miss a beat, still just as enjoyable as the first two issues.

Wonder Woman #19

I enjoyed this issue for two main reasons. The first one was the fact that everything seems to be coming together. We've had the First Born sort of hanging out, doing his own thing for a while now, with the loose idea of him wanting to take over Olympus. But where does that fit in with Wonder Woman, since you know, this is her book… Well, turns out the prophecy of the First Born taking over Olympus requires the Last Born, aka Zola's child Nigel… or Zeke, or whatever the hell his name actually is. So yeeeeeah, it's all coming together, you see? Meanwhile you got Apollo and his buddies conspiring, Poseidon and Hades conspiring and Wonder Woman just hanging out with her buddies too. Then Lenox says he's leaving, which I hope not, because he's pretty much the John Constantine of the group… kind of a dick, smokes a lot, etc. etc. But Orion is still there, right? Nope. Cus Wonder Woman threatens to rip his balls of her bare hands, which is the second resin why I really loved this issue. Next time Darkseid shows up, Wonder Woman should just rip his balls off. Game over.

Sword of Sorcery #7

Didn't really enjoy Birds of Prey this week, but I still am enjoying Marx's take on this series. It's pretty weird though, you can tell when this book was cancelled, as it just goes from this grand Gemworld scope, to Eclipso in no time flat. Now, I don't really care about Eclipso all that much, but I do appreciate how Marx is weaving him into the Game of Thrones like lore of Gemworld with all the houses and unions between them creating Eclipso, it's pretty cool. Sucks that this book struggled to find its audience, I've enjoyed it from the start. Oh well. Next month is the final issue, so hopefully it goes out strong, I'd also like to see it open up the possibility of Amethyst showing up in something like Justice League Dark again.

Cable and X-Force #7

This was the only Marvel book that came out this week, but it's all I needed. Man, this book is just so much fun. Where this title continues to be entertaining as all hell, there were quite a few good character moments between a number of the cast. You had Cable and Cyclops (the cover is by far my favorite of the week) whose talk gets postponed, but both characters are at very interesting places at the moment, and I wouldn't be surprised if Cable's X-Force and Cyclop's X-Men meet up… in what will probably be Marvel's next event after Infinity, cus it's probably the X-Men's turn. Anyways! Then you had Domino and Colossus. Dom is trying to get Pete out of jail, and he's not budging. Dom, who has her usual devil-may-care attitude plays it off as his breakout just being a distraction for Boom Boom to get their alien target downstairs out (which doesn't go well) but it eventually gets to the point where Dom shows some actual emotion and legitimately wants Pete to come with them, to which he still declines. I've made mention before, Dom is one of my favorites, pretty much for her "I don't give a fuck, I'm going to punch that guy in the face" attitude, but it's nice to see some variation, and some genuine emotion, rather than just tequila drinking and punching… Then you have Forge and Nemesis bickering like children on whether or not to fly their stolen ship into the atmosphere so Nemesis can have fun with 0g. It's a well rounded book!

Revival #9

So, I have to say, my feelings I expressed last month (in that there's so much going on, so many characters being introduced, etc) are still here… I just wish the storyline in this title would take a step back, and just sort of focus on a single plot or something. That being said, despite me having to go back and remind myself who people are and what has happened all the time, I still enjoy this book. The characters and major plot lines are all solid, we finally get Em and Dana to speak about the fact that Dana was murdered, even though said talk didn't go well… Then Dana's son gets stuck in a pretty shitty situation which is bound to have some big consequences. But then there's the dad and his racist friend for whatever reason, the organ black market, Em's professor she had an affair with, whatever Dana's baby daddy is doing, what his girlfriend is doing, so on and so on. There's just so much going on, and it kills me because I love the concept of the book and know that the core story lines would be enough to carry it, but I'm still just having trouble keeping up. After 12, I think I'm really going to have to trade read this one… for real. Because it takes A LOT for me to do that, due to the fact that I hate waiting.

