Saturday, March 23, 2013

Stack Rundown, 03/23/2013

This was one of those weeks where I had a lot to read, but you know what the stupid part is? It was also the week where I just now figured out "You know what, maybe I should write the stack rundown post as I go, instead of doing it all at once Friday night or Saturday morning."

I'm a moron...

Justice League #18

I feel like every volume featuring the Justice League will eventually have this issue, and that is the "lets audition new members!" issue. And you know what? I kind of like these issues, they bring in a bunch of characters that you don't normally see in the issue. The only problem I had with this one is that a lot of it is characters like Zatanna, Black Canary, etc going up to the satellite and going "Nah" with also a pretty stern no from Dick to Bruce. At the end of the day, the characters who join the league are Element Woman, Firestorm and the new Atom, Rhonda Pineda. Would have liked to have seen Zatanna and Black Canary, but perhaps later? In other news, Jesus Saiz filled in on this issue, and boy I really miss reading some stuff from him monthly. The Shazam back up is still fun, and I'm wondering what will end up in the back up afterwards, I'm just going to throw out Atom getting her own back-up, as I feel like that's almost a tradition?

Justice League of America's Vibe #2

The book that no one ever wanted, but got anyways, continues to be surprisingly good, despite some fill in art from a guy who I'm a well documented not-fan of. Regardless, while I enjoy seeing Vibe sort of come to terms of "why the hell did they pick me?" and all the dimensional stuff that will come with this series, I feel like this book could possibly run into the same problem Aquaman had, and that's having the joke go on for a bit too long. Yeah, we all know Aquaman sort of sucked, but didn't need to be reminded of it in every early issue. I really hope we get past the "Vibe? He's totally gonna die" joke before it gets too stale. 

Justice League of America #2

Man this book is great. Honestly, it was worth it for that bit between Vibe and Hawkman alone, great visual comedy bit from Finch. But aside from that, the cast of characters on this book is so diverse and out of the left field, it would be hard to make it not compelling to read about. You can tell that it's going to be a bunch of characters doing what they feel is right with Trevor groaning the entire way, for a while, but once everyone starts working together, man this should be fun. I also fully expect a romance between Selina and Trevor. Speaking of Selina… look, I'm a straight guy, I have no problems with boobs, they're great! But Selina really should zip up... at least while on mission, because it looks really fucking ridiculous. Finally, this issue featured the first Martian Manhunter backup, which just makes J'onn come off as a badass. "Yeah I let Obama almost get shot to prove a point, but don't worry, I GOT THIS"

Action Comics #18

Constantine #1

This was a book that I picked up, just because. I'm not a huge Constantine fan by any means, never read his old series, and was too young to be into comics, especially during Vertigo's golden years. Nevertheless, I enjoy him in Justice League Dark, so why not pick up his new series? Safe to say, this is a different Constantine, with no ties to his super pals... basically what I'm trying to say is he's way more of a dick in this series than anywhere else in the New 52, which will probably make a lot of people who were skeptical pretty happy. It's never going to get to the way it was in Hellblazer, but I feel like Fawkes (who I believe is the one taking point on this series) found a happy medium between New 52 Constantine and Vertigo Constantine. This makes me really excited for Trinity of Sin Pandora too.

DC Universe Presents #18

I picked this issue up for the same reason I picked last month's issue up, I like the Outlaws characters and figured this would expand upon that, but that's not exactly what we got this month. This was a story about Starfire in space helping out some other aliens… I got to be honest, I really lost interest in this half way through. It's not that it was bad, I just didn't feel any need to care about any of the other characters, especially when I was expecting to at least see Jason or Roy. So yeah, just wasn't what I was expecting.

Wonder Woman #18

So, you know what's great with this book? How it just continues to flow from arc to arc with out it really being all that noticeable. Here we got the conclusion to the hunt for Zola's baby, but Azzarello has been building up all this First Born stuff through the recent issue's B-plot, so when the main focus shifts to him, it's pretty seamless. I really enjoy that kind of narrative compared to other books that end an arc and go "And now for something completely different." I really enjoy the cast of characters Wonder Woman has end up surrounding herself with, because while none of them may be defined as bad, they're all really deep shades of grey, whose motivations are their own, especially War. Really looking forward to where this book goes next in the second half of Azzarello's run.

Sword of Sorcery #6

So begins the final arc of this book, and it starts with Constantine doing what he does best… being a dick. Basically, Constantine wants Eclipso off earth, so he offers him a chance to go to Gemworld, and close the portal behind him, putting that entire realm and Amethyst at risk. Yep, dick move on his part. My knowledge of Eclipso is limited, so basically, I know he's bad… and that's pretty much it. If you didn't know he was bad, it's pretty clear when he kills off a supporting character… but that is also a pretty clear indication of "yeah, this book is ending soon!" Anyways, it was a fun little issue, it'll be interesting to see how the arc ends, and if DC decides to do anything with Amethyst, since she didn't exactly blow up the sales charts or anything.

