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Stack Rundown, 04/13/2013

In this week's Stack Rundown post, the word "cumshots" (yes, plural) is used.


Constantine #2

So, if there was one character who you'd expect to be abler to talk their way out of death by Spectre, it would definitely be Constantine, and that's exactly what happens here. The bulk of the story surrounds Constantine in search of the three compass parts he mentioned in the first issue, and that brings him to the mercy of another DC mystic, Mister E. Constantine has to give up the compass needle, but makes his escape, talks his way out of death from the Spectre, gets another compass piece, then heads home to London for the last where Sarogon's daughter is waiting for him. Over all, the story is moving at a very brisk pace, which I'm not going to complain about since I like the character, but I'm not a HUGE fan of him, so keeping things moving definitely helps. So far, this title has been nothing less than enjoyable, and I'm really looking forward to where it goes when it ties into "Trinity War" in July, that, and it continues to get me excited for Fawkes writing Pandora.

Suicide Squad #19

This was Adam Glass' last issue and well… surprise, surprise, I'm pretty indifferent. Fallout from villains I don't care about, poorly structured story telling, and references to past events in earlier issues that I'm sure no one even remembered, nor cared about. Yeah… I'm really ready for the creative change coming next month. The Unknown Soldier coming on board could be interesting, but we'l have to see. So yeah… um, whatever?

Demon Knights #19

This issue was the conclusion to Venditti's first arc on the title, and I've got to say that I've enjoyed every issue so far. We got a big battle between the Amazons and Cain's vampire horde, with the Demon Knights thrown in. Venditti picked up on a few threads left by Cornell early in the run, mainly Ystin getting bit, due to it apparently being a guide to her quest to recover the Holy Grail, which even though I couldn't get into Cornell's issues on the book, I enjoy the fact that these sort of things aren't forgotten. I also really enjoyed Jason Blood in this issue, being forced to allow Etrigan to replenish in hell (which means he stopped getting tortured) but telling Satan himself to let Etrigan know whats what. Pretty badass. I know Justice League Dark will be doing its own thing with "Trinity War" soon, but I can't imagine Demon Knights will make it out of 2013, so I REALLY want to see the Xanadu/Etrigan/Jason Blood triangle picked up on in that title. 

Team 7 #7

So, you see Pandora on the other half of this cover and go "hmm, this could be interesting." Then you read it and remember like 95% of the Wildstorm integration that came post New 52, probably nothing will come from it, and I'm going to guess I'm right on this one. So, we see some future premonition of the guy who turned into Majestic fighting it out with Pandora, surrounded by Black Canary, Deathstroke and Grifter. Now, Pandora is obviously going to be a big part of "Trinity War," but is anyone really expecting them to take a step back and bring Team 7 stuff into that? I mean, let's be honest, Wildstorm is anything but viable in New 52, and it's only a matter of time before Stormwatch bites it, so I'm left wondering why care? Granted, it's a well written book, and I like Justin Jordan's writing, but I just feel like anything that happens in this book is automatically dead in the water by this point.

Deathstroke #19

So, this was a pretty good issue. With the series ending next month, it seems Justin Jordan was just given the OK to throw all of Slade's family at him, and see what happens. This ties into the Majestic thing from this week's Team 7, and now Majestic is back, and pissed the hell off after Lynch shoots a nuke at him. So, the idea is to get Slade to get Terra from Ravagers… which I didn't read, so whatever. He also got Rose from Harvest for doing the job, or something, and Lynch kept making things more complicated by getting the rest of Slade's family involved. Jericho betrays Lynch, and uses his mind control powers or whatever to try and kill Lynch and his father, by way of controlling Majestic. So yeah, pretty packed issue, which I enjoyed and makes me look forward to how Jordan closes it all out next issue.

Saga #12

Creator owned titles are great because the creators can do whatever the fuck they want. A guy has a tv screen for a head? How about some gay porn for that monitor? Blojobs and cumshots for everyone! But you know what sucks about creator owned books? They can go on hiatus whenever they want, and that means no new Saga for the rest of the spring, and bulk of summer. BOOO! I kind of wish they went into hiatus with a different story too. There are three groups int his book, Marko and Alana, along with those who come with them, The Will and Lying Cat, then there's Prince Robot IV, who is third for me. Granted, the Prince comes off really well in this issue, and it did pretty great stuff with some PSTD elements, but still… I just like the others more. And that cliff hanger? Fuck you team, Saga… I don't want to wait so long to see that play out!!! Also… poor mouse guy.

Sex #2

So, I didn't read the first issue when it came out, and I think that's because I saw a bad review of it somewhere, and passed on it… then I remember, I pretty much disagree with most major comic site's reviews, and realized I was an idiot. Picked up the first issue last week and thought it was pretty interesting. Like Bedlam, it's pretty easy to see where one could assume that this is someone doing a "what if" story with not-Batman. Basically, what if Bruce Wayne hung up the cowl, but then tried to live in Gotham like a normal person… Now, mix that with the possibility of Gotham being full of brothels, and remind yourself of just how little sex Batman actually has, annnnnd go. That's pretty much Sex in a nutshell. Hell, it even has a pretty blatant Catwoman analogue, who basically played a game with not-Batman, committing crimes to draw him out, so on and so on… and now she runs one of the many sex joints in the city. So yeah, this book is pretty interesting, and there's a lot more to it than drawings of girls fingering each other… but there's that, too.

