Wednesday, April 24, 2013

SPOILERS: Talon #7

As Casey tries to radio Calvin about her findings on Sebastian, said former Court Grandmaster shows up with a gun, while across Gotham, Calvin is learning just who Sebastian really is and/or was, yet doesn't really want to believe it. Wycliffe doesn't really care if Calvin doesn't believe him, so he orders the three O'Malley Talons to off Calvin. The youngest volunteers, but seeing as he's in on Calvin's plan, he turns on his father and grandfather, as Calvin frees himself and begins to fight back.

Using some freeze bombs, Calvin is able to subdue the two hostile Talons briefly, as he approaches Wycliffe, making him aware of the bomb that was planted in the depths of the tower. Wycliffe doesn't much care about a bomb, the tower is a fortress, buuuuut, he does start to care when the entire computer system is wiped out due to Casey's father being extremely paranoid... so paranoid that he had actually built an escape pod into his office, something Calvin wasn't aware of, but Wycliffe takes advantage of.  As Wycliffe flies off, Calvin latches on to the pod, and is taken for a ride.

Back in Sebastian's building, he figures that Casey will work as a good bargaining chip now that his cover is blown, and directs her towards much of the equipment Calvin would use to practice his escapes, but Casey pulls a fast one. At some point during her times going through the computers, she authorized herself to use voice commands on the system, which allows her to shut the door to the glorified supply closet, and cut off the air, telling Sebastian that he better hope his other partner that he had mentioned gets to him before he passes out. Hoping that Calvin will be able to gather enough info to find her, Casey gathers up her daughter and bails as quick as she can.

Once Calvin lands, he finally receives Casey's message, and having a second person confirm Sebastian's true identity, he decides he'll get Wycliffe another day, and rushes back to help Casey... Unfortunately for him, Calvin runs into a little Bat problem, walking into a trap set by Batman. Bruce knows who Calvin is, and starts going off on how he puts innocents in danger every time he goes up against the Court, but Calvin, well, he don't give a damn, and slips out of Bruce's fancy handcuffs as quick as they're put on, leaving a bunch of thermal image scramblers in his wake, so Bruce can't follow.

Back at Sebastian's high rise, Calvin is pretty quick to start whipping Sebastian's ass, as the former Grandmaster confirms everything, but notes that Casey has made her escape... but wait, remember how Sebastian was locked in that closet? Well, the giant hands that find their way around Calvin's neck should indicate that Sebastian's partner showed up, and it was none other than Bane.

What does Bane do? Bane breaks things, and things he does break! Things being Calvin's neck. As Bane drops the former Talon's dead body to the ground, Sebastian tells his conned ally that he'll see him in the next life.


The Good: 

Love everything about this book. The action is fun, the stakes are high, the twists are great, everything just works. The Sebastian reveal starts to put everything together in a more cohesive light, such as why Calvin's first mission was to retrieve the Grandmaster's mask. Wycliffe brings that fact up, and I just sort of went "aaaah, yeah." When you start to see this clear plan that has been spread through out these first eight issues (counting the zero issue), you start to appreciate the fact that it is this well thought out arc, and not this "I don't know, this would be sort of cool, let's do whatever" low commitment story, which some books tend to feel like. This was a great end to the arc, and really did changes things. This is a lot similar to the turn of Andrew in I, Vampire, which I absolutely loved as well, so I can't wait to see where it goes from here.

The Bad: 

Bane couldn't have done his signature back breaker? I mean, I guess they wanted to hammer in the point that Calvin is dead... but I want that cliché! 

The Bottom Line:

This is how you end an arc, just a great cliffhanger, with a true "this changes everything" ending, because everything is changed. The main character is fucking dead! Now, he'll probably get the full Talon treatment (and by probably, I mean absolutely, look at the next cover), but still, that's a big deal. You have a character who just got his neck snapped, then he's gonna be an undead freak. Crazy! Ahhhh, this book is so good. Shame on you if you're not reading.


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