Friday, March 1, 2013

Top Ten Moments, Damian Wayne

Okay, so it's been a few days, combined with the entire media saturation and fact that you're on a spoilers website, I'm going to come out and say it in front of a page break: Damian Wayne is dead, and it sucks. But! Instead of being all mopey and depressed about it, I decided to compile a top 10 list of Damian Wayne moments, much like I did for Stephanie Brown when she got erased.

The following moments aren't in any exact order, if anything, they're sort of chronological by appearance, some of the mid stuff may have been mixed around, but it's not a big deal.

So, hit the jump for all best Damian moments, as determined by yours truly.

#10: Batman #666 was one hell of an issue, no pun intended. I remember after reading this issue, all I wanted was a mini series set in this possible future, because the concept of Damian as Batman who made a pact with the devil was badass, almost as badass as the final line of the book. Thankfully this setting got revisited in the recent Batman, Incorporated issue.

#9: Batman and Robin #3 was when I really started to love that book. Pyg was one of the most batshit insane villains we had seen in awhile, and there he was, giving Damian a lap dance. Damian's line sums up pretty much every reader's thoughts exactly. These kind of absurd occurrences are what cemented Grant Morrison as my all time favorite Batman writer.

#8: There was a lot to love about Bryan Q. Miller's Batgirl book, but by far, my favorite issues where the ones where Damian guessed starred. Their absolute opposite natures were perfect to create one of the most entertaining dynamics the Batbooks had at the time. Steph never really engaged Damian to the point where she'd take him 100% serious, but there was just enough hesitation on her part to second guess whether or not Damian actually do what he'd say he would. The best part about the relationship is that it eventually did progress to the point where Damian actually had some respect for Steph. God, I miss that book.

#7: And sometimes instead of threatening to hurt Steph, Damian would just straight up troll her, and it was great!

#6: It may have come and gone with little recognition, but Joshua Williamson and Ale Garza's Superman/Batman #77 is one of my favorite Damian stories ever. Sure it got a tad bit silly in the later half, but damn the opening scenes with Damian, Killer Croc and Supergirl were fun. This was arrogant little shit Damian at his best. Other great moments, Damian reminding Supergirl "Son. of. Batman." and  of her X-Ray vision (which you can see in my avatar pretty much everywhere). 

#5: Back to serious times! This was probably the single defining moment of Damian's character, and the one that ultimately had him killed. This is where Damian really stood up for himself and committed to being Robin, all the way. When he told his mother he hopes to be a worthy enemy, it was major "FUCK YEAH, DAMIAN!" moment.

#4: This was back when I read single issues in print. Usually I'd go to the store, and flip through a book... but with big issues, I'd make sure not to spoil myself ahead of time, and seeing as the Joker had returned the previous issue, I was going into this one unspoiled. The panel where Damian brings the crowbar from out behind his back made my eyes widen with the thought of: "Holy crap, yeeeeeesssss!" Then? Poetry.

#3: Remember when I said I loved Grant Morrison's absurd moments in his Batman run? Well, it doesn't get more absurd than this. After a long wait for the return of Batman, Incorporated, this single moment made it worth the wait. Also love the fact that in a few issues after #1, Damian mentions how he's actually committed to being a vegetarian. 

#2: Everything, everything about this Annual was fantastic. This is probably what I'm going to miss most about Damian being gone, the flat out fun, no drama attached, stories that we'd get every once and a while with him. Having known what was coming, it must have been really bitter sweet for Tomasi to write this.

#1: Yeah! They were the best. This was probably more sad to me than the actual death of Damian, because no one has really directly referenced the fact that Dick was Batman for awhile in The New 52. This was basically Grant Morrison talking through Damian, seeing as he's said that he thought the concept of a light hearted Batman and a grim Robin worked so well, and it really did. At least they got one last team up in... now someone tell me what alternate universe I have to live in where Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely did a 100 issue run on Batman and Robin?


  1. Awesome list! It's hard to narrow down Damian's moments to just one - he has so many great scenes. The boardroom scene from B&R 6 was another one. And the Supergirl and Batgirl moments were proof that Damian is just as awesome when other writers were allowed to take Damian out of Morrisson's sandbox and play with him. RIP Damian.

  2. Great article. Makes me realize how much Damian Wayne is out there that I haven't read yet. Looking forward to your Panels of the Week. I always find myself saying "That should make it" during a shitload of panels while I read my issues. Can't say I hope you're right, though. Put my in the "Naive" camp that thinks(hopes) he's back by issue 12.

  3. Thanks for recommending Superman-Batman #77. I just read it and really enjoyed it. I miss the Dick-Damian Dynamic Duo so much!

  4. Here's the thing. Morrisson's proved everything in Batman' s past is cannon, so that means all the future Damian stories are cannon, meaning Damian will return.

    1. You're taking that concept of his too seriously. That was his reasoning to be able to use obscure stories to his advantage, and he's the only one who does it. It really doesn't mean shit in the long term, especially when Morrison has said that future Damian story is a "possible" future.

  5. Maybe we'll see a darker side come out in Dick now. Maybe feeling some what responsible, Much like Bruce felt with Jason?