Friday, April 5, 2013

Sorry Harper, Carrie Kelley Introduced in the New 52

So, this is going to be a weird issue of Batman and (Red) Robin. Not only will it star Tim Drake opposite of Batman, as well as featuring Frankenstein from the Justice League Dark for whatever reason, but next week's issue will also introduce Carrie Kelley into proper DC continuity for the first time ever.


Tomasi/DC isn't exactly saying that Carrie will be the next Robin, but have confirmed she'll be sticking around. Apparently she's more or less very similar to Frank Miller's version, but also somehow knew Damian prior to his death (which would explain the C.K. note from last issue).

I'm really, truly surprised by this. I was convinced that the next issue would have a skeletal Damian, Tim Drake in his old Robin costume, or Frankenstein on that fold out cover. Never would have thought they'd introduce Carrie into the proper DCU.

(Source: NY Post)


  1. Preview links (No need to approve the comment. That would look fucking weird below haha. Just grab the links)

  2. The issue should be about Batman grieving and Red Robin being by his side. This new girl is going to steal Red Robin's thunder.
    I would have preferred Harper for the role of a new possible Robin, but it's really soon for a new Robin to come in anyways.
    She looks like a teenage version of Barbara...

    1. haven't read Dark Knight Returns, have you?