Chew #33

So, this is the first issue of this series that I've read the week it has come out, which means I'm FINALLY caught up on the whole series. You may have seen me mention the book on twitter, while I was catching up, so this won't come as a surprise to you, but I fucking love this book. It's equal parts smart and funny, which makes it one of the most enjoyable books out there. Anyways, #30 was a big turning point in the series (the literal halfway point as well) and it's clear that Layman had every intent on said issue #30 events changing some things in the second half. Tony Chu once was basically the Clark Kent of FDA agents. Mild mannered, bumbling, getting taken advantage of… Now he's a badass motherfucker out for revenge, and it's just as entertaining to read. The best part about this change in Tony himself, is that the humor is not lost. The opening scene with Applebee crying over Tony hurting his feelings was fantastic, and the whole Poyo/baseball gag was just as funny. Man, this is a great book. Thank you DC for putting Layman on Detective, giving me a reason to finally get my shit together and read Chew.

Thief of Thieves #13

So, this is the end of the second arc, and despite my complaints of this series clearly being structured as if it was a TV show and taking quite a long time to get anything done, this was a pretty good "oh shit, everything has gone to shit, but that's okay, we get out just fine cus someone has a good idea" heist moment. Then shit goes real bad with the cartel, because those guys are just generally assholes, no way around that, which sets up the next arc. I enjoyed the issue a good amount, but I'm still on the fence if I'm going to continue reading this monthly… Hell, I might just out of spite due to the Andy Diggle / DC thing. The problem I have with this series is unlike most comics, it is pretty hard to see the bigger picture. Again, this feels just like a TV series, where an event happens, that causes this next event to happen and so on. It feels like eventually this will all have to lead up to a season finale, and then a couple of months later season 2 will launch. It just feels confined in a way. It's definitely a weird book, I'll say that.

Witchblade: Day of the Outlaw #1

So, with I, Vampire's final issue coming out next week, what do I have to do to get Fialkov and Blake II to continue this one-shot as an on going series at Top Cow? This was awesome! Fialkov is 2 for 2 at turning out projects I really like, within genres I'm not crazy about to begin with. The basic premise of this is that there have been many people who have used the Witchblade and Darkness, here we have a half Native American female sherif in possession of the Witchblade, and one of Jackie Estacado's distant relatives, naturally they come at odds with each other, and fight. The sad part about this is that it was just a one-shot, so the conflict in the issue goes by pretty quickly, but nevertheless, it was a fun story. The Witchblade bearer is a swearing smart ass, and was a really fun character with a lot of potential. Then on the art side of things, Nelson Blake II drew the hell out of this issue, with it possibly being one of my favorite issues I've read from him at Top Cow. So yeah… I really, really want more of this.

Li'l Depressed Boy #16

Oh hey! This came out. I never know when this series is scheduled to have an issue out, then it's always an "oh!" when I see it on the new releases. But, it seems they'll be addressing that, as in the back the creators mention how they know they're behind and feel bad because of it, thus will be stockpiling an arcs worth of issues, releasing them monthly, break, and repeat. Smart thing to do. Anyways, like usual, this issue went by pretty fast, the inappropriate work relationship was dealt with, that Toby guy is a dick, LBD's life still sort of sucks, but sort of doesn't? As always, I enjoy this book for its simple story, nothing crazy, it just has its story and tells it, that's it. Just charming as all hell, quite honestly. This issue also ends on what I believe to be a pretty great homage to a running gag in Chew, so… major points for LBD.


  1. I didn't enjoy Wonder Woman, all of the stuff that happened with Diana's Merry Men didn't seem right to me.

  2. Chew is one of those comics that you just can't stop reading and rereading cause of how detailed the panels are. Really bummed Showtime passed on developing a show for it...

    1. Agreed, love all the details in the art. But I just don't see how it could have worked as a showtime show, let alone live action. I feel like it being animated would work so much better.

    2. Apparently, they have both the writer and director still on board, and Showtime gave them back both the half hour and one hour scripts. They're right now shopping around studios and networks, and if that fails, they will use Kickstarter to self produce an animated series after issue #60 is released.

    3. They should pitch it to Adult Swim. Right up their alley. FX is launching a new comedy channel in the fall, that could be another idea if they keep it live action (or hell, it could go animated too, I guess)