Wednesday, April 24, 2013

SPOILERS: Batman - The Dark Knight #19

So, Mad Hatter's grand scheme begins to feel a bit of Bat related tension, so he tells the Tweeds that they're going to need to take out the Batman. How are they going to find him? Well, Hatter has essentially created a network of spies, all those who are wearing his hats (without knowing) are essentially a new pair of eyes for him, so someone is bound to see Batman somewhere. Clever.

A little more of Hatter's back story comes up, he starts taking his would be crazy pills, his hair starts falling out, and he starts getting creepy desperate with his would be Alice, to the point where all his friends start to think he's a freak. He becomes secluded and starts to go a bit nuts. It takes the thumping noise of his pet rabbit to drive him over the edge, and when his parents find him covered in blood, with a dead rabbit, they send him to the Arkham facility for youth.

Elsewhere, Batman gettin' some booty, Batman gettin' some booty. So, apparently Natalya takes the fact that her boyfriend is Batman pretty well? As she comes into the Batcave, to get more booty, apparently, then Bruce flies her in the Batplane to her recital. Turns out though, one of Hatter's... hat... guys... sees the Batplane, which alerts Hatter. Once the crazy tea sipper starts to watch the feed, he notices Natalya, and thinks she's the perfect woman for the part of Alice. Uh oh.

So, Hatter calls in all his mind controlled slaves for a dress rehearsal of whatever show he's putting on. Turns out it's a recreation of Alice in Wonderland, because, you know, that's his thing. At the end of it though, Hatter gets a bit annoyed that it isn't the real show, and demands all his slaves to just go drown themselves in a river... see, here's the thing, it's a lot of people.

Elsewhere, Gordon contacts Batman to update him on the whole Hatter situation, then they both get notified of the bodies in the water, the hundreds of bodies. Shit just got real!


The Good:

You know, I didn't hate the whole Natalya subplot. My feelings on her are known, I don't care much for her, haven't really been given a reason to believe she's more than just this author's love interest for Batman (meaning, her sticking around is pretty far from a locked down). But, I don't know... maybe it was the post-booty vibe, we didn't get any overdramatic "oh my god you're Batman I can't believe it blah blah blah" from her. She seems down, so, you know... whatever. 

Szymon Kudranski filled in on art this month, and I've become of a fan of his through his brief trips into Gotham. This was unique though, because there was actually some color to this issue. Not that his stuff before has been in black in white, but he uses shadows very liberally, and the color pallets on his stories have been very subdued. So, you know... I enjoyed the green, and the blue. Those colors are pretty cool.

The Bad:

I believe I called out this plot from a mile away last month. If anything, it's a bit predictable, and Natalya being cool with the whole Batman thing doesn't ean I'm going to care about anything bad that happens to her in the next few issues, still not there. I find the story to be dragging a bit at this point, as well. It might be due to the shared format this arc has to Hurwitz's first, as well as the Penguin mini series he did.

The Bottom Line:

This issue was just fine, but if anything, it was a bit by the numbers. The predictable nature that has developed between all three of Hurwitz's stories has really begun to drag this arc down for me. Yeah, these villains had bad childhoods, one would assume, they're pretty horrendous people, I get it, but it just keeps going on. I might as well get started on the next write up, Hatter kidnaps Natalya, he still had a bad childhood, there you go. All that said, it's still a well told issue, with some pretty enjoyable art, so it definitely has some good going for it.


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