Invincible Universe #1

Hey! Look at that! Smart marketing on Skybound's part. So, in case you don't know, there was Guarding the Globe, but that sounded a little too familiar to some other comic franchises, so that book ended, and they basically rebranded it as Invincible Universe. But, with the rebranding, a focus of making this title more expansive has also come into play, and is pretty evident from the get go, seeing that it picks up immediately following the events of "The Death of Everyone" from Invincible. There's a lot going on here, but the same sort of dynamics from Guarding the Globe have carried over, but they're just bigger now. I enjoy all the characters, despite me not being familiar with a whole bunch of them to any extent, but whatever! They're all fun, and that's what's important. So it's safe to say that if you're reading Invincible, there's no reason not to pick this title up.

Hawkeye #9

This issue, more than ever, I came to the realization that this isn't a Marvel title, this is a straight up Image book, there's no argument about it, which is probably why it's so great. Here we see Clint's love life, and how it's so fucking terrible because he's a perpetual fuck up in the ladies department. He's got his Russian Spy friend stalking his recent hookup, his ex-wife finalizes their divorce on Valentine's day, and his sort of girlfriend smacks the shit out of him… but hey! At least there's Pizza Dog! This book is just too good. This is the type of book DC needs, easily accessible, grounded, and stylistic as all hell. But, if they were to set out and go "We're going to do a book like Hawkeye!" you can bet that the end result would be anything but a book like Hawkeye. Anyways, just when things started to look up… that last fucking page. WHY!? What he do to anyone? Man… fuck! PS… the fact that Fraction just cut all pretense and gave one of the Track Suit Mafia guys a line that was literally "brobrobrobro seeeeeeriousy" was pretty funny.

Secret Avengers #3

So, I wasn't even sure if I was going to read this issue, but I decided to give it a shot, and… yeah, I'm done. I thought the concept of sending these Avengers out on missions where they won't remember anything and constantly manipulating them into some serious shit would be cool, created a bunch of tension and lead to some pretty interesting conflict, but ever since the first issue, there hasn't been a whole lot of that, and I've lost interest. Simple as that.

Uncanny X-Men #4

This issue was way more about Emma Frost than I thought it was going to be. I thought the way they handled the fact that this was a pretty big rehash of the scenes from All-New X-Men by setting it in the background, while all this stuff happened between Emma and the Stepford Sisters was pretty clever. The way that confrontation between them all was portrayed visually was also pretty cool, with things either going black and white, or straight up not being visible when things got serious between all the psychics. I like Emma a lot, so this was a pretty enjoyable issue for me, despite some weird dialogue when Emma was refereeing to the Stepfords as "me." I don't think I've really mentioned the new mutants here, and so far, I'm kinda "eh" on them. I like the girl, whatever her name is, but the others are a bit whatever to me… Goldballs or whatever his real name is going to be will probably save everyone's life at some point. Also, WHAT DID I SAY ABOUT ANGEL? Going to continue to be a wuss and bail.

Uncanny Avengers #6

When I found out that this was sort of going to be a side story, in the sense that it doesn't immediately follow last issue's events, I was sort of bummed. Issue #5 ended on a pretty crazy note with Rogue accidentally killing someone in front of a bunch of cameras… I want to follow up on that immediately. But, instead, we got a past encounter between Thor and Apocalypse, and despite it not being exactly what I wanted at the time, I found it to be pretty damn fun. I'm generally unaware as to what Kang's deal is, given my lack of greater Marvel knowledge, but from what I can tell… he just seems to be trolling Apocalypse, which is fine by me. The continued ties between this series and Remender's Uncanny X-Force continue to really keep me interested, far, FAR more than any other title with "Avengers" in the name… No but seriously, let's see what happens next after that issue #5 ender, please?

Thor: God of Thunder #7

So you know what's pretty funny? Old Thor and present day Thor talking to each other… mostly just Old Thor telling himself how much of a dumbass he is, and pointing out how he doesn't have a sweet beard. Then Old Thor telling his younger self to get ready for war by going to some locked off war room Odin had kept from his son, only for young Thor to find out it's a gigantic room of nothing but booze. That's great… just great. Meanwhile youngest Thor gets pulled out of bed and put to work on a giant freaking godbomb or whatever… sucks for that Thor! So, you know why I've come to like Thor? Cus in reading this title, I've realized he's pretty much just a huge bro… Likes drinking, getting laid, and punching people… and that's cool by me. I'm ready for a Thor on Thor on Thor bro-out, as this arc continues.

Fearless Defenders #3

So, still sticking with this title, it's dumb fun. This issue saw the series go from a sort of Birds of Prey book to getting a serious dose of Wonder Woman vibes, by introducing Wonder Woman's mom… in the Marvel U. There the same, but not really, essentially just Hippolyta, Marvel edition. Whatever. Anyways, this issue has a bunch of ladies with swords vs zombie norse lady action, so, that's entertaining enough to keep me happy. So far, the story is simple enough to understand, and doesn't really hinge on knowing a whole lot about any of these characters, so I think that's why I've stayed interested in this title, where I've dropped other non-X titles in my Marvel pull.

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  1. I think that Adam Glass managed to end his run on a high note, especially with the reintroduction of the Swamp Angel.
    Also, I agree with you Prince IV definitely is not as interesting as the other characters, which made me not like this issue as much.