Wednesday, April 3, 2013

SPOILERS: Batwing #19

At a grave, David meets with Batman, and tells him he intends to retire from the mantle of Batwing, citing that the symbol of the Bat in the Congo doesn't mean what it means in Gotham, and that his war on crime has taken tolls that he couldn't have imagined. Bruce asks if he needs more time to reconsider, but David insists that it is not a decision he made lightly.

But, before all that, David has some business to take care of.

First on David's list to do? Find his old childhood friend Dawn... and that doesn't take long. David finds Dawn entering her home, with her briefcase of money, and doesn't hold back interrogating her, demanding to know where Ancil Marksbury is. Daivd reveals he's found all her offshore accounts and will destroy her life without even trying if she doesn't give up Ancil, which is enough to get what he wants.

With Ancil's location known to him, David finds him in the midst of another attack on a woman, which he stops. Giving him the whole "you know my father, I won't stay in jail long" schtick, Ancil thinks he has Batwing beat... until David throws him in a pool, throwing a charge of electricity in for a little extra spice. David doesn't kill Ancil, but he take him captive aannnnnnd...

Then uses footage of Ancil being tied up to blackmail his father into giving up Sky-Pirate's whereabouts, while threatening him to back the hell off.

Now, with Sky-Pirate's next target known, David sets up a trap within the ship that is being targeted, and blows Sky-Pirate's airship straight to hell.

With all his affairs in order, David finally finds the time to meet Matu, who is in a worsening condition. Matu's final words to David are that he must take back his life, and leave the burden he carries behind. With that, Matu passes, and David takes his old friend's words to heart.

David then uses a "tip" given to him to allow himself and Kia to come across Ancil, turn him into the cops, and use the confession David beat out of him. It is here that David also resigns from the force. When he leaves, Kia meets him outside to ask if it was true. David gives his reasoning, the two share a kiss, and go their separate ways.

Back to the opening scene, David hands over his suit to Batman, and gives some hints that he may be doing some crime fighting, but more from the hands-off intel style. The two shake hands, and Batman departs Tinasha.

Back in Gotham, Bruce meets with Alfred in the Batcave, showing him a suit that Lucius Fox designed, having outdone himself. The thing is seriously high tech. It has the ability to administer first aid in all types of way if the user becomes injured, use active camo to go nearly invisible, and so much more. Bruce has a candidate to wear the suit in mind, and tells Alfred to bring him to the bunker after the fight.

Elsewhere in Gotham, at an MMA event, one of the fighter in the ring remembers what his disapproving father just said to him, pointing out his future squandering ways, given that this fighter just graduated from MIT early, and already has job offers from Wayne Enterprises. Despite all this, the fighter has one true dream, and that is to be a member of Batman Incorporated, having done everything possible to get Batman's attention. Who is this fighter? Well, he is Luke Fox, the only son of Lucius Fox, Wayne Enterprises board member, and tech expert of Batman Incorporated.


The Good:

First, let's talk about David. I really liked him when he was introduced and expanded upon with this title, so it is sad to see him go. That being said, holy hell does he go out big. He just runs a train on all his loose ends and leaves wreckage in his wake. His final moments as Batwing were definitely pretty badass, so good for David. Now on to Luke, we don't get a whole lot of him, but you know what, he seems cool. This book needed a kick in the ass, and Luke will probably be just that. He seems very up beat, and isn't bogged down by a whole bunch of dark baggage. The dynamic between him being Batwing, his father not knowing, and him not knowing his father is helping Batman has so much potential, all of which I'm looking forward to.

The Bad:

There's not a whole lot on the page that was actually bad. I could have used a bit more of Luke, to get a better grasp of who he is. But, the trade off would have been less of a send off for David, whose story seemed appropriately paced. All in all, I just think this issue lacked that little extra umph to make this a really great debut for the new lead.

The Bottom Line:

As said above, this book has so much new potential now, something it has been lacking for months. I have a feeling Luke Fox will send a jolt through this series, giving it the potential to recapture some of the early glory it had when it was new. I'm looking forward to where Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti take the title, I can't wait to see what the cast will be like, what kind of stuff Luke will be doing, who he'll be fighting, all of that. This was a pretty strong debut for the new creative team, and the future is once again bright for Batwing.


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