Saga #11

Hooray for fake outs! Boo for real deaths. Hooray for BKV's unapologetic use of sex and the phrase "Please shoot it in my twat." So yeah, Saga remains pretty fantastic, which is an understatement, considering it is the best title on the stands. The big hook of this issue was Marko's father's death, and it was indeed sad, but it ended up hitting one of my pet peeves of comics… the old "here's a few pages in a language no one understands." Like, okay, the aliens don't speak english, and I can get the basic premise of the flashback between Marko and his father, but you know what? I'd really like to understand what's being said, rather than just guess… Oh well, I still love you, Saga.

Revival #8

I really like this book, I do. It has a huge amount of character work on nearly every single page, almost too much at times. This book is starting to get into the realm of me possibly needing to just wait for collections, because while I enjoy everything, there's just so much going on at any given time. I read so many books in a month (hell, just look at how many I read this week) so with a title like this with so many characters, and so many subplots, it's really hard to keep track of things from month to month with so much happening and stuff constantly getting introduced. I don't know, I'll probably stick with it some more, than maybe make the trade jump with the next break.

Invincible #101

It feels like it has been FOREVER since the last issue. This one starts to handle a lot of the post issue 100 status quo changes. Viltrumites falling prey to human emotion, Eve being pregnant (and keeping it this time), the Guardians of the Globe's reaction to Mark being alive, and Omni-Man now living back on earth, after killing thousands WAAAAAAY back in like issue 10 or something. This book is in a weird place, it went from 100 mph (pun intended?) to back to normal in one issue. I'm real interested to see how Kirkman keeps things fresh starting from here, because he's gone pretty big with stories like the Viltrumite War and Death of Everyone, so where does one go from there?

Artifacts #26

Man, I thought there would be one more issue with Stjepan Sejic on art, but nope… and people complain about Jim Lee's art looking like action figures, just wait until you see this guy draw action. Anyways, I have to say, the "Progeny" crossover really left me disappointed. Nothing changed. The Top Cow universe is right where it was at the start of this crossover, only Sara remembers her daughter, that's it. I was expecting a something a little bigger, with a lasting impact. I don't know if I'm going to continue reading this book, it's just taking so long for anything to happen, if at all.

Cable and X-Force #6

Alright, I'm going to come out and say it, this is my favorite Marvel book, hands down. It's just so much fun! All the characters are unique, witty, as well as entertaining, and that's just the core cast. Boom Boom got added into the mix this issue, and giving Domino, who I've already expressed how much I like, a friend to play off of is nothing but a good idea in my book. The team is going to space, and fuck if I remember why, but it's just so fun, that I can't help but go along with everything. Very much looking forward to Cyclops next issue.

Deadpool #6

So, Deadpool being serious and what not? Who would have guessed? This was the last issue of the dead presidents arc, and with it, came an actual sense of responsibility with Wade, who felt guilty for the death of his SHIELD buddy. Stuff like that is nice every now and then, because it reminds me a bit of how Remender portrayed Wade in Uncanny X Force, and it makes the book a bit something more than one-liners one after the other. The twist at the end with someone literally being trapped inside Deadpools head is really good though, as it could create a bunch of funny situations in the future of the title. Anyways, I've got no idea where this book is going next, so it's gonna be fun to see what happens after this presidents stuff.

All New X-Men #9

You know, I'd be pissed too if my girlfriend (or whatever?) went digging through my mind all the time and found out about my encounter with a hot blue lady. But, then again… young cyclops is kinda a whiner, so whatever. I think this series has slowed down a bit the past few issues, and it seems to be in a holding pattern, maybe they're just waiting for the next issues of Uncanny X Men or this one, where they're confronted by Cyclops and his team. What I am still enjoying is if they never go back, how completely fucked all of these character's relationships are going to be. It's like watching a storm brew, because you know at some point, shit is going to go real bad.


  1. I'm surprised how much I was impacted by Barr's death in Saga. And that twist at the end of Deadpool was probably more effective when Superboy #18 did it last week.

  2. About Saga, try Google Translate. Apparently that dialect is called Esperanto. I found some online translations when I was reading earlier issues but luckily enough I noticed that language was on Google Translate yesterday as well.

  3. Huh! I did not think you were a guy. I guess I discovered you on tumblr and assumed everyone on tumblr that I followed seemed to be female like myself. Anywho! I think that is kudos for your writing that I can read and enjoy and not feel any exclusionary vibes at all!

    Anywho! I agree with all your things...especially Justice League. I don't want people to look back at the Justice League trade and be like- WOW. DIck is an ass. I mean there is a problem between them that is why that happened but yeah I'd love to see canary, nightwing, and Zatanna join the league but maybe they will later. Some OTHER version of the league.

    Also loved Saga. Yay! LYing Cat! Sad about Barr.

    Also DC Presents- Was the dude on the last page, the big bad guy I assume, was he the guy Roy released last issue of DC Presents?

  4. I'm glad to see Jesus Saiz drawing superheroes again! I missed his take on Black Canary! His Nightwing and Zatana look great also!