Wednesday, April 17, 2013

SPOILERS: Batwoman #19

Did you know Chase had a sister? Did you know her father was a masked vigilante who got himself killed, and that's why she hates all the masks? No? Well, you probably didn't read her series... I read about half of it, and I forgot this stuff too. Regardless, Chase meets with her estranged sister, and actually exhibits some emotion, admitting to her sister that she's a little hesitant about what the DEO is going to pull. Unfortunately, given their relationship, Terry isn't too sympathetic towards her sister, and they don't leave things on the best of terms.

Elsewhere, Maggie wakes up from a real bad dream, potentially brought on by the stuff Kate shot her up with a few issues back, and demonstrates some uneasiness opening up to Kate when they both wake up... after they just moved in and got engaged?

Elsewhere, elsewhere... Jacob's wife is still giving him crap about the whole vigilante stuff, and basically tells him she's gonna be the Alfred of the operation, insisting herself upon him, in order to protect Bette better from making bad decisions. She just wants to know any more secrets her husband is possibly keeping from her... there's one, he might have a son.

Kate and Better later come across a Religion of Crime member who is taking it to some DEO agents, but doesn't own up to why. In order to possibly figure out the RoC's reasoning to attack the DEO, the two do some observation on some DEO targets, as Bette asks Kate just why she's working with the DEO and not Batman. Kate doesn't exactly give a great reason, which leads Bette to tell her cousin she can't work for her as long as she's hiding stuff about the DEO, and leaves.

So, Kate goes out to get her own to find out what the deal is with the RoC and the DEO, and finds Chase, who tells her to just go speak with Bones, even throwing in that it's all him, and she wants nothing to do with it.

Bones has a new mission for Kate, find out Batman's identity, which Kate instantly says "no" to. Bones points out that Batman has been a bit sloppy lately and now's the perfect time, if she's to refuse, he'll send her father to jail. Kate calls the bluff, and says he'd probably understand why she didn't go through with it, which leaves Bones to bring out his latest bargaining chip... Kate's sister.


The Good: 

I really continue to enjoy Trevor McCarthy's art in place of Williams. Very different styles visually, but they share similar compositions, and particular touches to their respected styles, which makes for a clean transition between arcs. 

I like where this is going with a family oriented storyline. After the big Wonder Woman team up, it's nice to get some stuff that's more character driven, and on a smaller scale. 

Finally, I always enjoy when a supporting character can call out the main character on their BS. It almost gives a voice to the reader, but also lets them know that maybe the writers have a grasp on the motivations we may be questioning, and will later acknowledge it. I'm speaking particularly about the scene between Better and Kate, if that wasn't obvious by now.

The Bad:

Once again, I feel like there should either be an extra page or two, or there are a few pages missing. The pacing that leads up to the end is nearly non existent... it just happens. I think I finally figured out why I feel this way, and it's because the book is most of the time just a set of linear scenes. There's no intertwining to any of them, it's just "scene, scene, scene, end." There tends not to be a clear flow between each, and it just bugs me.

Also, you don't really get a sense of what is actually going to happen. The DEO has got Beth! ...and? It's just hard to try and visualize where it's going. I guess Kate is going to try and figure out who Batman is?

The Bottom Line:

This was a perfectly enjoyable issue. If you're a fan of the series, you'll probably enjoy this issue too, surprise surprise. If anything, it just felt like there was a little bit of wheel spinning. The wheels are almost at the ground, but not quite. I fully expect things to get real interesting from next issue and on.


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